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Linette Aromond
Pronunciation: LIN-et AR-oh-MOND

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Plot Cian's Quest
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Linette’s Gallery
Age 13
Birth Year NRC 517
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Linette has started to blossom into a very pretty young girl, her dusky brown skin and dark gray eyes make her look quite exotic. She is petite and delicate looking, at first glance one might mistake her for a desert princess. Long, slightly curled locks of raven black hair frame Linette’s face, while her hair is fairly long she usually wears in the proper manner fitting a noblewoman. As she gets older it’s most likely, she’ll be one cause many a man to catch their breath.

Height 4’6” Hair Color Black
Weight 85lbs Eye Color Dark Gray
Build Slender Skin Color Light Chocolate

Clothing and Armor

    Linette usually wears fine dresses, because of her fondness for the color green, many are light green with dark green bodices accompanying them. Due to her exotic beauty and a wish to follow her lord’s wishes, Linette often wears a veil and hood, which she customarily wears when outside. Her shoes are usually dark green, fitted gold colored ties. An expensive, emerald necklace frames her neck with tiny gold fittings, it is quite expensive, and was given to her upon her adoption into the Aromond family.

Weapon Description

    Linette has little use for weapons when in the confines of her family estate, still she has been instructed to carry some weapons on her when traveling abroad. Linette carries a series of three weapons at all times when traveling, two well made daggers which bear the Aromond family sigil and a rapier, also engraved with her adoptive family’s name etched into the hilt’s end.

Class Nobility
Occupation Noble of Moss, Sculptor
Weapons Rapier, 2 daggers
Armor None
Equipment Coin purse, traveling cloak, jewelry, sculpting kit; three chisels and two small hammers
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##


    Linette has lived a life of prosperity and as the adopted daughter of a Nobleman it has afforded her a good education in the matters of reading, writing and a bit of knowledge in business matters, those mostly involving merchant trusts and the like. Linette is an accomplished sculptor, having little to do but learn from some of the best Artisans her family could afford, she has developed her natural talent and has produced still life—people, even some small animals—sculptures in stone. Many of these statues and works have been given away as gifts to friends and some other nobles, but the young girl definitely shows a talent for the work as some families have commissioned her to produce more. As the daughter of a nobleman, Linette was well taught by weapons stewards hired by her family to instruct her in the fine art of fencing and the use of daggers. While Linette is not an expert she is quite skilled for one so young and shows promise at fencing. Because of her small size, Linette’s fencing style encompasses the use of quick strikes at vital points, hit and withdraw while using her small size and quick reflexes to the best of her advantage.


    Linette is a prim and proper young woman, her speech is fine and delicate, as it is heavy with the hint of command. She is used to getting her way and isn’t above making it known to anyone she considers below her station. At times she can be snooty, cold or even downright mean when dealing with those she takes a dislike to. Since Linette has dealt with those of High Society she does tend to have a problem dealing with and relating to commoners, despite the fact that she herself was once a commoner. Linette can act like a spoiled brat when she wants to, though for all these negative traits she does have a kind and sensitive nature, which she often hides.

    The memories of her mother and father and brother usually strike her at her darkest and most secret moments when she is alone, though now she considers that another time and life when she was a child and doubts her brother is alive. Linette has shoved the pain and memories of her real family so far down inside of her as to even convince herself that her father’s story about her is true and thus she would be very reluctant to accept the truth if it suddenly came up and bit her.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    Like her brother, Cian, Linette was born in a chaotic time for her people, just after the formation of the Kanon free army. Linette’s father Arlic, her mother Suria, and older brother Cian were all part of a group of traveling performers. A band of no more than fifteen to twenty-five individuals, the closest thing to a traveling circus you can get in Lodoss.

