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Nauroch aka Kai
Pronunciation: now-ROK, KAI

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Plot A New Balance
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Age 25
Birth Year NRC 505
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Flaim

Physical Description

    Tall with broad shoulders and very well built. He has a handsome face with a sharp jawline; he also has piercing stone gray eyes. A scar between his eyes causes his left eyelid to droop lower than the other, giving him a “lazy eye”. His long, blond hair trails past his shoulders and is kept untied.

Height 6’2” Hair Color Blond
Weight 220lbs Eye Color Gray
Build Muscular Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Aside from black pants, brown boots and leather wrist bands, Kai’s only protection is a sleeveless long coat made of chain mail. The coat ends only a few inches off the ground when he’s standing fully upright, it has latches but Kai chooses to keep it open for the most part, leaving his front side relatively exposed. The weave is fairly loose to cut down on weight, it’ll block virtually any bladed weapon but an arrow has a fair chance of getting through.

Weapon Description

    Kai’s main weapon is an iron quarter staff intended for training but serves as a formidable weapon. The staff is tempered to be lighter than it appears but still requires a level of strength unattainable by most humans. With such a slow recovery for each swing, the only way it can match a faster weapon is by constantly moving it, linking each attack to the next and never losing momentum. This requires a lot of space and when that space is unavailable Kai relies on his kukri, a large knife curved towards the blade and heavy enough to parry most light to moderate attacks.

Class Warrior
Occupation Bodyguard for Hire
Weapons Iron Quarter Staff, Kukri
Armor Chainmail Longcoat
Equipment Wineskin, moderate Raiden currency, small pack with food, tinderbox, bandages and other basic supplies
Horse Bojih
ST 17
EN 15
AG 10
IN 8
LU 10
PB 12

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    About as strong as any human can hope to become, with formidable stamina. Kai’s fighting skills are simple yet effective, choosing practicality over style.


    Kai is a drunk whose life is punctuated by many, yet brief, moments of sobriety. In those moments he is a man of intensity in life, love, and war; with an insatiable lust for all three. He is a talented fighter but that talent mostly goes to waste, if he can manage to pull himself together he is capable of great things.

    Somewhere down the road his path stopped calling to him and for lack of anything better to do he turned to alcohol. He dreams of vengeance but knows that even at his best he is no match for the Seihvregn, all in all Kai has no idea what he wants. The warrior pride and thirst for battle as a Nictanu is still there, only submerged in wine and beer.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “I am Naura (hic) pride of the Nucta... Noctan clan... Now give ush a kish.”


    Kai was born Nauroch, a barbarian of the Nictanu clan in Flaim who were fierce rivals of the Seihvregn clan. The two clans had been feuding for generations and Kai, unfortunately, was born on the losing side. Just before he came into manhood the Nictanu admitted total defeat. The Seihvregn recognized the fighting spirit of the Nictanu and accepted their surrender on the condition that the survivors and their family swear allegiance to Seihvregn. Not wanting their children to grow up servants, the remaining Nictanu warriors rallied together for a desperate final assault. The Seihvregn realized too late that the suicide attack was only a diversion which allowed Kai and the other adolescents to escape.

    The young survivors agreed to scatter and settle down in obscurity to avoid Seihvregn pursuit. Kai however was the oldest and most closely tied to his barbarian roots, he forgave the others for wanting to live in peace but he swore to become a warrior in honor of his ancestors. Since then he has changed his name to avoid pursuit and dedicated himself to the study of war.

    Kai grew up fast and strong, but around the age of twenty he began to lose sight of his aim. Until then he had lived in fear that the Seihvregn were hunting him down, yet he had never found any evidence that they were pursuing him. One day he realized that the Seihvregn were no longer interested in Kai, if they ever were in the first place. Oddly enough this caused him to go into depression; he settled down in Raiden and started drinking heavily. Rather than a warrior, Kai became a hired thug for a shady merchant making for a comfortable, if unfulfilling life.

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