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Kitsa Stormeyes Silvermoon
Pronunciation: KIT-sa storm-EYES sil-VER-moon

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The Golden Egg
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Age 110
Birth Year NRC 420
Gender Female
Race Three-Fourths Human, One-Quarter Common Elf
Homeland Azarn Islands

Physical Description

    Strikingly beautiful. Her dark face holds deep, red-orange eyes, flecked with gold. Her raven black hair is straight and often kept back out of her face, except for her bangs that she has trained to the right side. Her ears are pointed, but not as prominent as an elf or half-elf’s, and can usually be hidden beneath her hair. Her skin is is a dark, rich shade, taking more after her Azarnian mother than her fair half-elf father. She has a long, lean figure, with mild curves and average sized breasts. Her legs are rather long, which she flaunts through the cut of her skirt.

Height 5’9” Hair Color Black
Weight 135lbs Eye Color Red-Orange
Build Athletic Skin Color Dusky

Clothing and Armor

    Kitsa likes to wear bright colors, often reds. Colorful clothing was a part of her mother’s culture. She usually wears a red outfit, a short top that attaches to a black collar set with polished amber stones. Matching red gloves and boots. Her skirt is long, slit up both sides for easy movement. She wears a few pieces of gold jewelry; two bracelets, a gold chain on the hem of her top, and red-crystal earrings. She also has drabber clothing to change into when stealth is needed.

Weapon Description

    Kitsa’s sword is elven, once belonging to her father. The blade is about four feet and three inches in length of pure elven steel. The design is sleek and elegant with gold plating along the crossguard and hilt. Aiden refinished the handle with red leather instead of the original blue, to match his daughter’s fashion tastes.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Adventurer
Weapons Bow, Slender-Bladed Elven Long Sword, Throwing Daggers
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, jewelry, traveling pack; bedroll, toiletries, brush, dried food, waterskin, Aiden’s journal
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 7
AG 17
IN 13
LU 14 (+7)
PB 15

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Kitsa isn’t as skilled as elven or half-elven shamans at her age, and has a hard time finding a connection as strong as her father had. However, she is content with where she is now. The skill she has is enough to carry her through daily tasks and help her when she needs it. She relies on herself more than the spirits. Air elementals are the ones that respond to her best, followed by earth, light, water, and fire. She was never taught how to summon dark spirits, but she has experimented with other spirits.

    Kitsa is a very fit woman. She is stronger than the average woman, but very agile still. Her body is lean and firm, and very flexible. Her movements are graceful, and she is more that proficient with her bow or sword. While her shamanism may not be on par with elves her age, her fighting skills certainly are.


    Kitsa is very curious about Lodoss customs and will ask many questions of the natives to learn more. She is adventurous like her father and wants to see the world. When she meets new people, she tends to disregard others she’s met before. She often times seems easily distracted and flighty, but if she needs to, she can clear her mind and become and efficient fighter. She has the mentality of an air elemental.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Kitsa’s father was a half-elf from Lodoss and her mother a human from the Azarn Islands. Her father, Aiden, born to an elf of the Glassy Woods and a human father, was left to live with his father when he was only a few months old. Aiden’s elven mother could not take her child back with her into the Glassy Woods, so she choose to abandon him. Aiden lived among the barbarian tribes and fought against Kastuul’s reign. After the war, he married a priestess of Marfa in Tarba and raised his first family, but learned too late of his lengthy lifespan when he found his mother again. He outlived his wife and children by many years. He grew restless, and in time, Lodoss grew small for him and he wanted to explore further. Finally, he came to the Azarn Islands.

    Aiden encountered a human tribe living on one of the islands and they were at first fearful and curious about him. Some of the tribe preferred to keep their distance, others wanted nothing to do with him and even fewer were openly curious. One of the more curious was a young woman by the name of Zehia Stormeyes. She was darkly beautiful with red-orange eyes that shifted in shade with her moods and the weather. Zehia was the one who brought Aiden into the tribe and later married him. In time, the entire tribe came to accept Aiden after he proved the care for the village as much as any native. A few years after their marriage, Zehia bore a single daughter, Kitsa. Kitsa took more after her mother physically, with dark hair and skin, and those same color shifting eyes. Her ears were pointed, but not long. Later, she proved to have inherited her father’s wanderlust.

