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Pronunciation: kree-OSS

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Pirate Kreoss
Plot Building Empire at Sea
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Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Male
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Raiden Woods

Physical Description

    From living the life of a pirate, Kreoss’s body is well toned from hard work and he’s built a bit stronger than the common human. Kreoss’s left ear gleams with three piercings that run in a line along its length. His left eyebrow was also pierced for a dare when he became a pirate. His arms are decorated with tattoos; his left arm shows images of Sylph and his right is adorned with Undine, most suitable for one who spends time on the ocean. He also has a hidden tattoo on the back of his neck for the spirits of darkness. Kreoss prefers leaving his mid-back length hair free, but he tucks the locks behind his ears to give people a clearer view of his face. He has some beaded strands to give himself a more exotic look.

Height 6’1” Hair Color White
Weight 176lbs Eye Color Bright Red
Build Athletic Skin Color Light Brown

Clothing and Armor

    Kreoss wears a large, loose white shirt to make the long days at sea easy on him, even at its hottest, since the shirt allows the wind to easily pass through it. His pants are light green silk and loose-fitting for more freedom of movement. When fighting, he dons light leather vest to give him some protection, and it won’t weigh him down if he fell overboard. His shoes are a pair of dark brown leather boots.

Weapon Description

    Kreoss wields an elegant rapier that he nabbed in a raid. Its long blade gleams with an etching of Kraken pulling a ship under along its length. The pommel is set with a small amethyst.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Pirate
Weapons Rapier, Throwing Knives
Armor Leather Vest
Equipment Water flask, pouches, assorted coins and baubles, clothing
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 9
EN 7
AG 17
IN 10
LU 9
PB 14


    As a sailor, Kreoss relies mostly on Sylph and Undine summons. His mother trained him strictly in shamanism to keep up with his elven peers, so Kreoss knows many other summons as well. He is familiar with Gnome, Salamander, and Flau, as well as dark elf favorites such as invisibility spirits and dark spirits, though he never went through the usual coming of age ritual for dark spirits. He isn’t familiar with Valkyrie though.

    Having spent most of his youth at practice with his spiritual side his body has adapted a more agile build playing in the woods around Raiden more then with other children. After becoming a pirate he grew more physically stronger but never lost his finesse using his perfect balance and speed to move along the ship when needed.


    Kreoss tends to be overprotective of people and things he cares for. Often, he prefers to take the winning side of a fight unless he really feels it’s in his best interest to stay on the side he was on to start with. He likes people to try and get to know him before asking him to do things, but he never fully trusts new people until they prove his being half-elf doesn’t play into their treatment of him. Despite he didn’t marry of his own free will, he loves his wife and is very possessive of her.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Kreoss’s mother, Feroa, was a dark elf who agreed to fight for Beld in the War of Heroes. Not long after the invasion of Kanon, she drank in celebration and found her way into the bed of a human soldier. Ashamed, she wanted none of her elven allies to know, but she soon realized she was pregnant. Her family and comrades wouldn’t have approved, so she decided to run away. She knew of a dark elf settlement outside of the city of Raiden where some outcasts lived, so she crossed Lodoss, traveling under the cloak of invisibility spirits, to make it to the city. She found the forest and was accepted into the community where she then bore her half-elf son.

    Kreoss grew up in the Raiden Woods with other half-elves, dark elves, and humans for playmates. His mother began training him from an early age in shamanism. Feroa and Kreoss visited the city sometimes, but as he came into his teen years, he began visiting the city on his own. He started hanging out with thieves, who later got him involved with the pirating community. Feroa was opposed to his lifestyle, but he wanted to live his own life, and not the plan she laid out for him.

    When Kreoss was sixteen, he was invited to join the crew of a ship because of his shamanism. He spent two years at sea, sailing between Lodoss and Alecrast until a voyage brought him back to Raiden. When he went to see his mother, Feroa had every intention of keeping her son on land. She sought to tie him down with an arranged marriage, in hopes that another woman in his life besides her would make him stay and remain the innocent boy she raised. Kreoss went on a few small local voyages, trying to make a compromise with his mother, but after returning home from one trip when he was nineteen, Feroa introduced him to Tatia, a half-dark elf girl who grew up in the community with him.

    Tatia and Kreoss were wed almost immediately, and for a short while, it seemed that Kreoss was tied down. However, he ended up enchanting Tatia with the romance of piracy and the two went off to Raiden where they found place on the Bloody Codger, a ship captained by Larg “The Fuzzy Dwarf” Merston.

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