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Granite Stoneheart
Pronunciation: grah-NEET STŌN-hart

Forum ID Granite Stoneheart
Plot A New Balance
Bastion’s Demons
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Granite’s Gallery
Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Female
Race Dwarf
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    She’s pretty by dwarf standards, though a human or elf wouldn’t agree. Her long black hair is almost as long as she is tall, for traveling, she keeps it pulled back in a high-placed ponytail, but given the chance, she loves to arrange it in various styles. Like many dwarven woman, she wears a beard of the same black as her hair. Granite’s beard is well trimmed and angular. Her blue eyes are very beautiful, big and outlined with thick black lashes. If one were to see only those eyes, any one would agree she was gorgeous.

    (Note: She has a PB of 15 to dwarves, but a PB of 6 to humans due to her beard.)

Height 4’5” Hair Color Black
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Compact Skin Color Slightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Though she usually prefers very feminine clothing, Granite is dressed in a way that could leave her easily confused for a man. She wears a pair of leather breeches, boots with black fur trim around the top, and a simple white long-sleeved blouse, over which she wears a fine dwarven steel breastplate and matching bracers her father made for her.

    For an alternate outfit, Granite wears long dress with a green skirt and pink bodice. Its cut low to show her generous bosom. The sleeves are short and puff out. For shoes to match she wears a pair of green slippers trimmed in pink. She also wears two bronze bracelets with pinkish stones set in them and a matching necklace that she made herself.

Weapon Description

    Granite’s mace is of dwarven steel, but that is hidden by lacquer and gold plating. The grip of the mace is covered in strong white lacquer while the pommel and conical mace head are plated with gold and intricately designed around the edges. The mace was made by her father.

Class Artisan/Adventurer
Occupation Goldsmith, adventurer
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (1), Merchants’ Guild (3)
Weapons Dwarven Steel Mace
Armor DWarven Steel Breastplate, Bracers
Equipment Traveling gear; jewelry, change of clothes, food rations, weapon and armor care kits, a small kit for jewelry making, gems and a few pieces of precious metals, coins, toiletries, waterskin, blankets
ST 16
EN 12
AG 10
IN 13
LU 13 (+5)
PB 15/6

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    As a dwarf, Granite is naturally stronger than humans. She was taught to be a blacksmith, but she became a goldsmith instead, which is a job that requires little strength. However, training to become an adventurer rebuilt her musculature. Like most dwarves, her agility is rather low, but still higher than some dwarves because she is female and less muscular. She is moderately skilled with her mace, but only began training a year ago. However, the luck blessing on her mace often makes up for a lack of skill.


    Granite is as tough as any dwarf you’d find, but she has a bit of a girlish side. She loves clothes, jewelry and pretty trinkets and adores the color pink. When it comes to fighting, Granite has never dealt with anything worse than a petty thief in the city. Granite is curious and wants to explore Lodoss, and maybe one day, she’ll find her courage. Granite’s other goal is to find herself a husband in her travels. For a dwarf, she’s very attractive and tends to flirt with every male dwarf she meets.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Granite’s father was the heir to a line of warriors from the fallen Kingdom of Stone. His great-grandfather was the renowned warrior Renus Stoneheart, named Stoneheart for his little mercy for his enemies. Stoneheart’s original name was Stoneshaper, but that has been lost in history. Born a humble commoner, the son of a long line of architects, Renus chose a different life. He became interested in war and joined the army, later to rise through the ranks to become a grand general, and even was raised to noble status. In his later years, he took a noble trophy wife and fathered two sons and three daughters before his death.

    Stoneheart’s eldest son followed in his footsteps and his younger took an interest in smithing. Stoneheart’s daughters married and were forgotten in the eye of history. His eldest later died in a disgraceful incident, and his family lost their holdings. The second son, Fusil took up blacksmithing as a career and passed the skill to his son, which was passed to his grandson, Folkner.

    While Folkner was in his thirties, unwed and honing his skills, the Kingdom of Stone was destroyed and he fled to Raiden. Folkner later met a young woman, native to the dwarven district of Raiden, and settled down with her. Muli Hardcarver was the daughter of a blacksmith who took a liking to Folkner. On her father’s deathbed, the forge was left the forge to Folkner and Muli. Before Granite, Muli had three sons, Hugan, Velfur and Nagnar. Granite was born two years after Nagnar. After her, was her sister Sasil and younger brother Bosin, then Borin.

    Of course, Folkner’s sons were taught all about the forge, and Granite took an interest as well. Their father taught them all he could and his sons helped him in the forge. But Granite decided to add her own feminine twist. She started making jewelry. Folkner admired his daughter’s ingenuity and skill, and she was given her own section of the forge to do her work. At the tender age of sixteen, Granite was already selling her work.

    In recent years, Granite has nurtured a desire for adventuring from tales she’s heard, and an even greater desire for a decent man to marry. Granite is beautiful, by dwarf standards that is, and she uses it to help her search for a good man.

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