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Gaidrich Kaitar
Pronunciation: GAI-drik KAI-tahr

Forum ID Bundesphar
Plot New Marmo Republic
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Gaidrich’s Gallery
Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Kanon

Physical Description

    Gaidrich is powerful but lean, the kind of man who seems to be strung together with steel wire. He is tall and surprisingly graceful for his size. He dyes his dark brown hair iron gray as a mark of loyalty to his mercenary company. He keeps the front spiked and lets the back grow long. He ties it back into a tail that reaches to between his shoulder blades. His large eyes are a deep forest green, with just a hint of gray in them. His eyelashes are of unremarkable length, and his sharp eyebrows and narrow eyed expression gives him a sly, almost cruel look. His skin is naturally pale, though he spends enough time outside to have a slight tan. His right arm and shoulder carry several nasty scars, gained while fighting a clawbeast three years ago. Other then the scars his skin is largely unblemished. His face might be attractive, with high cheekbones, but his smile is more of a predatory grin, showing all his teeth. His smile and eyes conspire to give him a almost wolfish expression.

Height 6’3” Hair Color Brown, Dyed Gray
Weight 190lbs Eye Color Green
Build Lean Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Gaidrich wears a long sleeved shirt and long pants. The shirt is gray cloth, with a high collar that buckles together in the front. Sturdy brown leather gloves protect his hands. A simple brown leather belt serves to hold several small pouches and keep his pants up. His pants are the same gray cloth as the shirt, and reach down to just above his ankles. His pant legs are normally tucked into his brown leather boots, with reach up to just below his knees. The toes of the boots are tipped with metal, intended to make any kicks he throws even fiercer. He owns a cloak and hat, for traveling or to make an impression. His cloak is made of fine black fur and reaches the backs of his knees. A iron brooch fashioned like dragon wings fastens the cloak at his throat. His wide brimmed hat is gray, with a red band around the crown to help it keep its shape. A simple leather thong ties back his hair. When expecting trouble, Gaidrich wears a simple studded leather hauberk with the image of a wolf worked upon the chest.

Weapon Description

    Gaidrich’s axe, “Sunderer”, is his pride and joy. The haft is polished oak, just over three feet long. The handle is wrapped in wire to increase grip, and long enough to accommodate two hands.(though Gaidrich is strong enough to wield it one-handed.) The steel blade is nearly six inches wide, and reaches almost a foot out from the haft. A wicked, eight inch long spike balances the blade on the other side of the haft. The blade is etched, in the tradition of his company, with the word “truth”. Gaidrich also owns a yew short bow, about three feet tall, which is more for hunting then combat. Rounding out his arsenal is a selection of knives, used for everything from fighting to field dressing kills to carving wood to pass the time. Gaidrich tends to loose knives and scavenge replacements with disturbing regularity. As such, his knives have no stock appearance.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Freelancer
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (2)
Weapons Steel Battle Axe “Sunderer”, Yew Short Bow, Quiver of Feathered and Barbed Arrows, 6 (normally) daggers and knives of varying make and quality
Armor Studded Leather Hauberk, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots
Equipment Backpack; bedroll, clothing, a week of biscuit and dried meat rations, waterskin, sister’s necklace, coin purse, small mirror, fifty feet of rope, whet stone, flint and steel, two torchs, cooking gear, healer’s kit
Horse Beast
ST 17
EN 16
AG 13
IN 11
LU 9
PB 11


    Being lightly armored, Gaidrich aims to finish every fight swiftly and decisively. His great strength allows him to swing his axe with devastating power and speed. Despite his size, his agility is respectable, making his reactions faster then many people expect. His stamina is high, letting him outlast his foes. He is fond of wielding his axe one handed, using his free hand to punch enemies. Not the most honorable fighter, another favorite tactic is kicking at his opponents’ legs with his steel toed boots, often causing surprising damage.


    No one who meets Gaidrich would suspect his past. He seems friendly and personable, with an interest in meeting people and a somewhat ribald sense of humor. This has developed as a coping mechanism, when he discovered that slaying monsters didn’t fill the emptiness inside of him. At the core of his being, Gaidrich is truly angry. Angry at Marmo, for obvious reasons. Angry at the rest of Lodoss, for not saving Kanon from invasion. Angry at himself, for being too weak to save those he cared about. He is terrified of being empty all his life, of never filling the hole within his being. He idolizes Eriks Kaitar, and respects the others in the Band, but he knows they all see the half-mad starving boy he came to them as. He’s the kind of person with a number of acquaintances and few friends. Is afraid of being relied on.

Alignment: True Neutral

Quotes: “Will I be paid?”, “People think I’m a hero, since I slay goblins and the like. That’s not quite right. I just like killing them.”


