Pronunciation: rey-ELL

Age 3
Gender Female
Species Horse
Breed Palfrey

Physical Description

    Reielle is a pretty chestnut brown horse with a deep brown mane. The horse is of decent stock for her age and has been well taken care of. While not a war horse certainly, she’s well built for a riding horse and Cian’s gentle and constant good care of her under Cip's guidance shows.


    Reielle is a gentle animal, and like most horses, is content to graze when she isn’t performing duties of carrying her rider, Cian. The animal is a bit temperamental around men, but seems to openly accept any touches of care given to her by Cian or Cip. She particularly likes nuzzling Cian’s hair for some reason and seems to take delight in eating carrots or other goodies from his hands. It’s clear the horse likes the boy and is comfortable around him.


    Bred and trained of Valis’ military stock until provided to squire Cian.