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Age 307
Birth Year NRC 224
Gender Female
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Dark Elf
Homeland Kanon Woods

Physical Description

    Mia is beautiful and proud. She bears a strong resemblance to her mother, but her darker complexion reveals her father was a dark elf. After a harsh year on Marmo, her slender, athletic body has become stronger, tougher and hardened. She has scars on her face from her time on Marmo; a short but deep cut in each pale blonde eyebrow, a scar near the end of her right ear and another above the lobe of her left ear. She also has scars up the inside of her wrists which she keeps covered by elbow length, olive green fingerless gloves.

Height 5’5” Hair Color Pale Blonde
Weight 105lbs Eye Color Jade Green
Build Athletic Skin Color Golden Tan

Clothing and Armor

    She wears dark leather pants which lace up the sides; a lighter leather vest which laces up the front and has formed to her body; knee-high fur trimmed leather boots and a dark green, knee length, hooded cloak. Mia also wears a single gold earring at the end of her left ear and the necklace given to her by Felor. The necklace is a miniature sword, set with a crystal in the crossguard, wrapped by two copper serpentine dragons.

    For a more comfortable outfit, Mia wears a surprisingly feminine skirt and top. Its an elvish gown consisting of a gauzy, off-white skirt that falls to her ankles and hangs from her hips with an earthy green band. The top is sleeveless and almost looks like a shorter version of her dress made of the same gauzy cloth and held by a green band around her chest. It falls to her ribs, leaving her belly exposed.

Weapon Description

    Mia’s fighting daggers were dwarven crafted and are heavy, yet balanced. The blades are razor sharp, about eight inches in length, bladed on both sides with wicked forward pointing hooks, made for catching on flesh to cause more damage. There is a core of purple-tinted metal at the center of the blade which weights it. The crossguard is simple, metal wrapped with leather. The leather grip on the handle is well-worn and the pommel of the daggers is simple a purple-tinted metal ball.

Class Shamanist Fighter
Occupation Mercenary, Adventurer, Alcoholic
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (7)
Weapons 2 Dwarven Steel Fighting Daggers
Armor Leather Vest
Equipment Traveling pack; clothing, bedroll, waterskin, flask, comb, coin purse, 50’ robe, whetstone, first aid kit
Familiar Lucied
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 14
EN 15
AG 18
IN 12
LU 15
PB 14


    Mia is most proficient with fire spirits, and her connection with earth is just as strong. Air and water are two elements that tend to elude her, but at her age and level of skill, that makes little difference. Embracing both her light and dark heritage, Mia is connected to both Valkyrie and Dark Spirits, and she will use both in the same breath, forcing her strong will upon them to make them work together. She is now considering seeking contracts with king spirits. Efreet is her first choice, and she may seek Behemoth later.

    For an elf, Mia is very strong with incredible endurance. Her muscles aren’t bulky, due to the lean musculature of elves, but they are obviously toned and defined. Mia has never been very good with a sword, her fighting style is quick and close range. Originally trained as a ranger, she was a skilled bowman, but after becoming a mercenary, she preferred to get straight into the action and not shoot from the sidelines. Her original melee weapons were a pair of elven steel sai, but those have been lost in time. Now, she fights with a pair of thicker fighting daggers forged by a dwarf. She is also skilled with a short spear and uses a spinning, graceful style. Even disarmed, she’s dangerous with her own brand of martial arts.

    She’s a heavy drinker, and after years of alcohol consumption, it takes more for her to get drunk than an average elf, and she can hold her liquor better too.


    She is strong willed, independent and rather charismatic. A definite alpha female, but a lone wolf at the same time. She is social, but she prefers to stay on the move and not tie herself down with obligations to lovers or family. She is promiscuous and openly bi-sexual, and her sexual misadventures get only more interesting when alcohol is involved. She tends to be rather masculine and tom-boyish most of the time, and despite her sexuality, she is not very sensual, but there are rare moments when she is feminine. However, she doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. If she ever became a mother, she likely wouldn’t stay one for long. Her baby would be left on her mother’s doorstep, and Mia would likely run away to Alecrast—or further.

    Liquor is Mia’s greatest vice. When depressed, or simply bored, Mia will turn to the bottle and have herself a good time. She has numerous stories from drunken escapades—and that’s only what she can remember. However, her alcoholism can be dangerous in her line of work. She tries to restrain herself when camping on the road, but when she’s in town, she definitely needs a friend with a leash to keep her from the bar.

    Even with her vices, Mia has gained a goodly bit of wisdom in her three hundred plus years of life. Living among humans has only helped her gain a broader perspective on the world, and in many ways, she feels older than most of her peers—human or elven.

    The year she spent trapped on Marmo left obvious physical scars, but her emotional scars are harder to see. She suppresses the trauma of the rape, allowing her to move on with her life and sexuality, but there are times when the pain surfaces. This only compounds her alcoholism when she attempts to drown her bad memories in booze.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “Falis, I need a drink.”, “Falis, I need to quit drinking...”


    Mia was born to a common elf mother of the Kanon Forests, Arcellia. Arcellia was unwed, and was even more uncommon, the father of her child was a dark elf. A young woman of 312 years, Arcellia had set out of the forest to explore the human world a bit. While camping in the wilderness, a dark elf stumbled upon her tree. He was slightly younger than she, and just as curious about the world outside his own forest. His name was Zhas, and Arcellia, ever the curious and bold one, was more curious than aggressive. Zhas was surprised, and the two elves sat down peacefully to learn more about each other. It didn’t take long for the pair to start a passionate fling. Their relationship was short lived, and after they had parted ways to return home, Arcellia realized he left her with child.

