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Pronunciation: GREY-gor-EE

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Gregory’s Gallery
Age 17
Birth Year NRC 513
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alania

Physical Description

    Gregory sports a goatee and a scar on his left cheek from an accident on the farm when he was younger. His long jet black hair is usually tied back into a braid to keep it out of the way while working. During celebrations and ceremonies he tends to let it flow free down to his waist which is the envy of men and women alike. Not the most handsome of men, he radiates an aura of confidence that people find attractive.

    While working in the fields of his parent’s home he was able to build up larger muscles and a dark brown tan over most of his body. Since joining Thalia he has had to find other ways to keep in shape which has allowed him to tone and shape the rest of his body. The only problem with this is people tend to look on him as a simpleton since he doesn’t know a lot about city life or they way people can be taken advantage of.

Height 6’8” Hair Color Jet Black
Weight 250lbs Eye Color Emerald Green
Build Stocky Skin Color Dark Brown Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Gregory wears durable yet easy moving clothing. Heavy pants and work boots are a staple for him with light weight shirts that he likes to take off while he works. Being a new adventurer he doesn’t have much in the way of armor and just wears basic leathers that his father had made. The one nice piece of clothing he has is for holy celebrations to the gods. For this he has a brown robe trimmed with dark blue and back filigree and black leather boots and gloves.

Weapon Description

    Sticking with what he knows Gregory doesn’t wield traditional weaponry but instead uses a large pick-axe and maul. The pick-axe has a sturdy oak handle with a metal rod inside it to insure it doesn’t break easily and the head looks like old metal and half worn off runes on it. The maul has the same style oak handle except it has metal bands and wrap on it for easier gripping.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Former farmer, adventurer
Weapons Maul, Pick-Axe, Knife
Armor Leather chest piece, gauntlets, and leg guards
Equipment Bedroll, backpack, oiled cloak, clothes, five days of rations, waterskin, hair brush and ties, fifty feet of rope, vegetable seeds, belt pouch, soap.
Horse Berzelius
ST 16
EN 16
AG 10
IN 9
LU 10
PB 8




    Gregory is a straight forward, honest, and good hearted individual. He enjoys getting his hand dirty working and a good crop. He is very outgoing around others, and likes to tell stories in the local tavern. The one exception of this rule would be when he is around Thalia, he tends to be shy and quiet around her not wanting to sound stupid. Secretly he likes the priestess but doesn’t know how to express this fact at all.

Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful tendencies

Quotes: “...”


    Young Gregory grew up on a large farm in the town of Novice in the kingdom of Alania. His family was well known for horse breeding and their success at growing crops. From the age of five Gregory started helping with anything he could on the farm. His parents, Amelia and Geoffery, had three sons Bart, John, Gregory and five daughters Anna, Sarah, Jenny, Sam, and Gwen. Gregory was the oldest son and secretly the favorite of his parents due to his hard work ethic and devotion to the farm.

    When young Gregory was ten years old he was working on learning to ride when he saw the birth of the horse Berzelius. It was love at first sight but Gregory knew it would be at least three years until anyone could teach Berz how to ride. So in his own ten year old mind he made a promise to learn how to ride and be best friends with this young colt. Three years went by fast and Gregory spent almost all of his free time with Berz, telling him stories, brushing him, and taking care of him. One day Gregory decided to sneak out to the barn and prove to everyone that it was time to ride Berz but things didn't go as planned. Berz trusted Gregory now so he allowed him to saddle him and get everything ready but when he tried to mount Berz he slipped and fell against the wall where there was an exposed nail. His face burned but he didn't notice right away what happened and decided he should wait till he had help after all. He went to bed and woke up in the morning with blood all over. It turned out that he had cut his face but had been so scared of getting in trouble he didn't notice it. The stitches healed but it left a long scar in it place. His father Geoffery decided that he would allow Gregory to train Berz so long as he didn't do anything foolish like that again. The rest of that story is history now.

    One day, shortly after his seventeenth birthday, a young priestess came to town and Gregory was immediately smitten with her, but had no idea how to express what he was feeling, let alone understand it. When he told his parents about who he had met and how he wanted to finally go out and see the world they were saddened but supportive. Geoffery told Gregory to take Berz with him because he would be too sad to stay behind and would be of no use there. Along with the wonderful horse, his parents gifted him with a suit of leather that might protect him from some of the evil out in the wild and his two weapons that he had used for most of his life on the farm.

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