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Pronunciation: KEE-mah

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Plot The Golden Egg
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Kima’s Gallery
Age 13
Birth Year NRC 517
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Kima is a short slender girl, without many curves of older females. Her hair is cut short and is brown in color, falling down to the middle of her nose in the front, and not much longer in the back. She has painted tattoos on her torso and cheeks, mostly stripes and triangles, they aren’t permanent so she touches them up daily with a concoction of berry dyes, mud and bodily oil. Her brown eyes are soft and innocent, and at the same time fierce and determined. She has a round childlike face and soft androgynous features.

Height 5’ Hair Color Brown
Weight 90lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Slight Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Kima wears little in the way of clothing, just a loose shirt she stole and a pair of pants she stole from elsewhere. She only changes clothing when her old attire becomes too ratty to pass as decent anymore. Her current dress is of a pair of graying slacks and man’s cotton overshirt. Her wrists are adorned with crudely made bracelets, mostly that she made from her threadbare clothing and various materials she either found or hunted for. She wraps her feet in her old clothing. Not the prettiest set of footwear, but it protects her feet.

Weapon Description

    Kima’s primary weapon is a stick she crudely fashioned into a sword. Made of Ironwood, it’s total length is three inches shy of her total height, making it a total of fifty-seven long. Her secondary weapon is an old shortsword she found off of a goblin corpse, so it isn’t in the best condition.

    Kima has a feather of Mycen which can be used as a weapon or shield. The feather is about thirty-eight inches long and twenty-four inches wide. While it appears feathery, it is a golden scale that is as solid as metal, but far stronger than the gold it appears to be.

Class Ranger
Occupation Hermit
Weapons Ironwood Practice Sword, Goblin Shortsword, Mycen’s Feather
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, bracelets
ST 17
EN 16
AG 12
IN 7
LU 6
PB 14

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Kima is self-trained in her arts. She is a physical person, very strong and athletic, quick to prove herself physically if it came to it. She is physically stronger than her peers, as she has had to live life on her own, thus giving her a bit of an advantage. She is quick and long in stamina, a good combination if you live alone in the wilds.


    She’s quiet and reserved most of the time, resorting to not speaking most of the time, as she did most of her life. She doesn’t like to play pranks, although she could with her ability to mimic voices. Although her memory is fairly sharp, a lot of the words she knows, some in other languages as well, are just mimicking what she has heard. Her general concept of language is stunted at best.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “Ki-ma!”


    Kima was born to a hermit woodsman named Taeil and his wife Meece. Though they were unprepared for her birth, they welcomed it all the same. She was a light baby from the start, and both feared that being in the wilderness, she would die soon. Her health turned around quickly, and the couple were glad for it.

    As her first year came into effect, her mother and father worried about her inability to talk. Both being new parents, they went to Dragon Eye, the closest town, and consulted a priestess, thinking that their child was cursed. The priestess assured the family that Kima was fine, that their worries were unjustified, that it sometimes takes time for little ones to speak their first words.

    So another year passed, young Kima was two, and already walking around. She still refused to speak, and though her condition was odd, her parents were assured that she wasn’t cursed, just slow to learn how to speak.

    Her third year her father passed away. With no way to support Kima now with the primary income maker deceased, Meece took Kima into town and left her there. Kima was all alone and only three years of age. A young man named Vince took her in and cared for her for a while. He treated her as he treated his own boys, tough but loving. He cut her hair and called her his son, and since she never spoke, no one knew any better.

    Her fourth and fifth year passed in a similar fashion, living with Vince and his sons, still unspeaking and treated as a boy. Vince’s eldest boy, Colton, who was twelve at the time caught the brunt of her fiery temper when he tried to molest her. With a broken nose Colton convinced his father that Kima had caused the entire incident, and the young girl was sent out into the world alone again.

    Kima walked out of town and went back to where her parents used to live. There was no one there, just an empty shack. Kima was young, but strong. She took up her father’s ax and went out into the forest. With no experience in what she was doing, she just wandered the forest with the ax in tow. A young minstrel was wandering by when he found Kima. He tried to get her to talk to him, to explain what a little girl was doing out in the woods all alone, but Kima refused to speak, as she had done so for the last portion of her life. She would answer yes or no questions with her head, but wouldn’t speak a word. While he was a little discouraged by Kima’s lack of interest with the spoken word, he was still interested in helping the young girl.

    Kima traveled with the minstrel, and since no names were exchanged, they remained anonymous to each other. She traveled with the Minstral, from Moss to Valis to Flaim and back to Moss. The travels took them shortly under two years, depending on the Minstral’s ability to entertain as their primary source of income. Kima was now seven years old, but still untalkative. Kima was well able to take care of herself in her own mind now, and took off from the Minstral while he slept one night.

    She hunted for food, either stealing it from farmer’s land or killing small woodland creatures and cooking them over a fire, and would make jewelry of their bones and teeth. She sold the makeshift jewelry in Dragon Scale, and retreated to the woods when night fell, feeling more comfortable in the wilds than in civilization. She returned to her once home in the woods, hiding the money she earned under a floorboard.

    She was nearing her tenth year when she was forced into speaking. A man came to her house and tried to take the property from the young girl. Since she was a child, she had no claim to the land, was his argument, and thus she had no right to it. When he tried to force her off the land she broke his right arm and left leg and told him very clearly to leave her premise and never return. The man did just that, scared of a child who could incapacitate him so quickly and easily.

    She gathered her money and left her little cabin and home behind, heading northward into the denser forest. She had only her possessions, her father’s ax, the ragged clothes on her back, and the money she earned from selling bracelets to support her. As she ventured deeper into Mossian forests, she came upon a goblin corpse. It was freshly dead, for as best as she could tell, and she saw that its severed arm still held a weapon in its hand. She snatched the beaten shortsword, and left the corpse behind, minus its teeth which she stole to make a necklace.

    When Kima was far enough away, she used her father’s ax to cut an ironwood sapling down. She cut the heavy, thick wood to her approximate height, using the shortsword to mark it where her head reached. Using the crude, rusted blade of the shortsword, she whittled the stick to look like a sword. Though it wasn’t pretty, it was tough. She used fire to smoke the sword, similar to smoking meat, in hopes to make it preserved long enough. She practiced daily since she built it to be able to use it in a battle.

    Kima spent the last three years of her life in northern Moss, keeping away from major settlements and people, sticking to the forest and its resources to support her. She only ventured into any settlements to steal clothing she needed, due to her distrust of merchants, and returned to the forest.

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