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Pronunciation: LEEN

Forum ID Midwife Lien
Plot Search for Azala
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Lien’s Gallery
Age Ageless
Birth Year Unavailable
Gender Female
Race High Elf
Homeland Forest of No Return

Physical Description

    Like most high elves, Lien has a mystic and ageless beauty. Her fair skin is pure and unblemished, her eyes a glassy blue, and her hair the same golden blonde of all high elves. Lien’s hair falls to mid-back and is usually kept down, except when she works. She has bangs and two locks of hair hanging in front of her long elven ears, about half the length of the rest of her hair. Lien’s figure is average overall, with medium sized breasts and a slight hourglass shape.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Blonde
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Average Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Lien wears a simple green tunic-dress with a v-neck. The dress is sleeveless with a knee-length skirt. Over her dress she wears a dark green jacket with a high collar, trimmed in gold, and long sleeves. For shoes, she wears a pair of dark green boots that rise to just below the knee, and are wrapped with lighter green ribbon. Around her waist is sword belt.

Weapon Description

    A elegant and simple rapier of elven steel. It is as ancient as Lien, but because of the purity of elven steel, it is unblemished. The hilt and crossguard are fitted with green wood.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Doctor, Midwife, Medic, Herbalist, Former Soldier
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, basic traveling supplies, herbs, surgical tools
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 9
EN 8
AG 12
IN 19
LU 8
PB 12


    A powerful shaman, but for an elf of Lien’s age, this is merely a side-effect for having lived for thousands of years. She has no interest of contracts with king spirits.

    It has been many, many thousands of years since Lien has ever fought, so as one could imagine, her fighting skills are incredibly rusty. She is much more skilled at mending wounds than making them.

    All of Lien’s skill is in her knowledge of medicine and the delicate touch of a surgeon. She has learned from experience, experiment, and knowledge gleaned from human tomes. However, her area of knowledge regarding disease is limited, as her people do not suffer disease.


    The epitome of a high elf, Lien patient and timeless. Her greatest love is knowledge, namely of the healing arts. She has a quick, keen mind that readily absorbs information. This high elf, like many of her people, shares no interest in reproduction—at least for herself—and has remained chaste. She adores children, but she has been content to only deliver babies and watch them grow under the care of their parents. Though Lien has made several journeys into the human world, she finds most humans repulsive, though she can admire the few who share the same love of healing that she does. Lien can only tolerate humans for so long, no matter what she may share in common with them.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Lien has no parents. She was called into being many thousands of years ago by Falis, along with the rest of the first generation of elves. And like her brethren, Lien served Falis as a soldier against the armies of Falaris. It was during the war when Lien fell into her role as a healer. On the battlefield, she learned through experience on how to tend to her fallen comrades.

    At the end of the War of the Gods, after the elves had separated into light and dark races, Lien and many of her comrades settled into the Forest of No Return. There, she devoted her time to learning, but not of the spirits, but of the body. Her fellows turned to her as an expert when wounds needed tending, and when the first high elven child was born. Over time, Lien learned of herbs that could heal and damage the body. Though her focus is on healing, she also, of course, communed with the spirits as fairies knew the secret properties of plants better than she.

    Over her many years, Lien has had no interest in marriage, or having children of her own. Her only interest is becoming a greater expert in her field of knowledge. She has made some small forays out into the human world to learn what knowledge they had. Lien learned the languages that the people of Lodoss have spoken, and read their books on medicine.

    To date, Lien has delivered every high elf child, including the youngest, Estas and Deedlit. She diagnosed Seri’s pregnancy, and hoped to be there to deliver her child. However, without her consent, Seri left to find the father of her child, the common elf, Azala. Though furious and concerned at first, Lien decided to do the high elven thing and wait for Seri to come to her senses. When the young high elf didn’t return near the end of her pregnancy, Lien could no longer wait and set out to find Seri.

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