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Pronunciation: hat-LEE

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Plot A New Balance
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Hetle’s Gallery
Age 27
Birth Year NRC 503
Gender Female
Race Grassrunner
Homeland Novice, Alania

Physical Description

    Hetle is a young woman and rather pretty to grassrunner standards, however people often think that she is an elven child. She’s very short, like all of her kind, with svelte figure but not very curvaceous. Hetle has soft fair skin, dark green eyes and ashen blonde hair. Her hair falls in long, almost shoulder-length bangs around her face but not in her eyes, a long tail in the back is held at the middle by a band and falls to her mid-back. She often hides her long pointed ears to look like human child or on the contrary lets them stick out from her hair. Hetle’s eyes are sly, big, with long lashes and thin brows, set into a delicate featured face. Hetle also has a tattoo on her forearm, which she prefers no to show off. It’s a small hissing cobra done in black and red ink.

Height 3’ Hair Color Ashen Blonde
Weight 55lbs Eye Color Dark Green
Build Svelte Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Hetle looks more like a scout or hunter in her dress. She wears light brown short-sleeved suede vest, slit to the thigh and bordered with line of black leather, short black leather gloves with matching slinky black pants. She also wears short suede mantelet, decorated with crow feathers that covers her shoulders and the top her vest, white cotton blouse under the vest and knee-high dark brown suede boots with insets from fur aside. On her forehead Hetle wears a silver circlet set with three ruby stones. Unlike most fighters she prefers to hold her sword at the back.

Weapon Description

    Hetle’s favorite weapon is her short sword called Needle; no one knows how old this sword is. Its of elven steel and design with light thin double sided blade. The crossguard is very small, gold plated; the hilt is wrapped with black treated leather. Its blade is decorated with black cobra and when looking at it long it seems that it’s alive. Hetle also carries a few throwing daggers and a dirk all made from fine steel. She always keeps her weapons in excellent condition: clean and sharp as they should be.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Adventurer, former maid
Guild Membership None
Weapons Elven Steel Shortsword “Needle”, Throwing Daggers, Dirk
Armor Leather Gloves
Equipment Traveling gear, change of clothes, money, blanket, water skin, biscuit rations, weapon and armor care supplies, bedroll, gems, lock picks, a little vial with poison, flint and steel, various herbs, whetstone, empty vials, cooking gear, long needles, various potions, crow feathers, ink, paper, a little notebook, reed-pipe, little mortar with pestle
Familiar Shatu
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 10
EN 8
AG 17
IN 17
LU 8 (+5)
PB 12

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Hetle is rather skilled in shamanism, despite of her age. She often uses invisibility spirits, Flau and Fairies. Hetle is best at summoning Sylph and Valkyrie, because she focused more on them in her training. She can also summon other spirits if needed, but she can’t call for the dark ones simply because no one ever taught her how to do it. As for Salamander, a fire elemental that most grassrunners will never call for, she can summon it but only if there is no other choice. In the future, she hopes to forge a contract with Djinn, so she is trying to learn more about him.

    Hetle is very swift and agile, she is not very strong but despite of this fact she has rather good skills of fighting as for a Grassrunner. Hetle is very good at sneaking and that makes her an excellent scout or spy. Despite of being a daughter of a wealthy man Hetle can pick a lock or clean someone’s pocket if needed. And she also learned how to create different useful potions from her elven friend Esehori.


    Hetle keeps her word to any other good person; she can lie if necessary but only to save herself or others. She is a cheerful person and is also a very curious in character, sometimes too curious perhaps. Always tries to help others but she doesn’t appreciate laws much. Hetle can steal something if that can save the situation or she in the mood. She will never betray a friend, unless that friend betrays her with bad intent. And she is not offended that people mistake her for a child and often tries to use it for her advantage.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Hetle was born in Novice, a small city in Alania. Her parents were both from Alecrast. Tobol, her father, arrived to Lodoss long before the wars in NRC 486. He was looking for adventures and wanted to improve his skills like the most grassrunners in their twenties. But after all he settled in Alania and took up the inn business in Novice. Her mother Lirih was a shamaness on her trials when she first met Tobol. She stopped in his inn for a week, but she didn’t know that she would leave it as Tobol’s wife.

    Hetle had spent her childhood in Novice. She stayed in her native city until her little brother Rari was born in NRC 513. Then she had to help her father in business and traveled to Alan a few times. But after each journey she returned to her father’s inn where she used to be a serving girl for some time. Hetle enjoyed talking with traveling merchants, learning news from the other countries. While traveling to Alan with one of the caravans she met a common elf Esehori, who traveled there from Mirror Forest; from her she learned about the king spirits and creating herbal potions. Actually, Esehori became Hetle’s teacher and more than good friend, later she presented her Needle, an elven short sword, as a sight of their friendship. Hetle was very upset when Esehori left Alania to continue her travels. She didn’t have so many friends and considered her life in Novice bit boring. Tobol was a busy person and didn’t have much time to spend with his daughter; Lirih was working at the inn so Hetle was left on her own enjoying her total freedom with the only person she loved more than life her brother Rari.

    Their father was quite rich so they could have everything they wanted. However Hetle wasn’t spoiled. Together they explored lands near Novice and would surely have gone further if only Lirih wasn’t worried. To tell the truth, Rari had troubles with human girls so Hetle became more than sister to him.

    Spending her time on the streets Hetle got acquainted with the local thief Faen from the Guild who taught her a few tricks. Faen thought that she was a child but wouldn’t mind her to be his apprentice. However Hetle didn’t reveal her true identity to him, their friendly relations would surely have ended if Faen learned that she was Tobol’s daughter. Hetle was worried how this would end for her and tried to stay away from the Guild. She liked Faen, but knew they would never be together. She knew it was somewhat silly for a grassrunner to love a human. Eventually, Faen left the city to escape the prison and Hetle stayed with her brother. There were not many people in her life she got really close with and could feel herself safe.

    When the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection took place, Tobol refused to leave the inn and so they stayed in Novice. Hetle watched many refugees travel to Flaim, but she couldn’t leave her family. When the war had ended Hetle continued to help her father in his business but didn’t abandon her dream to explore Lodoss. She knew Novice pretty well and always looked for newcomers to join in their adventure. Hetle often visited Marfa shrine to pray for her family and Novice market to look for something interesting for sale always followed by Shatu, her polecat.

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