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Ileta Drake
Pronunciation: ī-LEE-tah DRAYK

Forum ID Vampiress Ileta
Plot Vampire Hunt
Ileta is © Vampiress Ileta.
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Ileta’s Gallery
Age 24
Birth Year NRC 506
Gender Here
Race Human
Affliction Vampirism
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Ileta was the sort of comely barmaid that many adventurers look forward to finding at the local inn. She is of average height with ample curves and a well-proportioned body. Her blonde hair is full and thick, kept long enough to fall over her breasts when its down. Long, grown-out bangs frame her face and are usually pulled to one side, locked behind her ear. Ileta’s features are delicate and very feminine, with a small chin, pouty pink lips, a small, straight nose, shaped eyebrows and inviting blue eyes. Her skin is fair, with a faint golden tan and a blush that comes easily to her cheeks. With the pretty blonde-haired, blue-eyed commoner look, many men assume Ileta is quite innocent. Since becoming a vampire, her appearance has become immaculate, so long as she’s well fed—otherwise she begins to look sickly and pale.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Blonde
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Hourglass Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Her barmaid uniform has been discarded, and now Ileta dresses herself darkly to reflect the change in her personality. Her favored dress is a low-cut dress of burgundy velvet that falls just below her knees. It was a gift from a lover, as were most of the fine things in her wardrobe. The dress is trimmed with black satin along the triangular cuffs of the long sleeves. Her cleavage practically pours out of the low cut bodice, and the dress itself is firmly structured, but she also wears a corset beneath for extra support and sex appeal. To protect herself from sunlight, she wears a pair of thin, black suede gloves and a long black velvet cloak, lined with black satin—another gift, given when she was requested to play the part of wife to a merchant at his competitor’s funeral. To complete the outfit, she wears black leather boots with a four and a half inch stiletto heel that reach to her knee.

Weapon Description

    Ileta’s sword was loaned to her by Xerephex, and was forged by him. The longsword “Wyrmtongue”, named for its uniquely wavelike blade, underwent the over-tempering process and had the same enchantments for durability and endurance added to it as its two sister swords. Wyrmtongue has runic inscriptions engraved into the cross guard. It is four and a half feet long.

Class Commoner
Occupation Ex-Barmaid and Prostitute, Seductress
Weapons Longsword; “Wrymtongue”
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, cloak, money
Horse No
ST 17
EN 8
AG 19
IN 10
LU 7
PB 13

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    As a simple human barmaid, Ileta was not a strong woman. She was rather graceful from years of carrying trays throw crowded rooms and dancing, but her agility was nothing spectacular. However, since become a vampire, her strength has more than doubled, as has her agility. Her endurance hasn't changed much, as her endurance depends on her blood supply.


    Ileta didn’t have quite enough attention as a child, which led to her seeking attention from boys and later men to affirm her existence. She is quite good at appearing innocent (mainly thanks to her appearance), but she is far from it. Skilled at manipulating men, she uses sex as a tool to get what she wants from them.

    Ileta went through a dramatic shift in personality and alignment. Vampirism often brings out the darker side of a person, and how much they fight the darkness to retain their humanity varies from person to person. Ileta didn’t put up much of a struggle to this new, darker version of herself, and was quickly overcome. She continues to use her sex appeal to get what she wants, which now is as simple as blood and nothing more. She is utterly loyal to her sire, Aryen, and would do anything to please him.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Quotes: “...”


    Ileta was fourth born to Elden and Ines Drake. Her father was a carpenter by trade and supported his family just well enough to keep food on the table everyday and clothes on their backs. Ileta’s three older siblings included a brother, six years her elder, and named for their father. Elden Jr. was her father’s pride and was expected to carry on the family business. Two years younger than him was their brother Aldy, who enjoyed much affection as the baby of the family until another two years brought sister Riska. She quickly became Ines’s favorite child. Ileta was born yet another two years later, and like Aldy, enjoyed the role as the doted upon baby up until the final child was born, Aleina. So, it became that their parent’s affections fell mostly on the eldest son, Elden Jr.; the eldest daughter, Riska; and the baby, Aleina. Aldy and Ileta were left behind, suffering a sort of ‘middle-child syndrome’. Because of this, they became partners in crime as children.

    Ileta’s childhood was unremarkable, but she spent much of it eager for attention. When she began to develop around the age of fourteen, she sought attention from boys, mainly Aldy’s friends. She lost her virginity at fifteen after a three-month relationship with a boy three years older than her. It ended shortly afterwards when he got what he wanted from her. Ileta avoided boys for awhile after that, but not for long.

    The next year brought Aldy’s departure. Her beloved brother decided he wanted to become an adventurer and set out into the world. Elden Jr. was working with their father, and Riska married. With the three eldest out of the house, Ileta had more attention from her parents, but far too late to do much good. They finally noticed her promiscuity and forced her out of the house.

    At the age of seventeen, Ileta began to look for work to support herself. She found a job as a maid at the Dragon’s Fist Inn, and quickly caught the eye of many patrons. Wealthy merchants and mercenaries sought her company in exchange for gifts and much needed money, and she accepted. This made her a self-employed prostitute. With the gifts and money, as well as her pay from the inn, Ileta was able to afford a nice little apartment and a full wardrobe.

    After six years as a barmaid at the same inn, Ileta’s life changed the night she met Aryen. The vampire Aryen was looking for a meal, and seduced Ileta into leaving work before her shift ended. Unaware of her fate, Ileta brought Aryen home and bedded him. After their sexual encounter, Aryen sank his fangs into her throat and drained her blood, but she had enchanted him in the short time they spent together. Instead of leaving her to die, he gave her his own blood and she became his kind.

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