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Pronunciation: LAN-eer

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Lanir’s Gallery
Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Male
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    Having been blessed with the good looks of both parents, Lanir often causes heads to turn and hearts to flutter when he passes by. Slightly tall, he has slender, tight and well-formed build. Lanir’s and feminine-like features and tender wide-set doe-like eyes are reminiscent of his mother, while his elven features, near flawless skin and long rich golden blonde hair are from his father.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Golden Blonde
Weight 172lbs Eye Color Light Hazel
Build Slender Skin Color Light Bronze

Clothing and Armor

    Lanir wears long white poet shirts, dark green pants and brown leather boots. He is fond of hooded cloaks and often wears one of similar color to his pants. Lanir wears nothing in the way of armor though does wear a pair of heavy leather gloves.

Weapon Description

    Lanir’s main weapon is a light silver-gray rapier with a black and red hilt and guard. The blade is ornately carved with several runes, but other than decoration it has no particular ability.

    A simple, long oakwood staff is Lanir’s secondary weapon. It has two brass fittings on both ends, the staff has leather hand grips in the middle for a better handhold, each tied securely onto the staff.

    His reserve weapons are two plain, dark bronze daggers with deep green leather sheathes.

Class Ranger
Occupation Adventurer, former Merchant
Weapons Fine Steel Rapier, Long Staff, 2 daggers
Armor None
Equipment Small Backpack; bedroll, clothes, waterskin, rations and camping gear
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 10
EN 13
AG 17
IN 12
LU 11
PB 19


    Lanir knows little of summoning spirits, since he has been without a proper teacher in the use of shamanist magic. Lanir’s uncle did well to teach him the necessary skills as a ranger, though his education in the matter of spirits is very poor. He has reached out to some fairies once or twice however.

    As a half-elf, Lanir isn’t the strongest of beings, but he’s inherited much of his father’s agility and speed, but lacks fighting experience. He’s a talented fighter and can hold his own in a fight, but is rough around the edges. Should he survive for another decade or two that will undoubtedly change with experience.


    Lanir is a good-hearted kind soul, gentle quiet and contemplative. He never raises his voice and only speaks when he has something profound or useful to say. Lanir enjoys the life of travel and the diversity it brings, having never met his father he has a somewhat embellished view of him from his mother. He believes that Azala, his father, is akin to an elven lord, at least from what his mother has told him. Suffice to say that Lanir looks forward to see if Azala is everything his mother has told him.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Lanir’s mother, Terasia, a rather successful merchant and apothecary, was well known to Merchants’ Guild in Raiden as a beautiful and elegant woman who traded fairly with the wealthy and less wealthy alike. As a child she had grown up poor, hungry, it was these formative years that not only strengthened her to succeed in life. Terasia did succeed through hard work, blood, sweat and tears finally building up small savings from working odd jobs in her youth. Taking those savings, the young girl practically begged one merchant to take her under his wing as an apprentice and teach her the necessary skills she’d need to become a successful merchant.

    Learning the tricks of the trade didn’t come easy to her, however Terasia did succeed finally earning enough money to not only join a guild but become a successful small merchant herself. Selling fine perfumes, cloth and whatever other goods she could to some minor wealthy clients of Raiden, even an odd noble once and awhile. One factor which added to her success was her striking beauty, for many a day once she’d reached maturity, Terasia caught the eye of a many men. Though for all their promises, gifts and efforts she never gave any more than a passing flirtation or interest. This was of course until while participating in a caravan of merchants, she met and befriended an elf named Azala.

    Azala happened to be traveling with the caravan as it was heading in the same direction he was, both caught the other’s eye and during the trek. After a brief fling, Azala parted company from Terasia once the caravan reached its destination. For the most part, while Terasia longed to see the elf again she knew that she could never tie such a free-spirited individual down. The thought placed the young woman into a deep depression, which she remained in for quite sometime until she found herself with child several months later.

    Terasia gave birth to a healthy half-elven boy, which bought her out of her depression. She knew her son would have difficulties living in human society, but was determined to raise her son with as much love and dedication as possible. Naming the boy Lanir, she did just that as he suffered the cruel jibes and hardships of being a half-elf living in a human society. Though it dawned on her, that despite her efforts to raise Lanir with as best she could he would become curious about his father and elven heritage. To that end, Terasia sent for her brother once Lanir reached the age of fourteen to be trained as a ranger. As she figured, while a human ranger wasn’t quite up to standard with an elven one, her brother could teach him what he knew, set him on the right path and perhaps introduce him to other elves. Lanir took to it well, preferring life in the wilderness to the city and within a few years he became a decently skilled ranger and quite a proficient fencer.

    Lanir felt the wanderlust of travel calling him and took a few possessions and set out to find any reference of his father and learn more about his elven heritage.

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