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Edwin Starym
Pronunciation: ED-whin STAR-im

Forum ID EdwinStarym
Plot A New Balance
New Marmo Republic
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Edwin’s Gallery
Age 21
Birth Year NRC 509
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Flaim

Physical Description

    Standing tall and strong, Edwin gives the impression that one day he could make something of himself. Even with his youthful looks, he carries his share of scars from the few battles he has been in his past. They have started to fade slightly over time, resting over his very lightly tan skin. On his right shoulders is the mark of his family, a tattoo of a blue sword over a burning star. His brown hair is naturally curly and seems to spike up until Edwin pulls it back so that it will lie flat, allowing his hazel eyes can always be clear.

Height 6’ Hair Color Brown
Weight 190lbs Eye Color Hazel
Build Athletic Skin Color Light

Clothing and Armor

    Most of the time, Edwin wears his black hardened-studded leather breastplate, vanbraces, and greaves on his legs. His armor shows wear and tear from battle, and though it is still in good condition, it will be only time until someone gets the better of it. Underneath his armor, he dresses in simple clothing, mostly due to the fact trying to keep up with trends of clothing is not his goal in life. He wears a brown, blue, and green long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of brown pants. To protect his hands, he make sure to wear a pair of light leather gloves. On his feet are the only clearly brand new clothing he has, a pair of leather boots. He also has a dark blue cloak that he wears with a hood to help protect him from the elements.

Weapon Description

    At his side hangs a sheath with a finely crafted Valisian longsword. He carries his dark wood longbow across his shoulders for quick access. Currently, his quiver is filled with arrows fletched with a silverish white feathers. Hidding in his boots are two daggers, all he has left of his parents’ belongings. The daggers almost completely average except that the hilts have the symbol of his family—a blue sword over a burning star—carved into them.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Adventurer
Guild Membership None
Weapons Longsword, Daggers, Longbow & Arrows
Armor Hardened Studded Leather Breastplate, Bracers, and Shin Guards
Equipment Light backpack; small flute, dice, bedroll, light blanket, whetstone, clothing, weapon and armor care supplies, water skin, money, 30ft. rope
Horse Night Raven
ST 13
EN 10
AG 12
IN 10
LU 15
PB 12


    Edwin was trained in the way of many young squires, and it shows in his movements, no matter how hard he tries to hide the fact. Skilled in the use of the longsword and dagger, he is able to utilize a flowing motion with the two at the same time. At times, he will use his cloak as a defensive item when just using a single dagger, relying on his skill and speed to keep himself safe while moving in close.


    Edwin’s nature is to be friendly and easy going to his friends and everyone else until he is pushed to far. Then he will fight with all his being to defend his friends, or strike down those that have pushed him to the point of breaking. He enjoys being around others, loving to be part of a party, but if there is little to hold his attention, he may lose himself deep within his own thoughts. Always hearing the stories of magical powers, Edwin has to fight to keep his mind focused on what is going on around him when someone works any kind of magic.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “Tomorrow is going to be like any other day. Each day we go about not knowing what will happen, but have faith, we will have the strength in ourselves and each other to go on and overcome all that stands in our way.”


    Born to into a family of traveling warriors, Edwin was raised believing that the path of freedom was the correct path and that one should always strive to make sure that everyone was given the chance to choose ones own path. His father Riltor spent his youth traveling Lodoss drawn by a personal spell of wander lust that he gotten from his own father. It was during this time while within Valis in Roid, he met a young noble lady name Loriri and a Valis knight name Toroth. Quickly the three became great friends, even more so with Loriri and Riltor who soon became inseparable to the point that Loriri threw away her noble legacy to joined Riltor on his travels becoming Riltor’s equal in every way on the battlefield. In time the two after many adventures and years the two settled down in a small village called Dynpol found in the western part of Valis. Soon after settling down the pair would have a son they would call Edwin leading a very peaceful life for a while.

    Then at the age of five, Edwin would see his parents for the last time, it is not sure what had come up but Riltor and Loriri had been called by name to look into a series of disappearances. They did not have much of a choice as they could not just turn to look the other way while there was something going on endangering innocents, so they choose to travel north to look into it leaving Edwin with Toroth, an aging retired Valis knight. After a period of six months after being left with the old knight it was clear to both that Edwin’s parents where not going to return. Toroth told Edwin of his parents’ wishes if they didn’t return that Edwin was to be trained to be able to protect himself and taught to understand the world until Edwin was to the age in Toroth’s opinion that he could make up his mind of what he wanted to do with life. From that day on the Toroth took Edwin under his wing and traveled him out into the world teaching him how to survive and to fight for what he thought was right.

    The years passed quickly and Edwin left the Toroth who was his family for so many years, but he needed to go out to make a name for himself and learn the fate of his parents even after so many years he doubted he would ever learn the truth, but he had to try. Now he travels doing what he can and hearing the tales of the heroes of Lodoss he wants to go out and become a hero so he can be remembered for all time.

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