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Elainne Zal Bessur
Pronunciation: eh-LAYN ZAHL BEZ-sur

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Plot Lost Humanity
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Age 15
Birth Year NRC 515
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Blade, Flaim

Physical Description

    Elainne is a short girl, stunted in the presence of her master, standing only five foot, two inches tall. Her sunbleached hair is always drawn up and away from her face to keep the length out of her eyes, and even when pulled up to the top of her head, her hair still reaches to her mid back. Her eyes are violet in color, a trait she inherited from her father. She has a thin athletic figure with little to no curvature, but as she is still young, she has time to grow. She has one major scar on her milky tanned skin, on her left side where she was clipped by broken lance in practice.

Height 5’2” Hair Color Sunbleached Dark Brown
Weight 98lbs Eye Color Violet
Build Skinny Skin Color Milky Tan

Clothing and Armor

    As she is of the desert folk, she prefers airy clothing of tanned leather. She dresses like a boy for simplicity sake. She her armor is composed of treated leather and a steel breastplate. She takes the time however, at certain intervals to surprise her master by dressing like a girl in a simple tan dress which she keeps with her. She wears a simple hooded tan cloak to finish the ensemble.

Weapon Description

    Her main weapon is her curved fine blade shamshir, a gift from her father for being accepted as a squire to Almelchaya Al Elazuur. The sword itself is sparsely decorated with red cording for the hilt, and a bright blue sapphire at the base of the hilt where it connects with the pommel. The crossguard is a simple S curve. Her archery skills are second to none, at least in her eyes. She has a simple yew bow with a full quiver of sharpened steel X headed arrows. Her last line of defense is her boot knife. The blade is curved slightly and has a steel blade and simple file grip.

Class Knight
Occupation Squire of the Flaim Knighthood
Guild Membership None
Weapons Fineblade Shamshir, Yew Longbow, 30 fletched arrows, curved steel boot knife
Armor Treated Leather Armor, Steel Breastplate
Equipment Backpack, brush, porcelain comb, tan ribbons, change of clothing, 2 full water skins, dried rations wrapped in cheesecloth, small wash basin, soap, small pouch of seasoning, cast iron pot, blanket, horse blanket, map case with maps of area, drawing instruments, eating utensils for two, roughly bound sketchbook, dried fruits wrapped in cheesecloth, a small jar of treated jerky, a small tan dress, and a fire opal on a silver backing hanging off of a leather cord
Horse Mruddah
ST 10
EN 8
AG 13
IN 20
LU 13
PB 16


    Her first line of attack is to drop to her bow. If she is forced to, she will resort to her sword, and with her training under Al she is formidable with it. With the last line she resorts to her dagger. She is calculated, like her master, though not as emotionally barren. Like her master she will seek to utilize her head before rushing into any situation, though her position on the battlefield is behind, supporting the front line with her archery skills.


    Elainne is usually quiet and rather sheltered. She treats Al both as a father figure and as an older brother, imitating him at the best and worst of times. She idolizes him out loud and secretly, having her little girl crushes on him as well, wishing herself in his arms. She laughs a lot and uses humor as a defense mechanism, cracking a joke when she is nervous or hurt.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “Dinner is just as important as breakfast, which is as important as lunch. Meal time is a sacred time and shouldn’t be interrupted.”


    Her father Etarl Zal Bessur served with Kashik Al Elazuur in the Knights of Flaim shortly before Elainne was born. His dreams of knighthood were cut short by an infection that claimed his left leg, caused by an arrow wound breaking the bone. He returned home to his wife, Darellesse, as she was still heavy with child. This child would be their only one, as the infection had taken the ability to procreate from him as well.

    Elainne was born in the winter months, healthy and strong. Etarl was both relieved and disappointed. He wished for a son to carry on his dreams of knighthood, but decided to treat his daughter with no less love because she turned out as a female, instead of a male heir.

    Elainne grew up more in the presence of her tutors than her own parents. She learned math and science, as well as medicine to some degree. Her tutoring went from her fifth to twelfth year. Her father pulled on some old strings and got her to be taken as Al’s squire, as her father once served under his father long before the war.

    Elainne was shuffled into Al’s care at twelve, a short cute girl who had never touched a sword in her life. Al broke her of her silly girlishness and taught her the art of war. He steadied her hand when she fired a bow for the first time, and left her bruised in many practices with his sword still in its sheathe. Though the workload was intense and she was hurt with the extensive training, she soon caught up to those who had more training at her age.

    She seemed to live for Al’s praise, she pushed herself to earn it. She even went as far in a practice joust to show off, and nearly cost her a kidney as her opponent’s lance broke off and skidded along her soft abdomen tearing loose the flesh. She lay crying on the ground. Al lifted her into his arms and took her to the infirmary. Instead of letting the doctor treat her immediately, he rubbed salt in the wound and told her to stop crying.

    Since that date she has never cried again. She continued her training until news came that Al was going to leave and she was going to be transfered to an active knight. She opposed the ruling and chose to stay with Al, her chosen master. Al accepted her company, and the two began to prepare for their leaving of their homeland.

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