Berzelius (or Berz)
Pronunciation: ber-ZEL-ee-US

Age 7
Gender Male
Species Horse
Breed Draft

Physical Description

    Berz is a large 19hh black draft horse with long flowing hair for a mane and tail, as well as on his hooves. He was bred for color and strength and was the result of years of work.


    Berz is quite smart for a horse and he enjoys trying to play tricks on people such as hiding things in his stable or sneaking treats when he can. If he senses a mean or cruel person he tries to kick at or bite them. On the flip side if he senses a good or nice person he enjoys a good ear rub. Generally he is a well mannered horse but gets cranky when his coat and mane aren’t taken care of properly and he lets Gregory know when he’s forgotten.


    Berz was to be the prized stud of Gregory’s family when his sire was retired, but was instead given to Gregory for his long journey. The two have been together since Berz was born and have as strong a bond as two brothers.