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Mathew Alastair Silverstein XV, aka J. “Jet” Alastair Silverstein
Pronunciation: JET AL-ah-STAER SIL-ver-STEEN

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Plot A New Balance
New Marmo Republic
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Age 42
Birth Year NRC 488
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Alecrast

Physical Description

    Jet is a beautiful man, to say the least. He is tall and slender, and carries himself with a regal stance. His skin is unmarred and pale, as his preference to the indoors keeps him away from the sun. His dark blue hair was cut short, now reaching only to just passed his shoulders. His steel gray eyes are almond shaped are almost effeminate in look. His face is clean shaven, though he never really was able to grow facial hair to start with. He has a small thin nose, bookish in looks.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Dark Blue (Black)
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Steel Gray
Build Slender Skin Color Porcelain

Clothing and Armor

    Jet’s clothing mirrors the higher class of people, wherever he travels. He tries to blend in with high society, a trait that he picked up a long time ago. He prefers silk clothing, liking the airiness of the cloth, and most favors dark colors, navy blue, deep purple, and black. His footwear is more practical, but still holds an elegance to it. The leather boots are tanned lightly, as well as preserved so that they wouldn’t ruin at the first sight of moisture. He wears a signet ring on his right hand.

Weapon Description

    Jet’s weapon is a steel long straight blade. It has no cross guard. The blade is sixty inches in length and three inches in width, the hilt takes another fourteen inches. The hilt is wrapped in cloth then re-wrapped in coarse shark skin that was preserved and dried, then finished with steel wire.

Class Scholar
Occupation Tactitian
Weapons Steel Long Blade
Armor None
Equipment Glasses, backpack, map case with maps of each Lodossian country and southern Alecrast, quills, ink, pouch filled with currency, signet ring, sealing wax, vellium, change of clothes, stolen library books, set of silverware
Horse No
ST 8
EN 8
AG 12
IN 18
LU 8
PB 18


    Jet is not physically adept. He can take care of himself in a fight, though his major attribute on the battle field is his ability to help tactically strategize in a matter of moments. He relies on his mental capabilities and his ability to dodge to get him by in battle more often than not.


    Jet is manipulative, intelligent and arrogant. He wishes for constant war, not out of hatred for his fellow man, nor to fill some evil agenda, but due to his business and training all have to deal with war. He is cold and calculated to say the least, and very few get to see a face other than the one he wants people to see.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Quotes: “I have nothing to say to the likes of you.”


    Jet Alastair Silverstein was born Mathew Alastair Silverstein XV in Nissel, Alecrast in 488, son to Mathew Alastair Silverstein XIV and Keria Ellen Silverstein, nee Turney. Though he was the third child of Mathew and Keria, he was the first male child. Shortly into 492, four years after his birth, the Erstweil Lord, Katricos Alans Erstwiel III invaded Nissel, killed Mathew XIV and sent Keria and her three children into exile.

    From Nissel they fled southward to Mirarra, Keria changing her son’s name to Jet from the long line of Mathews. Keria prostituted herself and her two daughters, Nia and Eril to send Jet to school and make sure he had the best possible chance at life.

    Jet attended the Nissel Academy under an assumed name at five years old. He was taught all manners of things in his studies: navigation, tactics, language, to read, to write. Jet was charismatic, that much was obvious at his young age. His teachers watched in marvel as he, even in war games, brought his team to victory. He kept to himself for his studies, neither making friends, nor allowing others to know about him. He continued his studying from 493 NRC to 509 NRC, leaving neither campus nor city, nor keeping in communication with his mother.

    He returned to Mirarra in his nineteenth year, an accomplished scholar, and, even when locked away in his studies in Nissel, the Erstwiel province proved to not be as stagnant as his years away were. Mirarra had seen the deposition of Sophia Erstwiel, Katricos IV’s younger sister, in lieu of their mother Lillian Erstwiel and her new husband Troy Claar. Though his hatred for the Erstwiel family had not diminished in the last nineteen years, when he found young Sophia on the streets he was saddened and excited. He found a way to finally strike back at the family that turned his family to ruin.

    He went about a short courtship with Sophia, lulling her into love and taking her into his bed. After having his way with her he left her in the streets to rot and caught a ship to Raiden. Malak and he passed right by each other, Malak leaving the ship that Jet was boarding.

    It was late 510 NRC that Jet arrived in Raiden’s port. He took to the roads immediately, seeing all the accursed isle he could see. Unfortunately, and fortunately, Jet got his first taste of war here. The War of the Heroes was in full swing, and though he did not participate, he did observe and learn of warfare. He seeded contacts throughout Lodoss, buying their loyalty with the promise of great rewards for their services later on down the road.

    In 513 NRC, Jet returned to Alecrast and from the port city Mirarra, he traveled eastward to Kistas City, a port of non Erstwiel territory. Jet, under the assumed alias of J. Alastair Silverstein, met with Lord Tempris Flecher Thricha VII, and began to seduce him to the idea of waging war on the Erstwiels. Lord Tempris refused the idea outright, knowing of Katricos IV/Malak’s butchered enemies and did not wish to put his country in danger.

    Jet was exiled to Lodoss in 514 NRC for eleven years. He strengthened his ties in Lodoss, gathering a free army and selling his skills to whomever could afford. Marmo was by far his most profitable venture, and he signed on with Marmo for the duration of his exile, till Ashram and the Marmo people went into exodus.

    Jet settled in Salbad for a year, watching the lands claimed in the name of Flaim, and the isle fall into peace. Jet was restless and annoyed. Without war his business could not continue. He knew that, but there was no outright way to set up a war on Lodoss without them unifying (to a degree) and stomping out the problem. So he continued to wait in Salbad, listening to the rumors and waiting for one who he could make into the new enemy of Lodoss.

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