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Pronunciation: JEN-ih-SIS

Forum ID Jenova
Plot Bastion's Demons
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Age 21
Birth Year NRC 509
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Jenesis is one inch above the average height for females and is a skinny woman, but not skinny enough to be considered a bag of bones. Her skin color is white and slightly on the pale side. The shape of her face is round and her black hair covers out the top of her head and falls down to the back of her neck and ends a half an inch passed her shoulders. Her hair is also thin and straight. Her face is round, and while she will never believe it herself, she has the physical attractiveness of many young beautiful priestesses of Marfa with her beautiful smile.

    Her eyes are a sky blue color and wide apart on her face, while having an innocent and pure look in them, but this look breaks like glass when she becomes enraged over something. She has no bangs covering her forehead, her eyebrows are narrow and her nose is broad. Her lips are full and red while her jawline is nice and smooth.

Height 5’4” Hair Color Black
Weight 115lbs Eye Color Sky Blue
Build Skinny Skin Color Pale White

Clothing and Armor

    Jenesis wears the long, shapeless white robes of a Marfa priestess. The robes have a thick, layered cowl neck that falls about their shoulders with long long sleeves that end with gold cloth trimming the wide cuffs. In the front of the robe is a long, rectangular panel trimmed with gold. Along with the robes, she wears a gold upside-down crescent circlet on their brows, and a larger, matching pendant on her chest that has three gold dangles. Underneath her robes is a black sleeveless shirt which unfastens in the front. With the shirt, she wears a long black matching skirt that stops just above her knees. She also wears white holy boots that reach up to her shins.

Weapon Description

    She carries an oak quarterstaff.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priestess of Marfa
Weapons Quarterstaff
Armor None
Equipment Clothes, make up, comb, toiletries, money bag, and bedding
Horse No
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Marfa
ST 10
EN 9
AG 14
IN 14
LU 8
PB 17


    Jenesis is physically weak and cannot endure physical attacks as she should like too. To counter being weak in strength she relies on her magic, intelligence, and if the enemy gets too close, her speed to gain the advantage over a stronger physical opponent in battle. She knows how to heal and the usual spells taught to a priestess of her level. Her faith in Marfa is strong.


    Jenesis is a kind hearted, respectful, and a good person at first glance. Her flaws lie in wanting to be praised by certain people (like her mother), and when that person praises others and not her, she easily falls into the temptation of jealously and envy, even though she knows she should not feel these things. She also has a very ill temper, and because of her mother (who never gave her the time of day), she became a woman who wants to be perfect in everything she says and does—which is not possible—and when she fails at this, she is harder on herself than she really should be. She respects the law, loves her nation and tries her best to serve Marfa well, but in certain situations she lets fear cloud her judgment and sometimes she will lie to get out of a lawful punishment when she knows she guilty because of this fear. She is also a very stubborn person.

Alignment: Lawful Good



    Born to Iz and Eev in Valis in the year NRC 509, five years after the birth of her older brother Kost. Iz was thirty-five and Eev was thirty-two when she was born and she was a surprise child for the parents who never had any plans on having a second child. Iz was a soldier in Valis and very wealthy—at least enough to lead Jenesis to suspect in later years that Eev might have married him only for his money. Iz and Eev grew up in Valis and later met when they were twenty-five and twenty-two year olds, falling in love and getting married a year later. In NRC 504 Eev gave birth to Kost who later became to be her favorite child of the two. Kost looked like his mother and Jenesis looked like her father, if that had something to do with it, Jenesis would never know.

    The following year after her birth her father went to fight in the War of Heroes for Valis, although Eev didn’t show much concern for his safety; either because of the fact she was certain he would survive, or because of the fact she was certain if something happened to him his money would come in good use. He survived the war and returned to her later that year to help raise their children together. Through Jenesis’s childhood she spent more time with her father than her mother and it was vice-versa in her brother’s case. Her relationship with her father was strong, while her relationship with her mother was weak, sometimes Eev wouldn’t even give her the time of day. She would be so proud of her brother, but never once said she was proud of Jenesis. Her father did, but the fact that her mother didn’t left an emptiness in her heart and she began to blame herself for her mother’s lack of interest in the things she did and started doing things she thought would make Eev proud of her.

    In NRC 522 her brother, at the age of eighteen, joined the army of Valis and their mother was so proud. Jealously and envy surrounded Jenesis’s heart as it felt like she wouldn’t get the same kind of attention from her mother as she gave to her older brother.

    In NRC 525, at the age of fifteen, Jenesis showed interest in becoming a priestess of Marfa and following her ways; not just because of her mother (though if she could get her to see she was proud through hard work as a Marfa priestess, then that would be a huge reward during training). She went to the Tarba temple in Alania to train under Leylia for the next five years. During her training she came to idolize Leylia, and her mother based on the stories she heard. There, she met her famous husband Slayn and their daughter Little Neese. She enjoyed her time at the temple and the thoughts of her mother disappeared more and more with each passing year.

    In NRC 525, during her first year of training, she received word that her brother was killed during the war in Valis at that time and that her father barely survived through it. She didn’t feel as much sorrow as she felt she should have at the news of her brother’s death, and that disturbed her, but she continued in her training, becoming a loyal servant of Marfa. By the age of twenty-one, a year after completing training, she went out into the world on a pilgrimage.

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