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Fenix Greywords
Pronunciation: FEE-nicks GRAY-words

Forum ID Little Knight
Plot A New Balance
Vampire Hunt
Fenix is © Little Knight.
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Fenix’s Gallery
Age 19
Birth Year NRC 511
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Marmo/Raiden

Physical Description

    Fenix has a lean build and is just under average height. He has a roundish face, but still attractive with large blue eyes, a small nose and thin brows. His light brown hair is very straight and fine, with a choppy cut and falls to about his neck.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Light Brown
Weight 153lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Lean Skin Color Light

Clothing and Armor

    Fenix wears a very-well made heavy dark gray wool overcoat, the sleeves are short and end just above his elbows and the coat hem falls to just above his shins. It's belted tightly around his waist by two belts. Underneath, he wears a long sleeve black cotton shirt with sleeves that go all the way to his hands and are attached to his middle fingers by metal rings. His baggy pants match his shirt and are tucked into low boots that fit loosely around his ankles. His boots are leather with steel toes. He wears a blue cloak with a mantle and cowl neck, for easier movement, the cape is tied behind him and held down by his greatsword sheathed on his back. He also wears a ruby pendant on a cord around his neck.

Weapon Description

    Unlike most wooden staffs, it is not gnarled, and doesn’t have the look of a wizard’s staff. Rather, its long, easily fits in Fenix’s palms, and has slightly weighted ends for extra damage. The only thing that separates the staff from a simple walking staff is the runes that run up the sides of the staff. Effective against lightly armored foes due to its defensive ability and wide arc of attack.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Freelance
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (Level) (Under alias ‘Brahms Silverstein’)
Weapons Oak Quarter Staff
Armor Steel-Toed Boots, Heavy Wool Cloak
Equipment Traveling gear; flint and steel, weapon care kit, rations, rope, map, waterskin
Horse Val, No
ST 10
EN 11
AG 10
IN 15
LU 15
PB 11

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Fenix has some training in staff arts, but most of his abilities lie in his intelligence. Rather than use flashy moves, raw strength, or powerful magic to defeat his opponents, he prefers to use defensive maneuvers until he can figure out how exactly he can defeat his opponent. His weapon of choice compliments his style, allowing him to keep his opponents at a comfortably distance, and various skills he has picked up over his experiences and personal research have allowed him to be a good fighter in most situations, although far from seasoned veterans.


    Generally about the same in lecherousness as most people his age. However, he has a strong will and a deep sense of whats right and whats wrong. However, due to staying in Raiden so long, his sense of law is a bit warped.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Fenix was born in Marmo during the War of Heroes, and when Marmo was defeated his family decided right then and there to leave Marmo for fear of the monsters that dwell there. Due to harsh laboring he and his family finally managed to leave Marmo. Unfortunately, Fenix would be the only one to ever see their new home. A sickness struck the ship and in the end, nearly all the crew and passengers wound up dead.

    Ending up in Raiden all alone, Fenix was taken into a temple to Cha Za to be taken care of. While he learned about business, and various subjects, he also learned things on the streets. Being in the Cha Za temple gave him certain immunities, as the other kids were afraid of catching holy hell from Cha Za if they harmed him. In fact, he learned several thievery skills from thieves who were afraid of the fact. While he did learn the various doctrines of Cha Za, he found he just wasn’t really cut out to be a priest, and eventually bought a quarterstaff, had a friend enchant it, and set out on his own. Since then, he has offended many nobles, as he was always taught be thieves to be disrespectful to them, and has received quite a few slaps from the fairer sex. All in all, he considers his ‘adventures’ to be well worth the occasional ding and flesh wound.

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