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Joline Kavryn da'Korv
Pronunciation: JO-line KAV-ryn dah-KORV

Forum ID Lady Kavryn
Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
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Joline’s Gallery
Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Kanon

Physical Description

    Lady Joline is an attractive young woman of twenty-two years. Her skin is porcelain fair; her eyes a green-gold shade of hazel, and her hair dark auburn. She has a well-sculpted face with a firm jawline, ideal eyebrows, and expressive eyes. She is in good shape, lean, though her curves are generous, giving her an hourglass figure. She carries herself with an air of calm control that belies her youth.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Auburn
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Hazel
Build Hourglass Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Joline wears any number of fine, yet sensible, gowns suitable for a lady of her status.

Weapon Description


Class Nobility
Occupation Lady of Rood
Weapons None
Armor None
Equipment None
Horse Unavailable
ST 10
EN 8
AG 13
IN 14
LU 11
PB 12


    Joline, though her position is quite posh, is actually in good shape. She spent several years adventuring, and she learned how to fight with a quarter-staff. With some help from Albedo, she has learned other defensive skills, and practices nearly daily to keep her skills sharp. Though she is not a skilled fighter, she can defend herself.


    A calm and intelligent woman. Joline rarely lets her heart lead, but instead listens to her common sense and practicality. She is of a progressive mindset, believing in equality of the people. As a leader, she has wealth and power, but she puts her people before her greed and uses her power to help where she can. She is a champion of the people, seeking to improve life for commoners, and standing up for people slighted by prejudice; namely, half-dark elves that are living in persecution in Kanon.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Joline was born into the Lordship of the house of Kavryn. However, it was unfortunate timing. When she was just a toddler, Kanon was invaded by the Marmo. Her mother fled to Alania with little Joline, while her father remained behind to fight for his land. Joline’s mother was of an Alanian noble family, so they found a home there. Joline grew up in Alan, where she benefited from the educational resources of the country, though there was always the ever looming threat of war.

    When she was fifteen, her mother was able to arrange a betrothal to a young Mossian lord. It was an act of desperation, fearing Marmo invasion. At sixteen, Joline was married to Alric Korv. She accepted the union, and was grateful to have been married to a young man as opposed to an older lord. Alric and Joline quickly became friends, though their marriage remained chaste for their first year. It was better to wait for Joline to mature before attempting to bear children. Finally, Joline and Alric consummated their marriage when she was seventeen. They had a home in Moss, but they spent time with Joline’s family in Alania as well. Unfortunately, it was during one of their visits to Alania that the Marmo pushed further into Alania. The estate was overrun by Marmo goblins, and Alric and Joline had to fight for their lives. Alric forced Joline to the stable to take a horse and ride away, then sacrificed his own life for her to escape.

    The war ended soon after, but Joline was with nothing. She took this opportunity to travel Lodoss and level herself to the commoners. Joline saw the real world first hand. She helped people rebuild where she could, and participated in a few adventures in her travels. During this time, she had a relationship with a mercenary, Arturo Demor. They spent nearly two years together, trying to fulfill Arturo’s purpose in life; tracking down his abusive father who killed his mother.

    One day, a messenger tracked her down and delivered a message from King Reona. Her identity had been discovered by the king, and he wanted her to return to Kanon and continue her legacy as the only remainder of the Kavryn house. After much deliberation, Joline decided to return to Kanon and offered Arturo the opportunity to marry her. Arturo was so focused on his vengeance that he refused and insisted that she stay with him. Joline left him and returned home.

    In Kanon, she was given lordship over the region of Rood and a high position of counsel to Reona. Her good deeds and personal mission were known to the king and he admired her for it. Joline put Arturo out of her mind and as well as forgot the mercenary in favor of her duties.

    Two years after her return, she met a beautiful half-elf at a ball in Shinning Hill. Albedo was his name, and as far as she knew, he merely fought in the Free Army. She later learned that he was an assassin for them, and now an assassin working for the Shadow Guild. He seemed attracted to her, and she was surprised that he actually had an interest in her. She considered herself attractive, but not on par with him. His attraction went deeper than skin though, but she was still humble, refusing to believe that their relationship was very serious. Every time they meet, they fulfill their carnal desires and part ways. To protect her reputation and life, their relationship is shrouded in utmost secrecy.

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