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Katela el’Baran
Pronunciation: kah-TEL-ah el-BAR-ahn

Forum ID Katela el'Baran
Plot Quest for Neria
Adventures in Lodoss
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Katela’s Gallery
Age 56
Birth Year NRC 474
Gender Female
Race Half Common-Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Mirror Forest

Physical Description

    Katela is a petite half-elf best described as cute. She takes a bit after both of her parents, her delicate features are reminiscent of mostly elven heritage, but with some traits of her human father. She has her father’s curly red-orange hair and a sprinkling of red freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her skin is fair, a trait of both her parents, and her eyes are blue like her mother’s. A small, slim girl, Katela stands at five-foot-three and weighs around a mere ninety-five pounds. Her figure has mild curves with a rather short torso, but long legs.

Height 5’3” Hair Color Red-Orange
Weight 95lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Petite Skin Color Fair, Freckled

Clothing and Armor

    Katela wears a short green dress and shrug jacket trimmed with blue ribbon. Her long-sleeved shrug attaches to a blue ribbon choker necklace and rings on her middle fingers. She also wears knee high, blue-dyed leather boots with a slight heel and armor plates on her knees. For armor, she wears an elven steel breastplate with small, rounded shoulder guards with an attached short blue cape. She also has a silver and ruby circlet, which was a gift from her father. Around her waist, she wears a belt that carries her rapier, crossbow, a quiver of bolts, and a small purse. She carries a pack with all the basic supplies she needs.

Weapon Description

    Katela’s rapier is short to match her size, only about two and half feet long. Like other elven rapiers, it has a long, thin, straight, double-edged blade. The crossguard is plated in bronze and the grip wrapped in blue-dyed leather that matches her boots.

    Unlike most elves, she carries a crossbow, which she mainly learned to use for the novelty. It originally from the Valis military and bears the Valisian seal on the base. A small steel bow set on a short ash wood base, it has a pull trigger and the bow folds down for easy transportation.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier, Valisian Crossbow
Armor Elven Steel Breastplate w/Pauldrons, knee plates in boots
Equipment Clothing, circlet, traveling pack; rope 50ft., waterskin, food rations, toiletries, fletching kit, first aid kit
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 9
EN 8
AG 16
IN 10
LU 11
PB 12




    Katela is a bit naive and playful on the surface, but she is well grounded and strong willed beneath that. She’s lived a peaceful life, though doesn’t have much real-world experience. Katela is very accepting of people and will not react hatefully to someone of another race. As a Mirror Forest elf and a half-human, acceptance and understanding was in her upbringing. She is eager to help anyone who needs it, and really has no goals of her own at the moment, aside from doing as much as she possibly can. All in all, this half-elf is a carefree and aimless youth with a heart of gold.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Katela was born in the Mirror Forest to a human father and elven mother. Her father, Kal el’Baran, was seventeen and a soldier for Valis during the War of the Demon God. The Mirror Forest had been damaged during the war, and in the aftermath, Kal and his unit were sent to assist the elves. Mysa was a young ranger (young in terms of elves at one hundred and forty-three), and had been assigned to work with Kal and his unit. At first, she maintained the haughty, superior attitude of elves, but after fighting alongside the humans while they killed demons, and seeing the devotion the soldiers put into helping her people back to their feet, she began to see them in a different light. Eventually, that understanding grew into lust in the case of Kal and Mysa, and one night, they sated that lust.

    Mysa didn’t realize until afterwards that she had just reached her ten year estrus until a couple days later. She informed Kal that she was very likely pregnant, and they decided to start an actual relationship in light of that fact. Soon, Mysa began showing all the signs of pregnancy. This pregnancy was met with a mix of apprehension and excitement from the elves. Most of her kinsmen had accepted the humans, but not all of them were ready for a half-elf child in their midst.

    Katela was the first half-elf child born and welcomed into the Mirror Forest (a few others had been born before, but the elven community rejected them), and more were to come. However, Kal and Mysa’s relationship was not the ideal image of a interracial couple, forgoing all taboos for the sake of their love. Their relationship was founded on a fling, and as time went on, they learned that they were too different to stay lovers. When Katela was only a few months old, Mysa forced Kal out. Yet, though the relationship was over, Kal was not going to abandon his daughter. He found a home in a nearby village and visited often. In time, Mysa and Kal became friends again, but neither wanted to revisit their romantic past.

    Three years later, when Kal was twenty-one, he met Rayia, a human woman, and married her. Rayia was a little apprehensive at the thought of a half-elf step-daughter, but came to love the girl as her own. Not long after moving, Rayia gave birth to a son, Bran. The next year, Shara was born to Kal and Rayia, then two years later, Larisa. Katela lived in between both parents. Sometimes she’d stay with her mother, other times with her father. She loved both parents, as well as her new family. She played with her half-siblings and helped raise them. As an elf in her mother’s realm, she was trained in shamanism and to be a ranger. In her human family she was taught human history and language.

    Her childhood was nurturing, much better than most half-elves could ask for. She had three wonderful loving parents and siblings. However, as she watched her brother and sisters grow older and continue their lives, it hit her how different she was. It seemed she barely changed. Her brother pursued the dream of Holy Knight of Valis while Shara married and moved away to Lesmoa. Larisa stayed in the Forest and found an elven lover who fathered her half-elf daughter Kira.

    During the year of 525, Kal died at the age of sixty-nine, days before Kat’s birthday. On his deathbed, he gave her a silver circlet with three rubies that he had had crafted by an elven silversmith for her birthday. Katela was harshly reminded of human mortality. It hurt her enough to distance herself from her human relatives, who were all getting older while she remained youthful. The only relative she could truly feel happy with was her niece, Kira. Kira was twenty, and if Katela had been fully human, the age gap would have been immense. However, Katela felt as if she were eternally stuck at twenty herself. She helped tutor Kira, and at the same time, played with her out in the forest.

    After her father’s death, Katela took some time to grieve, but eventually, she felt the desire to see the world beyond Valis. She had traveled no further than Roid (a small trip with her father once), and she became restless. Many elves would leave the forest once in their life, almost as a coming of age rite, but Katela was far younger than most elves who took the journey. Yet, considering that she was half-human and would live a shorter life, her mother let her leave at the age of fifty-six. Katela is now on an aimless journey to satiate her desire to see Lodoss.

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