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Pronunciation: ē-LEE-amn

Forum ID Eliamn
Plot The Golden Egg
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Age 125
Birth Year NRC 405
Gender Female
Race Common Elf
Homeland Mirror Forest

Physical Description

    Eliamn (or just “Eli”) is slight, delicate and fine boned. Her hair is like cascading honey, spilling down her back to her waist and she has large almond-shaped violet eyes. Though not well endowed, she possesses the alien ethereal beauty of elvenkind in no small measure and is actually quite alluring in her own, vulnerable way. Her demeanor is graceful and her voice like a clear stream rippling among trees.

Height 5’4” Hair Color Honey Blonde
Weight 105lbs Eye Color Violet
Build Wispy Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    The elfmaid prefers donning her customary Keeper garment, lightly-frilled cream colored robes adorned with embroidery elves so love adorning their garments with. She uses soft light brown wraps tied in about her lower legs as supple footwear. The only jewelry she wears are three pairs of jade earrings.

Weapon Description

    While Eliamn is not armed, she can use Alabern’s staff as a serviceable club. This weathered oak rod is three-and-a-half feet long, sporting an array of colorful feathers for decoration atop the shaft with ends in a gnarled knot. The knot holds a singular blue opal at its center.

Class Shaman
Occupation Keeper Dawnsinger
Weapons Staff; “Alabern’s Staff”
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, jade earrings, backpack: leafwrapped elven waybread rations, blanket, traveling cloak w/ silver unicorn brooch, soap, hairbrush, eating knife, small herb pouch, waterskin
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 7
EN 8
AG 14
IN 18
LU 10
PB 17

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Eli’s close contact with the Mirror Forest’s ancient tree for the last couple of decades makes her especially well attuned to contacting nature spirits. In fact, her close bond with the spirit world makes her much more knowledgeable about how to call and bond with most elemental spirits. Her link to growing things makes her particularly proficient with Light, Water and Earth elemental summons. She is adequate with Air and Fire summons, though many elves disdain the latter.

    Contrary to other elven shamans, Eliamn does have some knowledge about how to contact dark spirits, though it’s more of an academic curiosity to her than any approbation over their use. All, in all, her shamanistic abilities are well-rounded and above average compared to other elves her age She doesn’t dabble in spirit summon: she’s a specialist.

    Eliamn, while lacking in skill toward fencing and archery, has had a rather deep education as one of the Ancient Tree’s tender. Spending an extended amount of time in the spirit realm subtly changed Eliamn over the decades, making her a little more like the fae she lived with. Spending an extended amount of time in the spirit realm subtly changed Eliamn over the decades, making her a little more like the fae she lived with. She has a +1 bonus to Agility and Physical Beauty.


    Eliamn grew up as a somewhat spoiled girl, unused to danger and untouched by hardship. Her family considering itself like aristocracy, she cultivated a prideful and haughty demeanor, but this hides the turmoil in her soul.

    Her mind is rife with self-doubts. Her pride is in constant conflict with a startling lack of volition and ambition. She became what her father wanted her to be his heir, but never quite found out who she wanted to be. She does have great inner strength, a fact confirmed by her considerable shamanistic powers but until her inner self blooms she will never be her own person.

    She is well versed in spirit lore and in the origins of the mother tree, and her close experience with the tree’s spiritual energy (and its gate leading to the spirit world) has led her to have far better control over spirits than the average elf. She also is very well versed in herbal lore and has in innate knack in understanding animals.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “Friend Sylph, I bid thy aid. Help me join with the west wind and, reborn anew, guide me to companions I must find.”


    Eliamn is the eldest child of the Elder, the head of the Keepers of the Ancient Tree. Her family has, ever since the end of the war of the gods, appointed themselves as caretaker of the Ancient Tree in the Mirror Forest. Her order tend daily the ancient tree with morning and evening songs, tending to any small affliction it might have and otherwise making sure of its well being, as close to an honor guard as a tree would ever get.

    Eli has two younger brothers, Featarel and Kanil, but she is firstborn and heir to lead the family. As heiress to being the family Elder, she has received a very thorough upbringing since her birth, being literally weaned for her post. She spent most of her life learning about elven history, honing her shamanistic abilities and tending the tree.

    Her life took a drastic turn when she reached her one hundred and twenty-fifth spring. The Keepers generally being amongst the strongest shamans in the Mirror Forest, it was tradition for the heir to bond with a King Spirit on the spring of his or her one hundred and twenty-fifth year, as set by the first Keeper, Balenthel, son of Alabern. Eli entered the spirit world through the ancient tree and challenged Ento to make a contract.

    It turned out as a disaster. Ento sensed a weakness in the elfmaid’s heart and refused to even test her. Feeling that she had no other recourse but to succeed, Eliamn tried to force him into a contract. The outcome was inevitable. While she was strong and especially well attuned to Ento’s realm, Eliamn was still no match in spell battle to a King Spirit and she would have been consumed by the spirit realm had her unicorn familiar not have timely intervened. However, her miraculous survival brought little solace as she was the first heir to actually fail to bond with a king spirit by one hundred and twenty-five.

    Deeply shamed by her failure and unable to face down her family she decided to go on a journey outside of the forest to hone her abilities while trying to figure out why Ento had refused her in the first place. The impetus of her self-exile came when she heard about Naclia and Aiden leaving for their on a journey of their own. An opportunity to get away from home that Eliamn couldn’t afford missing. She tagged along.

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