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Kilij Seif
Pronunciation: KI-leej SEEF

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Plot A New Balance
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Age 28
Birth Year NRC 502
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Storm and Fire Desert

Physical Description

    Kilij is really not a handsome guy, and his look is not among his preoccupations. He has long black hair hidden by a hood, his visage displays numerous and long scars. The largest scar cuts his cheek from the hair to the neck. He has large hands with long, black nails, and his victims often see them as claws of an hawk.

Height 6’4” Hair Color Black
Weight 187lbs Eye Color Green
Build Slender Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Kilij wears ample pants and shirt, a long dark (and magical) cloak with numerous pockets. All this clothes are black or dark brown, which helps him to hide into shadows. When already in the shadows, the cloak could summon a little zone of pure darkness, hiding its bearer from sight for a short time.

Weapon Description

    He often uses one long scimitar with an entirely black blade. Two daggers with lethal poison are hidden in his cloak, and he uses one blow-pipe with toxic darts when fighting from range.

Class Assassin
Occupation Assassin
Weapons Scimitar, 2 Poisoned Daggers, Blowpipe and Darts
Armor None
Equipment Rope, poison phial, travel package (tent, extra clothes, razor, whetstones, flint and steel, cover, dried and smoked food, bag)
Horse No
ST 13
EN 11
AG 17
IN 10
LU 13
PB 7

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Kilij combines a extreme agility with a strong taste for stealth and shadows. Rare are those who can see him coming, for he makes no noise when moving even in hard conditions. And even rarer are those who ever noticed him and are still alive.


    Kilij is a quiet, non talkative person. His deepest desire is to become the best assassin ever, the most efficient and the most furtive. No matter if no one remembers or even knows he existed after his death. He does this “activity” from fun and thrill, and also to stay with Jleslie, the only person he ever feels something for. Except for her, he doesn’t has any feeling, and doesn’t know love, hate or indifference. Jleslie is the only person who reminds him he’s something else that a killer, and he returns to her great feelings, although he would never admit it.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Kilij Seif is the son of a famous (and feared) warrior from the Fire tribe. He never knew his mother, and never asked anything about her. He was raised by his father, who wanted him to become a great fighter. But the strict education of his father succeeded to disgust him. When he was twelve, he could no more bare his father’s training and honor, and decide to leave home.

    This experience was not long. After a few weeks in the wild, the hunger forced him to return to his father’s tent. The warrior saw that running away as a personal insult, and became stricter and more violent with Kilij.

    There was a few similar running away in the following years, and each time Kilij’s father became more violent. When he was fifteen, the young Kilij decided it was enough, and planed to kill his father. He organized it with special care, paying attention to minor details of the common life. When his father came from a serious expedition, he found the meal and the clean tent, as he ordered to Kilij. Not taking care of the shadow in the tent, he didn’t notice Kilij blade until it was in his throat.

    The tribe was not pleased by the death of one of its major warriors, but Kilij seemed to have a particular gift to plan murdering. Rather than to punish him, as they should have done, the chiefs of the tribe decided to give Kilij a special training as assassin. He was sent to become the apprentice of the tribe’s master of assassins. When the latter died, a knife between the chests, no one doubted that Kilij, eighteen, was a great assassin. The fact that the magical cloak of the ancient master was now on Kilij’s shoulders did not shock anybody.

    The most furtive and most hazardous missions were given to him. Some of the chiefs hoped he’d succeed, some others hoped he’d fail and never return. But, whatever the mission was, he returned to the camp, performing great tasks in the great war. In one of these missions he met Jleslie. Of the five people of the mission, they two were the only survivors, fighting together with instinctively great coordination.

    From then on, they stuck together. Jleslie was the only people who made Kilij feel like he was not only a warrior, and he fell in love with her. But he’d never admit it. Instead of working as a team, the two worked as a duo from then on, fighting on until the end of the conflict. Then, they both decided to continue working as a team, killing on order of the most paying men and women of Lodoss.

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