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Lillian “Lilly” Atru Erswiel
Pronunciation: LIL-lee-ahn (LIL-lee) ATROO EHRST-vile

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Plot Building an Empire at Sea
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Lilly’s Gallery
Age 19
Birth Year NRC 511
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Alecrast

Physical Description

    Lilly is moderate in height, standing at five feet, eight inches tall, having grown into her adult body rather well with her hourglass build. Her neck is long and slender, a trait picked up from her noble descent, her face is roundish, with a small perky nose, high cheekbones and deep set green eyes behind intoxicatingly full eyelashes. Her lips are full but not pouty, upturned in the corners even when she is not smiling. Her skin is pale and devoid of tattoos or obvious scarring, as her life has mostly kept her away from such things. Her hair is dark brown, long and straight, with its length reaching the top of her buttocks. Her limbs are slender and long, mostly dainty due to her rather delicate upbringing.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Brown
Weight 138lbs Eye Color Green
Build Hourglass Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Lilly prefers to wear dark clothing, mostly of navy blue, or of black. Her skirt is short, hemming at the knees and slit on both sides up to three inches to allow a little more flexibility. Under her skirt she wears a set of white panties, but more importantly, is the pair of long stockings that hike from her feet to just inside the hem of her skirt. her blouse is one of dark silk, either black or navy, billowy so to obscure her endowments as much as possible. She wears a navy leather vest that offers some armament under her long black overcoat, which her thick leather belt is worn over. Her boots are low cut, only covering about two inches higher than her heel.

Weapon Description

    An Alecrastian steel rapier is her only weapon. Its thin durable blade is forty-two inches long and neither marked nor scored with adornment, though the hilt and basket are decorative elaborate. The grip on the hilt is tightly wound black leather with a silver spiral of wire running downward towards the pommel. It has both edges keenly and expertly sharpened, the tip even more so as it tapers. As with most swords of fencing caliber, the blade is agile and flexible, made for quick maneuvers and thrusting, not for brute strength.

Class Nobility
Occupation Nobility, Pirate
Weapons Rapier
Armor Leather Vest
Equipment Adventurers backpack, black leather bound traveling journal, writing implements and ink vials, map cases carrying current southern Alecrastian maps and 10 year old maps of Lodoss, dried rations, dried fruits, signet ring with family crest on it, sealing wax, flint and steel, two sets of clothing, a weeks worth of underwear, gold hoop earrings on each ear, gold wedding band, and a whetstone
ST 8
EN 13
AG 16
IN 12
LU 10
PB 13


    Lilly has developed her skills with fencing, learning how to decoy her attacks and strike when someone is vulnerable. She relies on her speed and grace to get her through a battle, rather than relying purely on brute strength. Although left handed by nature, Lilly has learned to fence almost as well with her right hand. She is quick and deadly, seeking to eliminate her competition with a few fanciful maneuvers and strike them with the tip of her blade rather than the edge.


    Lilly is kind and forgiving, to a point. When someone crosses that point she is ruthless and savage, preferring to humiliate and then destroy that person. As she is a recent mother, Lilly’s emotional state when she sees children tends to waver and she becomes overtly protective and maternal of them. She is loyal to her husband, and sexual advances towards her will be met with steel.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “For the honor of the Erstwiel name, I will strike you down.”


    Lilly Atru Erstwiel was born to her mother Sophia Liste Erstwiel I, a noblewoman, and her father was unknown or never spoken of. Although many had expected that her father may well be Sophia’s older brother Katricos Alans Erstwiel IV, no proof was ever presented. She was named for her grandmother Lillian who committed suicide three seasons before Lilly’s birth.

    Sophia raised Lilly properly, with tutors and sophistication, to make her a strong willed leader. Ever since she was little she heard countless stories of her uncle, the great pirate “Bloody Shrike” Erstwiel who terrorized the merchants crossing between Raiden and Alecrast. Overjoyed at news of her uncle’s escapades, she wanted to grow up like him. Her mother, although a noble woman of court, never infringed on her daughter’s wants and wishes to be with her uncle on the high seas.

    When Lilly was ten years of age, Sophia tried to enroll Lilly in a prestigious fencing academy. Although money was a great influence, Lilly was not allowed to attend due to her sex. Sophia withdrew Lilly’s application and conspired to get her daughter into the academy. She cut her daughter’s hair short and re-enrolled her as Katricos Alans Erstwiel V. The academy was impressed with the Erstwiel name and thus Lilly was given entry.

    Lilly was a studious girl, but kept herself cloistered from the other boys. She practiced harder and longer than any of the other students, trying to achieve the award for being the top student each year. Her first through sixth year yielded no crops, as bureaucracy won over expert swordsmanship. Furious at her overlooked status each and every year, Lilly pushed herself in her final year, at the age of seventeen, taking an astounding record of 1128 duels, 1000 wins, 100 ties, and only 28 losses. The academy proud of her rapid achievement, gave her the opportunity to teach at the academy, but refused to allow her to take the honor of the Best Swordsman.

    Lilly was still furious and left the school immediately. She went back home and heard the news that her uncle Katricos IV had perished in a battle against a Leviathan year earlier. Lilly refused to believe it and begged her mother to allow her to search for her missing uncle. Sophia agreed that Lilly could go, but only if she left a child with her mother to raise in her stead. Lilly had no other way, so she bent to her mother’s will and left to go to the city.

    Although Lilly was attractive and young, many men steered clear of her due to her uncle’s infamous reputation. She gathered up her courage and went to a low class bar. There were many men who ogled and stared at her, one in particular was a handsome young man with dark skin and red eyes. She fell in love with his eyes and instantly tried to woo him. As he was already well enamored with her beauty the wooing was successful and easy, as they fell into bed with one another and passionately devoured each other’s sexuality until the next day.

    Lilly awoke the next morning beside the man she gave her virginity to, and kissed his lips. They hadn’t even exchanged names, just glances and kisses before tumbling onto the straw mattress and giving into pure animalistic lust. When he woke they exchanged names. His name was Estorn de Melarl, first generation born away from Lodoss soil. Without consulting her mother she married Estorn. Sophia was more pleased than Lilly could have calculated and welcomed the red-eyed man into their household.

    Lilly bore the child in late winter under the hunter’s moon. Estorn and her each contributed to his name: Katricos Alans Midau Larkess Erstwiel, named for both Lilly’s uncle, and Estorn’s grandfather. As her mother promised, Lilly could go to Lodoss to search out clues on the late Katricos IV. Although she was given permission, Lilly didn’t leave her son until he was a year old. Estorn promised to keep her mother and child safe as Lilly departed for Lodoss in her nineteenth year.

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