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Eidon Maschal
Pronunciation: pro-NUN-ce-AY-sun

Forum ID Dorian
Plot Vampire Hunt
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Eidon’s Gallery
Age 18
Birth Year NRC 512
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Flaim

Physical Description

    Eidon is a slightly muscular individual who stands at five feet and nine inches tall, and weighs about one hundred and sixy pounds. His hair is brown, and rather unruly, and is of rather average length. To compare, it would be the same length as Parn's hair. Eidon’s eyes are brown, and are shaped just like any other humans, with average length eyebrows which are not too bushy. Eidon’s skin is deeply tanned, mostly from his constant work outdoors, and possibly from where he comes from. If you look closely, he has no visible blemishes or scars showing, even on his young and determined face, yet his eyes always show that he is determined at whatever he is doing.

Height 5’9” Hair Color Brown
Weight 160lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Toned Skin Color Deeply Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Eidon is usually seen wearing all black, save for his shirt underneath his armor. His chest armor protects his torso, but leaves his shoulders somewhat exposed. Its made of tough leather that has been dyed black, and has a crude red dragon painted on the front of the chest. His pants are made of simple linen, which is also dyed black. They cover his legs completely, and are usually seen tucked into his boots, which are also black, but made of soft, supple leather. On each knee, he has a kneepad of sorts, which is diamond in shape, and jet black.

Weapon Description

    Eidon carries around two short swords with him at all times. The mercenary always makes sure that they are sharpened, since he is always using them in his line of work. Both swords are of the same length. The blades are two feet in length, and each sword has a simple looking hilt. The grip on each sword is wrapped in black leather, and each hilt has a ruby adorning the tip.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (3)
Weapons Twin Short Swords
Armor Leather Armor, Steel Knee-Pads
Equipment Traveling pack, bedroll, changes of clothing, whetstones, armor oil, rations, a canteen for water, flint and steel, torches, a comb, and a few bandages.
Horse No
ST 12
EN 12
AG 15
IN 10
LU 7
PB 11


    Eidon is a stronger than an average human, due to all the training he puts in at his guild. His endurance is also quite high, due to the training he undergoes. Eidon is also quite agile, and has been since his childhood. Because of his agility, he can be quite acrobatic in and out of combat. He can do flips, rolls, or somersaults to get himself out of harms way. He is also quite athletic, and does not tire out easily when running and such.


    Eidon is usually a quiet, reserved person, who keeps to himself. His guildmates call him a loner at times, and it is usually not surprising. However, he will open up to people if he trusts them. That is when he usually calls them a friend. Eidon is honestly scared, deep down, of being alone for the rest of his life. So if he winds up in a relationship with someone, he will be loyal, and would never betray that person for anything.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Eidon never really knew his birth parents. They were both killed during the civil war in Flaim. Both were caught in the crossfire of a battle as innocent bystanders. His father was killed instantly, while his mother was severely wounded. She had just enough strength to make it to Alm, where she left Eidon in the care of her sister and her husband. As a child, Eidon was always the quiet one. He hardly had any friends, and usually kept to himself.

    When Eidon became of age, he made the decision to finally set out on his own and try to make a name for himself. Eventually, the young man had found himself enrolled in the Mercenaries’ Guild, and a mercenary himself. Despite being a mercenary, Eidon never found himself in any of the wars, but doing work for other people instead. Because he is still a loner of sorts, Eidon has never been in any relationship. As of now, he is with the guild, just waiting for his next assignment.

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