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Jeren Octavian Aldener
Pronunciation: JER-en OK-tay-VEE-ehn ahl-DEHN-er

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Plot A New Balance
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Age 31
Birth Year NRC 499
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Jeren is a handsome man by most standards. He appears young for his age and sophisticated. He constantly has a windswept and wild look to him that only people with a free soul achieve. By appearance, he seems much like a soldier in stature, but his eyes hint at something far more artistic. His entire appearance is comforting in an one on one social interaction. He is almost like a well-sculpted statue that came to life, both commanding of visual attention and with seemingly-perfect details. His hair is almost like a trademark for him, since it is unusually long for a man.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Brown
Weight 158lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Toned Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Primarily, for armor, he counts on nothing more than an average chainmail for protection. Over it, he wears standard riding attire, which consists of a leather, string-tightened, long sleeved shirt. The shirt is a simple brown, surfaced to buffer the wind. His pants follow the same lines. He also wears riding gloves to help him grip the reigns. His second pair of clothes are simply a loose hanging white shirt and equally loose pair of pants.

Weapon Description

    Jeren’s primary melee weapon is a long sword with a long dagger. Both are elite military weapons as made in the Moss Knighthood for Dragon Knights. On the saddle of his wyvern, he has a lance that he uses in aerial battle, also standard issue for dragon knights. He also keeps a few combat javelins on his saddle for throwing from height atop his wyvern. Lastly, he carries a long bow for both riding his wyvern and on foot. The javelins and the long bow are also made by the Moss Knighthood.

Class Knight
Occupation Wanderer/Traveling Musician, Former Dragon Rider Knight of Moss
Weapons Long Sword, Lance, Combat Javelins, Long Dagger, Long Bow
Armor Chainmail Hauberk, Leather Riding Coat
Equipment Waterskin, a money pouch, a small tent, some cooking items, a flint and steel, some rope, a Dragon Knight medallion (as proof of his service), whistle, flash dust
Wyvern Nightfire
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EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
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    To say the least, Jeren has a bit of flare. He is charismatic and not in the least afraid to share his opinions on a topic, whether they be right or wrong. He is, for lack of a better term, a heart breaker. He tends to captivate women and attracts them, mostly without actually trying to. He is compassionate and sensual. But, as a warrior, he refuses to be defeated unless he can be a victor later against the same adversary. Jeren is a hopeless romantic.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Quotes: “People have always wished to fly like birds. For once, I am envied...”, “Don’t listen to philosophers about idealistic thoughts of life. Just accept it and go with the flow...”, “My dear, do not be saddened by my departure. You just look up into the sky and know that somewhere in that deep expanse of blue, I’m there.”


    Jeren Octavian Aldener was born to the nobility of the nation of Moss. His patriarchal lineage was that of a military family. Generation after generation of Aldener were tactical advisors, high ranking officials, two even generals. Jeren was to be the next great Aldener. It was obvious from the beginning what he would end up working with. When he was only 11, he had been amazed by the dragon riders of Moss. By his twelfth year, he had tamed his own wyvern out of compassion and an overwhelming understanding for its wish of freedom. Although he had no official training, he was taught how to train and how to ride the creature. The two become bonded as only a boy can to an animal. Both were young at the time and they stuck with each other.

    He showed promise and potential in everything he did from basic training to the Battle Academy and the Sky Combat training. Jeren was a topic of discussion. All his teachers were sending recommendations of him to be apprenticed under one of the dragon knight commanders. Jeren’s life seemed to be set for him. It would not be long until he would start commanding others, just like his forefathers.

    The young warrior was granted Dragon Knight status by the age of twenty. By the time he was twenty-seven, he had reached the Order of the Dragon Scale and was expected to continue all the way to the top. Jeren spent all the time he could either flying or practicing. He much preferred the freedom that flight offered him. His Wyvern had grown to become an excellent and intelligent creature for its kind as a result of Jeren’s compassionate angle of training for it. In return, Jeren was rewarded by a friendship and loyalty that dragon knights rarely develop with their mounts. When in flight, they worked together, not as mount and rider, but as teammates in a dance that only the beauty and the space of the sky could allow.

    Jeren fought in a few simple combats as a leader, but no major battles ensued. A battle of a different kind, though, he would participate in by choice. In Moss, there was a nobleman by the name of Darmenion Beleroth. Beleroth was a vicious politician known for his way with words and his ability to persuade. Not long after Jeren’s twenty-ninth birthday, Beleroth’s wife was murdered by bandits. In the noble’s outrage, he placed the blame on his commander, a general by the name of Sendorian. They were political enemies, but there were serious doubts in everyone’s minds that General Sendorian had been at the root of such an atrocity. It was known that they had clashed several times and the last time threats were tossed. Jeren watched the proceedings with anger. He would stand for it no longer.

    They had one piece of evidence on the general that held him as the culprit. His ring. They had found his ring, blood-splattered, in the woman’s room. Jeren knew what to do. Sendorian was an invaluable member of the military. Jeren produced a ring that was about the same that he himself owned and gave it to Sendorian. He explained to his commanding officer his intentions. Despite his objections, he went along with it. Jeren gave him a ring that looked about the same. The ring was returned to him and was lost. Jeren would claim the ring was his and take the penalty by telling the King that the ring was his and that he had murdered Mistress Beleroth of his own work.

    The plan worked like a charm. The General was freed immediately and Jeren was taken under the law. Sendorian had given one clause in Jeren’s plan before accepting. That was to ensure that he got away. Sendorian went visiting the prison late at night and slipped a key into Aldener’s cell. Around one o’clock at night, Jeren unlocked his cell and took out a guard. He took his clothes and locked him into his own cell. He assumed the appearance of a guard as best he could and left with a group of other guards. He split off and returned to his derelict home. Jeren gathered up what he could of his possessions, including his weapons and his spending money, and left. Jeren used the cover of darkness to make his way to the wyvern stables and broke in. He took his wyvern, mounted, and lifted off. Before anyone knew he was gone, Jeren was too far away to be caught and headed east for another nation. The General was let off and, with their convict escaped, the crime was dropped.

    For the next two years of his life, Jeren has worked wherever he could. He traveled across Lodoss. He picked up music, often using his singing talents wherever he could. The former Dragon Knight did a few mercenary jobs, being used as a trump card in most, considering his wyvern was intimidating. Jeren now lives off of the land, picking up odd jobs from time to time and helping as many people as he can. He enjoys making stops to perform a song or two or to simply entertain people with a few slight of hand tricks.

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