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Lyassa Eanes
Pronunciation: LY-ass-AH AYNS

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Plot The Golden Egg
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Lyassa’s Gallery
Age 16
Birth Year NRC 514
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Tarba

Physical Description

    Lyassa is pretty for someone her age. She has long purple hair that she keeps tied back, with some strands on the side of her face. Her skin is pale and pearl like. Her legs are very shapely but not very muscled up. Her eyes are a crystal blue color. Her form is an attractive figure.

Height 5’1” Hair Color Dark Purple (Black)
Weight 95lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Petite Skin Color Pale

Clothing and Armor

    Lyassa wears uniform white robes with gold trim along the hems, and they’re loose fitting. Her shoes are simple, brown, and were provided by the temple. She also wears the golden circlet on her forehead and the Marfa medallion on her chest.

Weapon Description

    Lyassa’s dagger is five inches long. Its looks are that of just a normal dagger.

Occupation Priestess of Marfa
Weapons Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Robes, clothing, small backpack, bedroll, saddle & bridle, books, food rations, gold, holy items
Horse Landia
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Marfa
ST 8
EN 10
AG 10
IN 15
LU 13
PB 15


    Lyassa is skilled for someone her age. However, due to her young age any level higher is too much for her without having a lot of study. She does have great faith and has studied for a her whole life as a priestess. Some of her spells can leave her quite tried.

    Lyassa is not an especially strong or agile woman. Her strength, endurance, and agility are all average for a human woman. She knows some basic self-defense with her dagger, but it is to be used as only a last line of defense.


    She’s doesn’t talk much to people she doesn’t understand. She is very smart due to her training. Lyassa does, however, enjoy the company of people to whom she can get along with. Lyassa isn’t afraid to speak her thoughts at times especially when moody. She gets very annoyed to those who get overprotective of her, or treat her like a child. She is also a very determined young girl, who has the fire of one whom won’t give up to protect the ones she cares about. On something like love however, she is kind of shy and doesn’t understand much about it since she’s lived in the temple most of her life.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “The road is full of things I don’t yet understand. For better or worse, let the wind blow my cape around as I walk along this road to discover new things at every turn, facing it with a smile, a good heart, and peace of mind.”


    Lyassa’s father, Seva, was a knight of Moss, and her mother, Rheila, a priestess of Marfa. They married in the city of Dragon Breath, and conceived their daughter shortly afterwards. After Rheila learned she was pregnant, she wanted to travel to Tarba to give birth in the temple. After convincing her husband to take leave of his knightly duties, the couple traveled to Tarba before Rheila was too far along. When she bore a daughter, Rheila decided to stay in the temple to raise her daughter to become a Marfa priestess. However, this meant Seva couldn’t serve his duty to Moss. He put his family first and retired from the knighthood, and was stripped of his rank, but he found a peaceful life with his wife and daughter.

    Lyassa was the only child they would have. Her father and mother loved one another very much and took very good care of Lyassa. When she was very young she began to study to be a priestess of Marfa. She had heard stories about the high priestess and hero Neese who fought in the War of the Demon King as one of the Six Heroes. Lyassa has always dreamed of being a talented priestess just like Neese. Thus, like so many other legendary heroes, Neese became an idol for the young child. As Lyassa grew older, so did her faith.

    At the age of seven she was beginning her lessons, and she had strong faith in Marfa and her parents. She spent a lot of her time in study and training, locked away from the outside world. She had no idea what the world outside the temple was like at all. As she studied, trained, and prayed, each year she learned more and more from her mother. She was taught the basics of how to use a dagger by her father for self defense as a final option in battle. More of a magic user then a fighter, she rarely used it, focusing more on her studies with her mother. She never missed a day of her training and often prayed every night before going to bed.

    High Priestess Neese died when Lyassa was ten. The young priestess mourned the loss of her heroine, but was comforted in the knowledge that Neese was by Marfa’s side and her daughter had now become High Priestess. When she was thirteen, she was raised to the first rank. It was only so late because the elder priestesses wouldn’t allow her to be raised any younger. As a full-fledged priestess, Lyassa was granted a boon from Marfa and could use all the spells she had been learning since childhood.

    She decided to set out at the age of fifteen for her first pilgrimage, as she was considered advanced enough to venture out. At first, her parents were against it, fearing she could get hurt ,or worse, since she was younger than most priestesses of her rank. Lyassa argued, insisting that Marfa would watch over her, and they finally let her go.

    She decided to head back to her true homeland, Moss. On the way, she lived with a family in Valis and served as a local healer for their village. After a few months, and her sixteenth birthday, she left the town and continued on her way to her old homeland. She hopes she will have a better understanding of Lodoss outside the temple and gain more knowledge, as well as share her faith and beliefs with others.

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