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Jereidon Thappis
Pronunciation: jair-Ī-don TAP-iss

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Plot Search for the Stormlord
Quest for Neria
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Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alania

Physical Description

    Jereidon is shorter than average for a human male of his age with stringy reddish brown hair that falls to the middle of his neck. His build is between slender and average with his legs having the strongest muscles, though he also has a birthmark on his left hand roughly shaped like a diamond. His brown eyes are deep and piercing, despite the kind look in they carry a troubled look. He appears normal otherwise and hardly ever smiles, though when he smiles it usually is a good thing. He is also however quite charming in looks and has a sharp featured face, his nose could be described as being a hawk nose.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Auburn
Weight 138lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Lean Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Jereidon wears dark gray robes trimmed with emerald green, they are made of a thicker cloth than normal and have a clasp made of silver. For his upper body he wears a simple brown tunic underneath the robes and black hide vest, his hands are kept bare except in cold weather. After that he wears a pair of green pants with a simple leather belt, on his feet are his boots made of animal hide that glow faintly with magic.

Weapon Description

    Jereidon uses his staff for close quarters combat, it is a simple hardwood staff that has a heavier top than bottom for combat. Carved into the staff are spiraling ivy vines, at the top of each of them a simple tigers eye agate is embedded. His other weapon is a plain steel dagger that is kept at his side, it is used as a last resort weapon if he has no other means.

Class Mage
Occupation Seeker of Knowledge
Guild Membership Mages’ Guild (3)
Weapons Staff, Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Robes, clothing, two weeks dried rations, backpack, weapons, bedroll, blanket, tinderbox, lantern with five vials oil, backpack, metal mug, small metal pot, writing supplies, scrollcase, pouch of hard candies
Horse No
Familiar Neria
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST 8
EN 11
AG 13
IN 19
LU 17
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Jereidon is proficient with mostly defensive magic, as it does not bring too much harm. When he uses attack magic he prefers to use lightning based spells, he will be careful in choosing his targets however. He is also somewhat decent with spells that enhance a persons abilities, but any other kind of magic he has great difficulty with. He will not use fire magic, even if that is the only way he will fight with his staff or dagger. He is good with lightning based attack spells, defensive spells, and enhancement spells. He prefers to use his lightning in spheres however, as bolts are too unpredictable to him.

    Jereidon has little in this area unless you count his ability to walk for longer distances than most, and this is not due to his boots but instead to his penchant for insisting on walking everywhere. He has no other physical abilities, most of his strength lies in magic.


    He is a good person despite his personal goals, he will help those in need and do what he can to solve a dispute or situation. Though his primary pursuit is knowledge, and the identity and capture of the man who took his family from him. He is patient and will listen to all sides before recommending an answer, if he is asked to help settle a dispute. When it comes to family he is quiet and closed off, he will keep friends but makes sure they don’t dig too deep. Other than that he is is good person with good intentions, and he seeks not to kill the person but instead to bring them to justice for his loss.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “It is not the right of the strong to bully the weak, but it is the right of the just to destroy corruption.”


    Jereidon came from a quiet family in Alan, his father Daras was a scribe who worked for the city’s magistrates’ office. His mother, Maris, worked as a cook in a reputable tavern, he had a quiet life while he lived with them. As a baby he was quiet, even when he was sick or in distress. He showed great promise to follow in his fathers footsteps, and they made sure he would know to read and write from a young age. He was often a dreamer too, fascinated by magic of all kinds, though wizards were what he was keen on. He often said one day he would be one, often his dad laughed and told him that he would have to settle for something else.

    When he was seven they were headed on the road to visit relatives in a village a few days away, they came cross a man who was resting on the side of the road in the rain. His horse had ran away after getting spooked and he needed help getting home, they gladly helped him and when they arrived he promised to repay them. The next year went by quietly when one night he knocked on their door with a scroll case, he needed Daras to copy some scrolls for him before they fell apart. The job took three days and Jereidon was fascinated by Darjis, he showed him some minor tricks and told him tales of times past. After the job was done and paid for they asked Darjis something in private, they wanted him to teach their son his art. He agreed and that was when things changed dramatically, little did anyone know at the time.

    Jereidon was busy between chores and studying that he saw his family on his birthdays and once or twice outside of that, though they communicated through letters. Five years into his study he learned he had a sister born, Neria they named her and he was happy. Then something happened in the eighth year, on his birthday he waited outside for their arrival and they never came. Night fell and he headed inside, a few days later the news arrived his parents were killed by Marmo soldiers and his was sister missing. He was quiet for a few months and just did what he had to do, and for the next seven years he never knew what happened. His studies did excel however and he learned quickly, though it was no consolation.

    After he turned twenty-two he left on his own, his master giving him a pair of boots to aid him in his travels. He traveled for a few months putting his skills to good use, often helping settle disputes with reason. One day on the road he was attacked by bandits, managing to fend them off he grabbed something from one of their necks. It was his mothers pendant, heading to a cave for shelter from a storm he brooded. In that cave was a lone spider, she had made it her home and he was the intruder. Using his magic he defended her attacks and eventually she gave up, instead he tried to understand her and after a week of rest to recover from injuries he headed out. The hatchling followed him, he had not feared her in the end but instead befriended her. Naming her Neria he kept traveling, she was family to him and in a way taken the place of his missing sister. Though he now wanted revenge on the bandits, but knew that would be difficult. Now he travels about and tries to help as much as possible, making friends and enemies with his actions. Though he is unaware his sister is alive and well in Dragon Breath, living with a family as a foundling.

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