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Pronunciation: MEHR-id-EE-ahn

Forum ID Meridian
Plot Liberation of Ales
Meridian is © Z/Meridian.
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Age 17
Birth Year NRC 513
Gender Male
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Valis

Physical Description

    Meridian is a beautiful half-elf, like many of his father’s children. His facial features are delicate, and his figure slim, making him easily confusable for a willowy girl. However, he often walks with slumped shoulders and has poor posture, giving off an aura of insecurity and meekness. His dark brown hair has the silky texture of elven hair and the waviness from his human mother’s curls. He puts little effort into its care, rarely combing or brushing it, but when it tangles, he will meticulously pluck apart the knot. Meridian also has a tendency to fidget with his hair, and often hides behind it. He has his father’s light green eyes with long, dark lashes?nother trait that leads to gender confusion. Unfortunately for him, he is also unable to grow facial hair so far.

Height 5’11” Hair Color Dark Brown
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Light Green
Build Slim Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Meridian wears a short-sleeved gray tunic and a pair of fitted brown breeches. Over that, a hooded gray wool cloak for warmth. On his feet are a pair of well-worn boots.

Weapon Description

    A plain, simple short sword with a thin, wide blade. The hilt is wrapped in leather.

Class Thief
Occupation Thief
Guild Membership Thieves’ Guild (2)
Weapons Short Sword
Armor None
Equipment Clothing
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 11
EN 9
AG 14
IN 10
LU 6
PB 20


    After living on the streets for awhile, Meridian has learned how to defend himself with a short sword. He is not very strong, but he makes up for his weakness in speed and agility. Meridian never had the chance for shamanism. While he may have encountered spirits as a child, no one was able to encourage him to speak to them.


    A victim of an abusive past, Meridian has a somewhat submissive and meek personality, but a fire is growing beneath that. As he comes to understand what he suffered as a child, he becomes cold, but more confident as well. He is very insecure and introverted, however, for fear of mistreatment. Once a kind person, such as Lianora or Ranon, reaches out to him, he will open up. Right now, his goal in life is to find his father—step-father, that is—and kill him.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Meridian’s complicated history begins with his conception. His mother, Rotia, was the young bride of a craftsman named Skelir, but when an elf named Azala passed through their village, Rotia was enchanted by his beauty and abandoned her marriage vows. She was still young and beautiful, and she wasn’t going to waste an opportunity to be with someone so beautiful. Azala, as was his nature, didn’t easily turn down a pretty girl, and took Rotia to bed. The next day, Azala continued with his journey and Rotia went on with her life with her husband, keeping the affair a secret.

    A few weeks later, she realized she was pregnant, and she feared that Azala was the father. She still kept her secret, hoping that the child would be human, but when Meridian was born, his ears marked him as a half-elf. Skelir realized that his wife must have been seduced by Azala when the elf passed through town. Rotia lied as best as she could, but Skelir didn’t trust her. After that, he became abusive, hitting her and fighting with her at every misstep. To take the edge of his anger, Skelir began drinking.

    Rotia loved her son more than anything, and she was happy that his father was Azala, and not her husband. Yet, beyond him, she had little joy in her life. As the years went by, her love for her son could no longer outweigh her misery. When Meridian was eleven, Rotia hung herself. She had left a letter for Meridian that told him to run away to her family in Roid, but unfortunately, his father found it first and destroyed it.

    The next five years of Meridian’s life were hell. His father worked him like a slave, beat him for no reason at all at times. However, that wasn’t the end of it. As Meridian grew toward adolescence, he reminded Skelir of his beautiful wife, whom he both hated and adored. As a means to a release for sexual frustration, and punishing both Meridian and Rotia, Skelir raped the boy. It wasn’t a one time offense, either. It continued for many years, until the point that Meridian became accustomed to it. It was the physical abuse that spurred him to escape.

    When he was sixteen, after a particularly brutal beating, the half-elf escaped from home in the middle of the night. He wandered along the main road to the next city, Roid. However, he had no means of which to fend for himself. He started begging on the streets, with some success, until a week into his begging life he was noticed by a Myrii priestess named Lianora.

    Taking pity on him, she offered to pay for his room and board at an inn. Meridian graciously accepted, but he didn’t know that she had ulterior motives. Lianora helped him because of his exceptional beauty, and was promiscuous to a very grave fault. She seduced him, and naive young Meridian easily fell prey to her. She took him to bed and gave him his first lessons about sex. It was here that Meridian talked about his life with his father for the first time. To his shock, Lianora was disgusted upon hearing about what his father did to him, and she explained that he had experienced before was completely unacceptable and wrong. Lianora stayed with him for a few days as Meridian came to terms with how he had been abused and shamed.

    Lianora eventually parted ways with him, and gave him a little money to get by, then left Meridian to his own devices. The young man went back to the streets, and when he could no longer afford to buy food, he took up begging again. Shortly into this begging stint, he was approached by a man who offered sex in exchange for gold. After meeting this fellow, Meridian was grateful to have met Lianora who taught him something about what was being requested of him, and he refused the offer. The man wasn’t ready to take no for an answer, however. He persisted, and Meridian felt pressured enough to run. As he escaped into an alley, he ran into thief who stood up for him.

    The thief was a man named Ranon, who confused Meridian for a woman at first, which is why he so readily stood up for him. However, he still took pity on Meridian and offered the half-elf boy a chance to join the Thieves’ Guild. Desperate for a better option than begging, Meridian accepted and Ranon took him under his tutelage. The half-elf learned how to pick-pocket, and a few more thieving skills.

    As time wore on and Meridian thought on his past abuse, he became determined to take vengeance on his father for all the ways he had wronged him. In his time as thief, Meridian had gained a sword, and some knowledge on how to fight with it, and he decided to set out and find his father.

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