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Haesel Bliss
Pronunciation: HAY-zel BLIS

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Haesel’s Gallery
Age 16
Birth Year NRC 514
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    Haesel’s face is a delicate shape, almost like a heart. Her eyes are that of a fine light blue color, which abruptly glisten on her porcelain skin. Haesel’s hair is a pale blond, which cascades onto her vertebrae in small curls. Her lightly tinted peach lips leave a gentle smile on her face. Haesel’s body is slender and lean, giving off her young age.

Height 5’3” Hair Color Blond
Weight 110lbs Eye Color Light Blue
Build Slender Skin Color Porcelain

Clothing and Armor

    Haesel’s gown is handmade by herself, it contains small blue designs at the top. The upper trim, near the neck, and the straps include little triangle shapes that are repeated. Her gown is a snow white color, reaching down to about her knees, in the same triangle designs. Haesel’s shoes are unique, they are normal high heels, but, they tie around her ankles. She carries around an earthy toned sack most of the time, containing several items. Hidden underneath her dress is a dagger in a black scabbard.

Weapon Description

    Haesel’s weapon is quite simple, it is only a plain dagger. It is about eight inches in length, not very long at all. The handle is contained in a leather wrap. The scabbard is an onyx color, in the middle is her name encrypted in cursive, around it is a thin box.

Class Thief
Occupation Wanderer
Weapons Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Lockpick kit, clothing, sack with supplies
Horse No
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##




    Haesel’s personality is quite difficult, she often changes moods several times. She could be happy and content one minute, then the next minute she could be angry. Most people consider her bipolar because of it. Haesel is actually short-tempered and on the plus side, stubborn. Although, if gotten the chance to know her, she can be a very nice girl.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “Says who? You’re not the boss of me.”


    Haesel was born into a semi-wealthy family, she was an only child. She adored her parents through her young stages, but up until she was about seven she started to become stubborn and short-tempered; she hated being told do something she didn’t approve of. She whined and complained until she got her way every time. By the time she was ten, she became more aware of her parents’ plans to send her away, and she became unhappy about this idea. One night, while her parents were sleeping, she decided to do something really bad, she would kill them in their sleep. She slowly crept into their room that night, a knife in her hand; she stabbed them repeatedly until she felt the need to quit. She gathered a few things that she might need, she was going to leave and hopefully never return to the horrible house.

    Haesel wondered around courteously waiting for somebody to finally take her off their doorstep and give her a wonderful house to live in, with a good family, of course. She was finally accepted into a house at the age of fourteen, she became a bit content with the family, although it wasn’t her kind of life-style. Haesel soon began to have the same problems from her original family, she became real unhappy. Instead on killing them, like she had planned to do, she just decided to leave without telling anybody where she was going. One night, when the family was sound asleep, Haesel woke up. She packed a light load of several different things into her sack. She crept out of the house through a small window, just big enough for her to fit through. She wondered around aimlessly, but only this time just to find a job, to gain money for new supplies.

    Haesel is now sixteen years old, she has no job, nor a place to live. She doesn’t consider herself an orphan anymore; she’s through with trying to find a permanent family. She doesn’t have any friends, from the lack of her social-life. She hopes to gain some friends and to find a job. Haesel has decided that she wants to be a thief, having the skills and a bit of experience just might provide her with her wish.

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