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Pronunciation: LOH-ree-EHN

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Plot A New Balance
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Lorien’s Gallery
Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    Piercing brown eyes, swarthy brown straight hair, a deep sun-toned tan and a lean muscular body describes this young man to a T. Lorien is of medium height, hard work and constant training has kept his body weight at a constant. Lorien’s skin is very fair in terms of a clear complexion, despite a scar here or there, he’s a handsome young man. A look of intent purpose, seductive and dangerous always seems to exude from him. The most mesmerizing thing is his voice, when speaking or singing (which is rare) it’s truly captivating.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Brown
Weight 168lbs Eye Color Brown
Build Lean Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Lorien is all about business, he wears functional leather armor, which has been segmented and especially padded, to give him the needed advantage of moving as quietly a stealthily as possible. The armor is mostly protected in some vital areas on his neck, upper body, and groin this is where the bulk of the leather protection is, while cloth padding provides some small protection in other areas. Good leather high boots and gloves provide the young man with needed protection for his lower legs and hands. The leather armor has been dyed a dark grayish color, while he wears dark blue pants and sometimes sports a very short brown undershirt.

Weapon Description

    Lorien carries several choice weapons on him, he has a total of four. They are as follows: One well made short-sword, two daggers, and a thin foot long wire (used for garrote). The short-sword is a well made fighting sword whose style would be similar in make to a Roman gladius, excellent for one handed fighting, parries, and quick stabs and slashes. Lorien’s daggers are good quality but have no special emblems or markings, and his garrote is a finely woven dark bronze colored metal.

Class Assassin
Occupation Apprentice Assassin
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (3), Shadow Guild (1)
Weapons Short Sword, 2 Daggers, Garrote Wire
Armor Padded Leather Vest
Equipment Small Backpack; clothes, blanket, a few assorted camping tools, trail rations, 1 canteen (water), 50ft rope and hook, whetstone and weapon cleaning items
ST 11
EN 13
AG 15
IN 10
LU 9
PB 14


    Lorien is a talented swordsman, while not at the skill level in blades as his teacher Sevrina, he is improving. Lorien is very agile and has quick reflexes are sharp, but perhaps the young man’s most notable ability is his keen sense of perception and beautiful singing voice. Lorien tends to pick up on things quickly; he has a clever mind. On those rare occasions that he actually sings, his voice is captivating and enchanting.


    Lorien is a quiet and contemplative young man, sometimes with a bit of cocky wit about him. Lorien isn’t evil, but isn’t afraid to be coldly efficient and emotionless when doing his job. He is a passionate young man, despite how he acts when carrying out an assassination. Lorien prefers to be professional whenever it’s about the job, when there’s down time then he acts more warmly emotional this is especially shown whenever he sings on rare occasions.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “I’ve been paid to kill you, it’s simple as that.”


    Lorien’s life has been a difficult one. When he was eleven summers old Lorien’s mother Annette, left their small hovel and never returned. Lorien was left to fend for himself for awhile on the streets of Raiden, many times thievery, burglary and other actions were necessary for his survival, though many times he spent them fleeing from those whose purses he’d stolen or food. During one such time Lorien on the run from a pursuer, ran into a cloaked figure. Looking up into the ruby colored eyes of a dark-elven female, who the boy had no idea would one day become his mentor, Sevrina. Though at the age of fourteen Lorien’s actions led him to the discovery of the one person he thought he’d never see, his mother.

    Annette was in the company of several well-dressed men on the street. Each one was obviously a merchant of some wealth, and seemed to have done very well for herself. Following the entourage as best he could Lorien shadowed the individuals under the cover of night, to medium-state and fairly well kept chateau. The place was located on the outer edges of Raiden and had a few guards, but the boy’s small size and determination saw him through as he snuck onto the grounds and finally into the building itself. The place was a bordello, which catered to some of the more wealthy individuals in the area, mostly merchants and some minor nobles. Annette was one of the place’s employees and apparently had been for sometime. Anguished over seeing his mother again, and confused as he sought answers to her abandoning him the boy grew careless and was caught by the house guard.

    Lorien was taken and severely beaten, taken away from the chateau and dumped into the streets of Raiden where he was left for dead. Lorien wasn’t dead, and was found by an old mercenary, Machanon. Lorien was nursed back to health by the old man, and practically begged the old fighter to train him in swordsmanship. Lorien was set on returning to the chateau, finding his mother getting answers from her and this time he’d be able to defend himself. Machanon knowing the political, financial and other power many of the wealthy patrons that frequented the chateau possessed did his best to dissuade the boy from such and action. By his seventeenth year, Lorien left Machanon and returned the to the chateau after having scouted it out for several nights, and gained entry into the chateau. Searching for a quite sometime, he found no sign of Annette but did happen upon something else. A dark elven woman had apparently entered the chateau as well and was in combat with some of the house guard. Seeing an opportunity, Lorien entered the fray in an attempt to assist the out-numbered elf. In the hopes she might know something about the whereabouts of his mother. Though it soon became apparent that she didn’t require his or anyone else’s help to dispatch her aggressors.

    The dark-elf female was about to ready to dispatch Lorien as well, but for some reason she chose not to. Recognizing in his face the same youth that she’d seen on the streets of Raiden years before. Lorien asked about any whereabouts as to Annette, if the dark-elf woman had seen a human female that matched his mother’s description. The dark-elf introduced herself as Sevrina and stated she’d seen no one by that description. As well as pointing out to the youth the futility of entering a guarded establishment with such pitiful skills. Still, Sevrina was slightly impressed by the boy’s determination and made him an offer to become her apprentice or he could take the option of the blade. The possibility of travel meant, he might find answers and to learn the skills of the Silencer’s craft (assassin’s way), was too good of an offer to refuse.

    Since then Lorien has become Sevrina’s apprentice, learning all the dark elf female has had to teach him, growing in skill and maturity as well.

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