    Linette was doted on by her mother and father, though they loved her brother no less. Arlic was an accomplished acrobat and her mother was a musician. A simple people, most of the children were raised to follow in the footsteps of their parents, peaceful and freedom loving they owed no allegiance to anyone or any nation. Nomadic by nature, they traveled constantly. The only name they used was “Han’eel” (Pronounced HAN-E-IL), which in their small clan’s language meant “Those give joy, and share laughter.” Many of these individuals consisted of artists, musicians, acrobats and performers, they usually would camp outside of a town and setup their tents and perform for food, money or items. Even though, at times some settlements regarded them with suspicion or harshness. But while the Han’eel were fairly peaceful, the state of Lodoss wasn’t and Arlic made the mistake of running afoul of a few mercenaries, who had worked for the Marmo army, but for some reason had either been separated from their main division or were just in the right place at the right time to accost Arlic and his people.

    The reason for attack was unclear, but they were definitely searching for something. Arlic and several other men were killed, Linette, Cian and their mother were taken as slaves, to be sold as were several other women and children. Years before the Han’eel, during their many travels would often stay near settlements, always camping on the settlements outskirts. Some of these small places were near old ruins or long past forgotten places of import, some holding nothing more than the ruined pieces of cultures long past. There were very few holdings, a bit of treasure here and there, but nothing to give any of his people any true wealth. Still, the rumors of possible secrets or treasure held by Arlic’s people abounded and this made them a target.

    While traveling to their destination Suria and some other women devised a plan to escape, remembering the death of her husband had spurred her to action. After weeks of painstaking planning and devising, Suria was ready to put her plans into action. Unfortunately for Suria and her companions one of their captors got wind of the plan, and those involved were severely beaten, but Suria fought back forcing one of their captors to kill her. The last thing the woman? dying form was cradled by her young son. Linette and Cian were left in the care of some of the other women, since they would still catch a good price on the market. After reaching their destination, Cian was separated and sold separately from his sister. As they were separated tearfully, a Nobleman Count Vencale Aromond purchased Linette.

    Count Aromond had been traveling for quite sometime from his home in Moss, the noble man had a rather unusual purpose in finding the slave market and thus kept his true identity as a noble a secret. Vencale dressed in purple robes and tried to pass himself off as a traveling sage, who had need of an assistant, though this was far from the truth. Vencale was looking for an heir. Count Aromond knew purchasing slaves was illegal, but was near desperate to please his wife, Celine who had recently miscarried and lost his only heir. Trying to have another child was not an option as healers and physicians warned Vencale, if Celine attempted to have another child most likely both she and the child would never survive the birth. Vencale took great pains to hide Linette’s past hoping that that whomever had purchased her brother would make sure the boy child wouldn’t survive or hopefully forget about his sister. After having several documents produced in secret proclaiming the girl an adopted heir to a family of desert nobles hailing from Flaim, Vencale also devised the story that the young girl’s noble family had been slaughtered in a coup by a rival faction within the desert kingdom. Vencale returned home, and submitted his story to his wife and relatives, also showing them the writs he had drawn up to ensure her adoption. Since she had no surviving relatives he would adopt her and thus provide her protection within his own noble household.

    At first, Celine was resistant to the idea of a dusky skinned foreigner being taken in as their own daughter, but the noblewoman quickly relented as she grew very fond of the child and finally came to love her as if she were her own daughter. Vencale, however had only wished to see his spouse smile once again and enjoy the fruits of life which she and he had both been denied, as the years passed he too grew quite fond of Linette. Linette fostered and grew well under the loving care of her adopted parents, many a night either Vencale or Celine sat with the child cradling her as she suffered terrible dreams from the slaughter of her true parents. Vencale saw that Linette was well educated in the ways of a count’s daughter, while Celine saw to developing Linette’s value as a noble woman, as one day she would be betrothed and married into another noble family. Linette showed a strong talent in the arts and both Vencale and Celine ensured that she developed it, thus many of her works are quite noted in Moss and a few outside of her homeland.

    Currently, Linette resides in Moss with her mother as she sometimes travels with her father when he makes pilgrimages to other places such as Valis, Raiden or the like.

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