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Linda Purel
Pronunciation: lyn-DAH PUR-el

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Plot New Marmo Republic
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Linda’s Gallery
Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Linda is a very beautiful girl. She is five foot and seven inches tall and has a very curvaceous figure, and she is in good shape. She has long light blonde hair, thin brows and short eye lashes. Her hair falls to her thighs when she has it in two ponytails, and her hair falls to her knees when she has it down. She has light blue misty eyes and light tan skin.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Light Blonde
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Light Blue
Build Slim Skin Color Light Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Linda wears a brown dress with light brown stockings. Her shirt is brown with a v-neck cut and cap sleeves with a circle cut in the seam at her shoulders. Her shirt is embroidered with white flowers around the collar, and they fade to brown lower down her shirt. Her skirt ends four inches above the ground and is split up the left side, which starts at her hip. Linda’s shoes are a pair of platform “Mary-Jane” style shoes with a rounded toe and strap around the ankle. The platform is about four inches high. Linda wears a light brown rope around her waist with a sliver hoop and a gold bell hanging in the front. She also wears a gold necklace around her neck.

Weapon Description

    Linda’s weapons are a staff and small knife. Her staff is wood and four foot and eleven inches tall with a hook-like curve at the top. Her small knife has a sharp steel blade and a furry handle.

Class Mage
Occupation Adventurer
Guild Membership Mages’ Guild (2)
Weapons Staff, small knife
Armor None
Equipment Backpack; bedroll, clothing, hairbrush, necklace, flute, dice, a week of biscuit rations, waterskin, coin purse, 50 feet of rope
Magic System Sorcery
School of Sorcery Arcane
ST 13
EN 14
AG 13
IN 15
LU 12
PB 14


    Linda prefers to sing her spells rather than to speak them. She feels most attuned to the elements of air and water, and prefers to use spells based on them. Above all, her favorite element is water.

    Linda is barely strong, but can take a lot of hits. She fights with a staff or knife and she is agile. She knows how to dance and is good in athletics and acrobatics. When it comes to battling, she relies on her weapons, strength, agility, and her spells.


    Linda has a kind personality. She is very polite and respectful and loves reading new books. She is smart and has a lot of hope, and wisdom. Her motto is: “There is for every problem, a solution.” She’s a natural beauty with no fear and she loves playing around with water and wind. She has principles and is very sensitive. She can become easily sad and upset. She can rough sometimes, and she can be mean. She can extremely smart, and she can be motionless. Lets just say that Linda is mainly like water and wind.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “Stop making me repeat myself! It's not good for me!”, “I can't talk about it! It's so horrible! They were...they were...kissing! Oh my!”, “How can you be so mean to the air and water? You're polluting them.”, “A drop fell from the moon and disappeared into a room in my heart.”, “If you want to know the truth, you must have the courage to accept it.”, “There is for every problem, a solution.”, “Please don't stare at me. My breasts are not that big.”, “Water...I miss my lovely water.”


    Linda Purel was born in Ardald, Valis to Kioshi Purel and Tena. They were deeply in love when they were teenagers, but as they grew older and had their first child, Tressa, in NRC 500, they never got the chance to get married. Tena and Kioshi were adventurers before Tressa was conceived, but they settled in Valis to raise their two daughters.

    When Linda was young, her mother taught her how to do house chores and how to use medical supplies. She also taught her about different plants and tales of events in Lodoss. She loved helping her mother do chores and she loved studying and memorizing what her mother taught her. Her father taught her how to fight and defend herself. It took her a while to learn, but after five months, she was getting good at doing it. Everyday, for one year, he woke her up early in the morning to teach her how to fight with her bare hands. When she turned nine, her father decided that he would teach her how to fight with weapons. He started with a stick and showed her the moves she could do it. After five months of training with a stick, he then taught her how to fight with a sword and small knife. At first, she was cutting her father and herself with the weapons, but after two months, she got better. Four months later, she was good at fighting with a sword and knife, but she was not as good as her father.

    In her spare time, she would study what her mother and father taught her or write poems. Her sister, Tressa was working as a bard and started taking Linda to work. Tressa would play her flute for the people passing while Linda listened. Everyday when Tressa and Linda returned home, Tressa would beg Linda to play her flute or sing. Each month, Linda slowly got better at singing and playing the flute.

    When Linda turned ten, her father and the family noticed that she was turning into a very beautiful girl. She started maturing at a young age; when she was eight, her breast had begun to grow. A lot of boys were interested in her. This bothered Tena and Tressa, but Kioshi was much more bothered by it. When Linda was outside playing with the village children, she mostly with boys rather than girls. Her family tried to ignore it until they started getting offers of betrothal coming from families all over the village. One by one, they turned down the betrothals. Kioshi and Tena had a long talk about boys with Linda. She slowly began to understand what they were talking and she started keeping her guard up.

    When she was a little closer to turning twelve, her family was starting to get distracted by the war. The war was located at the east of Valis where her mother’s friend lived. Her mother was worried about her friend, and feared that the war was going to take over the whole of Valis. Linda watched as her family went three days with out rest or food. She quickly wrote up a poem, then waited for her family to start getting tired. After four hours, her mother and sister were slowly falling asleep. When she noticed this, she focused on the poem, closed her eyes and said:

“All is well,
moonlight beams.
Please Falis,
help them sleep.
For this night,
with pleasant dreams.
Help them wake with energy.”

    When she opened her eyes, she noticed that she was feeling weak and tired. Without realizing it, she had tapped into her natural mana pool and cast a spell. She saw her mother sleeping on the table and her sister on the couch passed out. Linda was so tired, that she fell asleep where she sat. Her father, who had come in time to see her cast the spell, walked up to her with wide eyes. He could not believe what he saw. He picked her up and carried her to her room to sleep.

    The next morning, Linda woke up to see her mother and father in her room. They started telling her about mages and magic, then they asked her to show them how she cast her spell. Writing up a new poem, Linda got a cup and focused the same way she had the night before:

“Ripples on the pond,
Sacred spring and well,
The current and the tide,
Watch it flow and swell.
Water of the earth,
Water from above,
Waters of the world,
Fill this cup with love.”

    The cup was then half-willed with water. Linda was exhausted again, and her family helped her inside to rest. Tena and Kioshi decided that they were going to find a private tutor for her.

    Two months passed and they could not find the right tutor. All the mages they went to were fakes. Linda prayed to Falis that someone will come and help her with her magic. A few days later, an old man named Luther came to their house. He had heard of a young girl doing magic and wanted to see it for himself. Tena and Kioshi asked Linda to do a spell for the man, then Linda did it. Luther was amazed at what he saw. He agreed to teach her, and did not charge the family.

    The next week, Luther began her training. First, he made her read many books and scrolls. She would wake up early in the morning to study with Luther and spend her entire day studying. She studied this for three and a half years until Luther decided to start teaching her spells. At first, doing basic spells was very tiring, but after four months, she had gotten better. Every month, spells were slowly getting better and easier for her. At the age of nineteen, Luther started training her on her favorite elements, water and wind.

    When Linda was twenty-one, Luther decided to finish her training. Even though he had more to teach her, he had other places to go. Before Luther left, he gave Linda a letter. It was a letter of recommendation that she could give to the Mages’ Guild so she could join and learn on her own. After Luther left, Linda continued reading books and training. She also continued to work more on self-defense, medicine, music, and weapon usage. Five months later, Linda decided that she was going on a journey. Her family agreed to it and allowed her to go. Two months after her birthday, she left her homeland to start her journey.

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