    Gaidrich was born in Kanon. His father Kraus was captain of his village’s town guard. His mother Miriem was a homemaker. Together they had two children. First Lirel, a daughter, and five years later Gaidrich, a son. Gaidrich’s childhood could have been one of the happiest a child could have. He idolized his father and loved his mother and sister. But happiness was not to be.

    Gaidrich was young when Marmo invaded his homeland. As the monsters ranged across the countryside, everything and everyone that might pose a threat was put to the flame and the blade. Gaidrich awoke one night to screams and fire. A force of goblins had infiltrated the village and were ransacking and burning homes. Kraus, as captain of the guard, was preparing to set out and defend his people when the beasts, lead by a fearsome goblin lord, broke down the door. Lirel and Gaidrich arrived in the main room in time to see the goblin lord seize their father by the throat and break his neck with one savage twist. Miriem, who had been helping Kraus with his weapon and armor, rushed to her stricken husband. As she knelt over the body, the goblin lord raised his sword...and with dreadful strength, drove the blade through Miriem, through Kraus, and into the floor. Glancing up, the monster noticed the two human children, one eight, one three, for the first time. With a snort of contempt, the goblin lord withdrew his sword from the bodies, flicking blood across the children’s faces. Looking the two straight in the eye, the monster growled in the common tongue, “Remember this”. With that, he turned and left the house.

    Not all the villagers were slain by the goblins, and after the raid the people began to rebuild their lives under a new reality. Kanon was now under the shroud of Marmo.

    The deaths of their parents hit Lirel and Gaidrich as hard as one might imagine. Gaidrich in particular was devastated. He latched onto Lirel, refusing to speak or even meet the eyes of anyone who wasn’t his sister. Though the other villagers cared for the two orphans, many thought Gaidrich may have been permanently scarred. As time passed, and Marmo was driven out, Lirel grew into a lovely young woman, and Gaidrich into a silent giant of a man. Making use of his great strength and stamina, Gaidrich helped out around the village, cutting wood and hauling stone. And it was on such a errand, in his fourteenth year, that the rest of Gaidrich’s life shattered. Coming home late one evening from chopping wood, Gaidrich saw two dark figures on the forest path ahead. As he drew closer the larger resolved into a goblin, a straggler from the occupation, standing in the trail. Walking carefully, gripping his wood axe, Gaidrich strained to make out the kneeling figure.


    Worried for her little brother out later then he should have been, she had headed up the forest path to find him and help him if he needed it. The goblin found her, alone in the wood, and thought to make some easy loot.

    Now Gaidrich saw his beloved older sister bleeding her life out on the dead leaves. At that moment, all of Gaidrich’s rage and sorrow, pent up for eleven years, came boiling up and overwhelmed him. Brandishing the wood axe, screaming some bestial battle cry, he leapt. The goblin, caught flatfooted, didn’t stand a chance. When the villagers came looking in the morning, they found a dead goblin, head nearly torn from its body, Lirel, dead from a stab to the stomach and missing her necklace, and a pile of chopped wood.

    For over a year Gaidrich wandered the world, little more then a bandit. Taking what he could find or steal, he wrestled with the hatred and despair in his heart. The thought of vengeance, vengeance against every goblin, kobold, dark elf, ogre and all two legged animals that had crawled from the pit of Marmo was all that saw him through the days. His nights were tormented with dreams of his family, smiling at him through blood spattered lips. It was in this pathetic state that he stumbled across a camp of mercenaries. Thinking to bully them off their food and shelter, Gaidrich was swiftly subdued. The leader of these warriors, a man known as Eriks Kaitar, was intrigued by the power and rage of the young man. He ordered him fed, washed, and to be given a place to sleep. Something horrible had happened to this boy, and Kaitar reasoned that it had bred powerful potential within him.

    Kaitar visited Gaidrich every day. At first Gaidrich was in a bad way. Screaming, crying, and threats was all Kaitar could get from him for the first two weeks. But the constant human contact slowly broke down the barriers. Soon, Gaidrich was able to ask who Kaitar was and why he had saved him. Kaitar introduced his company, the Band of Iron, and explained their philosophy. History is written by the victor. Ergo, the only real truth of the world is written in defeated blood with victorious steel. Kaitar’s creed took root in Gaidrich’s still damaged mind. The wars were officially over, but that didn’t mean he could not find his vengeance. He was strong. Strong enough to take the lives of those who killed his family Strong enough to live beyond that act, so that history would find him right. Four months later, his strength restored, Gaidrich asked Kaitar for permission to join the Band of Iron. They have been his home ever since.

    Gaidrich Kaitar, as he took to calling himself, is now a freelance mercenary. The others of the Band have become his family, and he wanders Lodoss, appearing wherever his mission, or his vengeance, takes him.

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