Pronunciation: SEH-lest

Age 3
Gender Female
Species Cat

Physical Description

    The cat has black silk fur except for two white patches of fur in the shape of a crescent over one eye and a star over the other. She has become slightly larger than kitten size.


    At first Celeste was a very quiet kitten but soon she opened up to Tatia. And became quite lovable,and Tatia’s shadow. Where ever Tatia was Celeste surely was there.


    Celeste’s mother was moving the litter one night, and in the dark, Celeste became lost in the woods. After wandering all morning she came across a being, which turned out to be Tatia, who gave her some milk and cared for her until Celeste was old enough to fend for herself. But while Celeste was in her care she felt a connection to Tatia, a special one. And so Celeste has bound her life to Tatia and has vowed to follow her mistress to the ends of the world if need be.