    As for a last name, the tradition of the tribe was not to take either the father or mother’s name, but instead take the name of the most influential parent. Since Aiden was an outsider, and Kitsa had the same eyes of her mother, eyes that were a common trait of her line, Kitsa was given her mother’s name, Stormeyes. Though, today, she will use either or both of her surnames.

    Kitsa grew much like any other child in the tribe. She suffered very little mistreatment from her playmates in their early years, but when she was twelve and first started feeling the elemental spirits, her father started training her in shamanism like an elf. For the remainder of her teenage years, she was ostracized by her peers—save a few close friends—until they were mature enough to accept what she was. Kitsa could never rival her father in shamanist ability, and she trained hard to keep up with him.

    Women generally weren’t fighters in Kitsa’s tribe either, they took care of the home and children. The few who wished to take up the sword or spear were often ridiculed and either gave it up, or left. Kitsa’s father thought the skill would be necessary for her. At the age of eleven, he had begun teaching her the sword with practice sticks. One fighting skill that was often passed from mother to daughter was the use of a dagger in self-defense. Zehia taught her that skill. When it came to her skills, Kitsa made up for her slow ability in shamanism in her ability with the sword. She still inherited elven speed and endurance. When Kitsa was fifteen, her father taught her another skill that most elves took naturally too; archery. It was not accepted of women to use bows either, that was something the male hunters knew. Kitsa was a proficient warrior in her own right by the age of thirty, though very few elders in the tribe knew it. Aiden and Kitsa had taken precautions from letting it be known.

    When Kitsa was twenty-five, her tribe was exposed to an illness brought by traders from Alecrast. Kitsa and Aiden were immune, but it took the lives of a good portion of the tribe. Most the eldest members were the ones who died, and children. Kitsa’s mother fell ill with the sickness and was one of those who died.

    For the next eighty-odd years, Kitsa trained and worked, watched her childhood friends grow old and die, watched their children grow up and have children of their own. She and Aiden moved out of the village not long after Zehia died, uncomfortable with the knowledge of human mortality. Kitsa’s inherent wanderlust grew within her and she had traveled every foot of their island. At the docks on the west side of the island, where a tiny port town served as a trading post and rest stop on the ocean, Kitsa met sailors and heard stories of their travels, which only fueled her desires. She knew her father’s stories by heart. Aiden’s desire for travel had died down over a century ago after Kitsa was born, and he no longer sought adventure. Kitsa felt trapped. She wanted to visit those places he told her about, see the mighty elven forests, walk the streets of the City of Anarchy, Raiden on Lodoss. She wanted to visit the grand nations of Alecrast, even hop the islands of the Azarns at least! But her father had no desire to travel and he couldn’t quite stand to see her go. In the last five years, Aiden’s health rapidly deteriorated. His five hundred and fifty years years had finally caught up with him and he was as feeble as any old human man.

    One night, Kitsa came home to find him bedridden and unable to move. He told her that this was the end, then said his goodbyes. Out of all his children, Kitsa was the one who knew the most of his life. To give her the whole story, he had spent the last few years compiling a journal of his life’s adventurers, which he gave to Kitsa on his deathbed. The journal not only told her what she knew, and places he’d been, but he told her of his past lovers and the children he knew of. He hoped that Kitsa would take the time to search for the descendants of her older siblings, and to check a few old lovers that Aiden feared he may have left with child. One woman was the common elf Anaiya of the Mirror Forest, and another was a human, Acise Askani of Honto.

    She mourned for some time, as any daughter would for her father, but she knew well enough that he would die one day. Kitsa accepted the truth, took up his sword and headed back to her home village. The tribe knew her, she still came to help when storms knocked over trees and blew off roofs. She visited the grandchildren of those she knew in her youth, as all her friends and human family had since died. Now, she informed them she was leaving for grand adventures. Stunned, the elders—children of those she called friends as a child herself—simply nodded and said goodbye. Kitsa left for the port and caught the first ship she could afford passage on with her father’s savings.

    After two months at sea, Kitsa arrived in Raiden.

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