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Iluri Erzih
Pronunciation: ILL-oo-REE ER-zee

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Plot Vampire Hunt
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Iluri’s Gallery
Age 29
Birth Year NRC 501
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Between Kanon and Alania

Physical Description

    Iluri can’t be called very beautiful to human standards because of her unusual and somewhat creepy appearance. With light amber eyes and deadly pale skin most people treat her badly and even with hostility sometimes so she is not well-liked because is often mistaken to be a priestess of unholy gods or any other thing of that kind. She has a long, straight jet black hair that is kept at her back with bangs framing the sides of her face. Her face is sharp featured with mysterious almond shaped amber eyes and thin lips. Iluri’s figure is not very frail but still not very athletic; it’s just of average type but when looking at her for a long time no one can get his sight away from her. Maybe it’s just a charming spell, but Iluri won’t reveal such secrets. She has a bit of nobility in her appearance with a piercing look and her manner of behavior. She is also fond of perfumes and likes dark make-up in addition with black lipstick.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Jet Black
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Amber
Build Average Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Iluri likes rich and fashionable clothes like a real noble. She wears a long black cape with wide sleeves during her travels. Her long suede robes are dark violet, embroidered with silver fibers and with very long laps. Iluri wears knee-high, low-heeled black leather boots and short light violet suede gloves that cover her arms. Iluri also wears long earrings that match her style perfectly.

Weapon Description

    Iluri’s staff is made from steel and is black in color. It seems to be very ancient and there is a word “Morengil” on its shaft in Kastuulian. The top of this staff is made in form of vampire skull with a pair of sharp bat wings. Despite of being made of steel Iluri’s staff is very light but hard enough to parry a dwarven axe without a notch. Iluri also carries a long dagger made from fine steel.

Class Mage
Occupation Freelancer, Enchanter
Guild Membership Mages’ Guild (4), Sages’ Guild (4)
Weapons Staff, “Morengil”; long dagger
Armor Robe
Equipment Traveling gear, change of clothes, weapon care supplies, waterskin, bedroll, blanket, pack, money, healer’s kit, various herbs, book of potion recipes, spell books, jewelry, gems, paper scrolls, ilk vials and other writing implements, case for scrolls, notebook, Lodoss and Marmo maps, empty vials, dried rations
Horse Jaii
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST 10
EN 5
AG 19
IN 20
LU 8
PB 10

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Iluri has well developed magic skills, she is best with curses and fire magic. Iluri has also some knowledge of enchantments and defensive spells, however she prefers to use offensive magic. She knows alchemy a bit but not enough to create high level potions, her greatest weakness is healing and summoning magic. Iluri’s skills contain those lessons she was taught in Academy plus her personal tricks, besides she still continues her research in magic and tries to create more spells. Iluri’s spells mostly have a dark character and are very deadly unless she will undo them herself.

    Iluri is not an athletic person and is not very strong. She relies mostly on her magic skills to win the fight. But if the situation will need it she can protect herself with her dagger using her natural agility.


    Iluri is a strong willed person who always keeps her word of honor; she used to travel on her own but will work with the others to attain her goals. Iluri will never betray a friend or kill for pleasure; she respects honor and self-discipline and sometimes may help someone in need. However she may cheat or kill an unarmed foe if that will save the situation. Iluri is always interested in learning more about all kind of magic even if she can’t use it. But she doesn’t care much for the well being of the others considering that a waste of time.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Quotes: “Everyone seems perfect until you get to know them closer.”


    Iluri was born somewhere on the border between Kanon and Alania, her parents Mareth and Olga Erzih were swindlers and traveling adventurers. Iluri spend her childhood in Kanon where she took part in the street performances. When she reached the age of six, her parents sent her to the Academy of Sages as she wished to become a wizard and her aspiration for magic studies had already shown itself. Unfortunately her family wasn’t a rich one and had to travel on after Iluri entered the Academy.

    Meanwhile Iluri achieved impressive results in her studies mostly because she liked magic much and was trained in it since childhood. When she learned of mana stones of Kastuul, she took up enchantment studies, hoping to create one herself, those days she was a real book worm spending endless nights in the library. But in the NRC 509, when the Academy had fallen, Iluri fled to Kanon with a couple of useful books she stole from the library. She was born on the border of two kingdoms and served none of them since she wasn’t native there.

    In the NRC 510 Kanon was occupied by Marmo and Iluri was a nine year old girl in the half-ruined Shining Hill. She lived with an old priestess of Rada in a deserted house at the outskirts of the city until she met Yrsanne, a dark elven shamaness in service to Marmo. She spared the kid’s life but killed the old priestess who tried to prevent Iluri from joining Yrsanne. The dark elf recognized the girl’s magic potential and tried to turn her on her own path. So Iluri lived in Shining Hill till the NRC 525, she learned much from her dark elven mentor and always respected her. Iluri continued her magic studies reading those tomes she had stolen from the library. In Kanon Iluri watched the other side of life and Yrsanne’s bloody military service.

    When the War of Destroyer’s Resurrection began and Marmo army was pushed out of Lodoss, Yrsanne left to Salbad but before that she told Iluri that someday she couldn’t stay aside from events and would have to choose a side or the choice will be made for her. Then Iluri left Kanon and traveled to Flame. She wanted to find her parents whom she worried about but instead stayed in Blade for some time. Iluri took the job of enchanter and earned a good sum of money for her future travels, it was hard at first because people were suspicious of her but then it got better as she earned a reputation. In Blade she fell in love with Lord Itnar, whom she met in Castle Akroyd. Iluri was seven years younger than him but that was not a trouble for them. A small flirt had grown into an ardent love, though it had to end soon. Rumors went around that Iluri was a witch and used one of her curses to charm a noble knight, so she was accused of the crime she hadn’t done. Iluri had to start her travels once more and actually ended up in Moss, where she at last found her family safe and sound in Dragon Breath. She became a member of Mages’ Guild but continued her journey through Lodoss and arrived to Dragon Eye looking for a job or maybe another adventure.

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