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Pronunciation: LEE-ah-NOR-ah

Forum ID Priestess Lianora
Plot Search for the Stormlord
Liberation of Ales
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Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Lianora is an attractive woman with a curvaceous figure, which she uses to her full advantage. She loves her body and takes good care of herself, actively training as a war priestess. Her black hair is long and loosely curled, usually kept back in a high set ponytail or braid, though a few locks fall about her face. She has sultry sea green eyes with a slight slant to them, framed by thick lashes and thin eyebrows. Her skin is rather fair naturally, but tans easily. She keeps up her tan the best she can, giving her skin a rich glow.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Black
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Here
Build Hourglass Skin Color Lightly Tanned

Clothing and Armor

    Lodoss Myrii priests aren’t as strict about their uniforms as other orders, due to the fact that they need to be able to comfortably move in their respective fighting styles. Lianora’s style incorporates her sexuality—much to the chagrin of her elders—and her agile fighting style. Her robes are a short skirted dress of white cotton with the face-like symbol of Myrii covering the entire front from chest to belly. Her skirt falls high on her thigh, leaving her legs bar, and is sleeveless. The neckline is a green, folded, cowl-like addition that falls on top of her shoulders. She wears her dress as tight as possible, and belts it around her waist, with another strap that crosses her chest and over her shoulder to carry her spear. Under the dress, she wears a tight fitted black top with netted mesh inserts. Only the sleeves are visible under her dress, which have mesh cutouts over her biceps and forearms. The sleeves attach to her middle fingers. For footwear, Lia wears a pair of knee-high black leather boots with a three inch heel.

Weapon Description

    Lianora’s spear is a five foot steel shaft with two foot long straight spear blades on either end. The shaft is hollow and made to be as light as possible, but still strong. She carries it strapped to her back. Her whip is of dark braided leather and made for combat, not livestock. It’s carried on her belt at her waist.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priestess of Myrii
Weapons Double-Ended Spear, Whip
Armor Steel Bracers, Steel and Chainmail Breastplate
Equipment Extra clothes, comb and other toiletries, weapon and armor care supplies, bedroll, waterskin
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Myrii
ST 12
EN 8
AG 16
IN 11
LU 10
PB 13


    Due to her lustful nature, her abilities are often limited by her lack of focus. She has the spells of a priestess of the fourth rank, but she only has the power of a second rank priestess.

    Lianora is a confident and graceful fighter. She is rather strong for a woman, but still maintains a high agility. She has been trained many years in her weapons of choice, the spear and the whip, and is quite skilled in their use. Her whip is used as a ranged weapon, often best to disarm or bind a target.


    Lianora is a passionate woman, both in sex and battle. She is too sensual and sexual for her own good, but she finds it hard to control. Always ready to defend herself, she is quick to fight and prove herself. Due to her sexual desires, she can be very flaky and self-centered when the situation presents itself. However, despite this large aspect of her personality, she does have many of the values of a Myrii priest. She is compassionate, honorable, and unconcerned with wealth. Out of the Seven Sins of Darkness, lust is the only one she can really be accused of.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    Lianora was born to an unwed mother in Lolan. Her mother was a beautiful woman, and a consort of the local Lord. Lianora, is by blood, illegitimate nobility, but of unclaimed station. Due to her father’s status and marriage, her birth was kept secret with bribes between her father and mother. Due to these bribes, Lianora’s mother lived a comfortable life as a single mother, and for all of Lia’s childhood, never had to work.

    From an early age, Lianora was taught to be manipulative and seductive, but she also had the spirit of a fighter. Her persona in youth was a mix of femininity and tomboyish antics. When she was eleven, she saw an adventuring party pass through town. The hero was a handsome young man, and he was accompanied by a Myrii priestess. Lianora watched them and listened to the hero’s stories when stopped at a local inn to rest. She began to idolize the priestess and fantasized about being in her place.

    At the age of thirteen, she convinced her mother to take her to Shuva where the main Myrii temple was located. With some reluctance, her mother agreed and they made the trip to Flaim. Lianora was accepted as a novice and began her training.

    However, as she grew into a teenager and her body matured, she began to leave behind her tomboyish persona. The only place it could be seen was in the sparing ring. Everywhere else, she began to transform into a sensual woman like her mother. She began having flings with her fellow novices, and even older acolytes. However, it caught the attention of some of her female peers who told the priests, and Lianora was punished.

    She spent a month confined to a room with nothing but books and training to keep her occupied. When she was released, she had certainly learned from her mistake, but her sexuality was hard to subdue. She continued her training and did her best to control her desires. However, she did turn to one of her previous partners for help. They were able to keep their trysts secret for the next two years, and remained in a purely sexual relationship for the next four years while they both trained. They were raised to acolytes around the same time, and when Lia was seventeen, they were raised to full priests.

    After being raised, Lia prepared for another year before asking to be sent to Roid’s Myrii temple, which was the closest to home. She severed her relationship with the young man she’d been seeing for the last four years and was sent away to Roid.

    In the short time that she has been a priestess, Lianora has found herself in trouble many times due to her sexuality. It has affected her holy magic skills, and her rank. She was raised to the fourth rank, but due to sexual misconduct, she was dropped down to third. One of the things Myrii teaches is forgiveness, making it hard for a priest to be excommunicated, but Lianora might just push those limits. At current time, she is considered on probation, and not allowed to leave the temple, and certainly not on any adventures with handsome young warriors.

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