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Laies Il Luminous
Pronunciation: LIE-es il-LOO-min-us

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Plot Vampire Hunt
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Laies’s Gallery
Age 29
Birth Year NRC 501
Gender Male
Race Three-Quarters Human, One-Quarter Dark Elf
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Laies is a tall slender man, due to no small part of his elven heritage. His ears have rounded with the two generations of human influence. Laies retains his red eyes from his dark elven grandfather, as well as his facial features. His black hair is cut short and has a natural spike to it. Much to his mother’s chagrin, his back and shoulders are covered in ink, depicting the fight between Marfa and Kardis. Around the edges of the scene is the spirit he has learned about. Salamander and Undine, Sylph and Gnome, with Valkyrie at the top surrounded by will o’ wisps. The tattoo was well done and cost a lot of gold to get the colors and artistry right. He keeps his face clean shaven only due to his lack of ability to actually grow facial hair, a trait he inherited from his facial hair challenged father. Due to his close relationship with the spirits, he looks almost dead himself, though his eyes burn with the fire of life.

Height 6’ Hair Color Black
Weight 160lbs Eye Color Red
Build Slender Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Laies wears a simple black tunic and black slacks. His attire is simple, yet with an elegant cut. He wears a pair of simple leather boots he’s had for many years, attributing to their worn look about them. His overcoat, a thick dull gray leather parka is fitted with sewn metal plates to act as armor.

Weapon Description

    His weapon is reminiscent of a rod. It has a small concealed slit at the top for a blade of approximately eleven inches in length to jut out. The rod itself is made of steel, and is approximately thirteen inches in length.

Class Knight
Occupation Ex-Knight of Moss
Weapons Rod
Armor Leather Parka
Equipment Flute, sheet music, scroll case
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 18
EN 12
AG 10
IN 14
LU 4
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Laies was born with a stronger connection to the spirits than his quarter elven blood would normally permit. Since infancy, the Laies has been able to maintain contact with the spirits to some degree, growing stronger and more beloved by them as he aged. His first contact was with will o’ wisps, though his influence generally spread. The spirits of his tattoo, minus the goddesses involved, are his bread and butter of his connective shamanism. He is strongest with Valkyrie though, and has a rather disdainful approach to both invisibility spirits as well as darkness spirits. Though being beloved by the spirits has its benefits, his airy, almost non-existent prescience can be disturbing to any who can feel the spirits.

    Laies is physically fit, though his major asset is his strength. His style of hand-to-hand relies on his brute strength, rather than his agility. It utilizes very sharp accurate movements to impair movement and break bones. Since he gave up the sword years ago, his weapon of choice has shifted to the rod. Lighter in weight than a sword, it just lacks the reach he was once used to.


    Laies is rather reserved and devout to Marfa. He attends church every third or fourth day, and prays to the Goddess if he can. He is also in touch with the spirits more than most others. Hearing their whispers even when he doesn’t summon them to him. He is rather withdrawn at times, choosing to be away from company, though he does have a side that is unnaturally cheery, although he usually hides it.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...Silence is music too.”


    Clive and Arieh were blessed with a baby boy the first year of their marriage. Though she wanted to mail a letter back to her father in Raiden, she never got around to doing so. Clive was a knight of Moss, and expected his son to follow in his footsteps.

    From a young age young Calvin Laies Illuminai was constantly surrounded by spirits. His mother noticed it more in him as he would, as an infant, stare at the wall and suddenly a will o’ wisp would appear, as if the infant summoned it there. Since Arieh was no where near her younger brother’s shamanic level, she had little knowledge to draw upon with her son’s sudden ability. Though this gift persisted into his early childhood, Clive was assured by Arieh that it was merely natural for her elven blood to have some adverse affect on Laies.

    Laies was inducted into the knighthood at the age of five. He became his father’s page, and learned how to groom and care for wyverns, as well as the basic codes of knighthood and etiquette. Laies was smart enough to learn, though he was always so distant looking even when he was paying attention. Clive worried that his son was being soft only because he was under his father’s rule, so Clive soon sent Laies to work as Lord Arntgnem’s page. Arntgnem was a noble by birth, but despite his noble birth, he was a strict teacher and heavy handed with punishment.

    Laies grew three years under Lord Arntgnem before the Lord suffered a horrible accident, his wyvern diving for the earth in such a hurry killing both Arntgnem and the wyvern mount. No one found any evidence of foul play, though it was said that Laies had suffered a severe beating a day before the accident that claimed his knightly lord.

    Laies was given to another knight, Sir Cuthsbey. Cuthsbey was his main teacher from ages eight to fourteen, taking him into squiredom from his pagely duties. Laies learned his duties well, but as he did, his innate ability to talk to and affect spirits started to blossom into an understanding and soon, full out shamanism. Often the spirits he was in contact with would leave him presents. Once such instance was the red scale of a dragon that Salamander gave to Laies just before his fifteenth year.

    When he was seventeen he was initiated as a knight of Moss, and given a mount, Kreegan. While he was still training, he was called to active service in the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection, ten years after the death of Shooting Star. Now twenty-four years old, more adept at shamanism, and the sword, he went to war.

    The war cost him Kreegan as well as the deaths of nearly fifty of the men under him. Laies left the knighthood shortly after returning from Marmo, a decision his father was not alive to disapprove of. For five years, Laies has been training with his rod, and keeping to himself in Dragon Eye. Although he has left the Knighthood of his own choice, he never severed the ties completely, so that, he could return if ever needed to serve his home country again.

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