    The common elf did all she could on the mainland to track him down, but he had returned to Marmo. She was not willing to go that far to find him. Instead, she settled for becoming a single mother and hoped her tribe would accept her child. Several months later, she bore a daughter and named her Mia.

    Mia was lucky to be accepted into the tribe. Her appearance took much after her mother, though even from birth her skin was notably darker than her fair mother’s. She did have Arcellia’s jade green eyes and pale blonde hair though, instead of Zhas’s red eyes and white hair. As she grew up, it turned out that she had taken almost entirely after Arcellia, save for her dark skin. Unfortunately, or fortunately, for Mia, she never inherited the notoriously curvaceous figure of dark elven women.

    Despite all her good fortune, Mia’s childhood was rather harsh. She suffered many injustices from her peers because of her mixed blood, but Arcellia taught Mia to be proud of her heritage, because she was born of passion, and not hatred. Mia grew a tough skin to take the teasing, and proved that she didn’t have to take it. After a time, the other children learned that she was not going to be pushed around.

    However, Mia had very few friends. One of the few that stuck by her was a boy named Taringail. He was few years older than her, but still young enough to share many lessons with her. They were trained in shamanism together, though they took slightly different routes when she chose to become a ranger and he a fighter. Eventually, their childhood friendship evolved into something more. When Mia was seventeen, she took Taringail to bed. It was considered that she and Taringail may one day marry, but Mia didn’t like the idea. While she continued to share her bed with him for many years, she didn’t share her heart. Her heart was drawn to the world outside their small forest.

    After two hundred years of her forest, Mia had enough. She was itching to see the world. It was a snap decision when she told her mother she was leaving and picked up everything she needed. Arcellia was more than supportive, having gone through the same phase once herself. Mia had no idea how Taringail felt about the choice and honestly, she didn’t care much. She was gone before he knew it.

    She traveled through Kanon and Valis and whetted her feet in human culture. However, she felt a little overwhelmed and sought refuge in the Mirror Forest. Here, she had a chance encounter with a high elf and a common elf of the Glassy Woods who was a wanderlust traveler like she. The high elf, Seri, had left the Forest of No Return to see how the human world had changed since she last left the forest, and like Mia, had come to the Mirror Forest to feel comforted by the presence of other elves. Due to her shamanic prowess, Seri had been convinced to help teach the children and share knowledge from the spirit world. The common elf, Azala, had come to the Mirror Forest out of curiosity.

    Seri, Mia, and Azala gravitated to each other and Seri began to give the two elder elves private lessons in furthering their own skills. Azala was an incredibly beautiful elf, and Mia wasted no time in hopping into bed with him, but he was more enchanted with Seri. Mia didn’t blame him, and ended up becoming good friends with him. When Seri’s lessons were complete, the high elf returned home and said her goodbyes to the children and Azala, but Mia accompanied Seri to the Forest of No Return. Once Seri was safely home, Mia left the high elf to pursue her own adventures.

    Around twenty years later, Mia had yet to return home. She had no desire to retire from traveling and settle down to marry Taringail, or anyone else. So, she kept traveling. However, to survive in the human world, she needed money. That was when she sought work as a mercenary. She came to the Shinning Hill Mercenaries’ Guild where she met an experienced mercenary who took her under his wing to teach her the ins and outs of the business. Samos was his name, and he was a rakish rogue. As was usual for Mia and her male acquaintances thus far, they ended up sleeping together, and what started as a fling ended up as a serious, monogamous relationship. The pair stayed together for five years, and the fact that they kept working as mercenaries and traveling is a good hint to why the relationship lasted for so long. However, as the years passed and Samos grew older, he felt the urge to settle down and start a family with the woman he loved. Mia was completely uninterested in the offer, and the thought of raising children made her stomach turn. That was the end of Mia and Samos.

    For over a decade, Mia traveled on her own, working as a mercenary. She crossed paths with Samos a few times, but on the worst of terms. Eventually, he disappeared. Mia never knew what happened to him, but assumed he either died or settled down with some nice human woman.

    Her travels brought her northwards, traveling up through Moss. While she was in the region, she visited the Glassy Woods in hopes of visiting her old friend Azala, but he was nowhere to be found. Instead, she met his family, and his sister Sera. Sera was a ranger, and she and Mia were both tomboys. And after a few rounds of strong elven wine, the pair ended up in bed together. This was Mia’s first lesbian experience, and she found she liked it. However, when Azala had the unfortunate experience of walking in on them the next morning, he didn’t like it as much. He chased Mia out of the Glassy Woods, but that wasn’t the end of their friendship.

    Mia ended up in Raiden shortly afterwards, and found employment in the Raiden Rangers, a force of mercenaries who protected the city and acted as a security for hire. In a Raiden tavern one night, Mia met a dark elven man by the name of Kiran. After a few rounds of hard liquor with him, Kiran easily seduced her and took her to bed. Mia had some fun with him, and hoped to see him again, and she did. They began to see each other regularly. She moved into the Raiden Woods at his beckoning, and took room and board with the forest’s dark elf elder, Liora. Little did she know that Kiran was promised to a dark elven woman already. When Liora learned of the affair, she informed Mia and Zira separately.

    While Mia was never one to to be tied down to one man, she didn’t like the idea of her boyfriend lying to her and seeing someone else. Drunken, she worked up enough anger to take it out on Zira and went after the much younger woman. However, during the confrontation, Mia sobered up and joined forces with Zira instead. Before the two women could find Kiran, the dark elf had slipped out of Raiden and was long gone. Mia quickly lost interest in revenge, but she realized Zira was heartbroken. She couldn’t stand to leave the woman in her condition, so she stayed with Zira and offered her a shoulder to cry on. The two quickly became friends.

    With no more dreams of marriage and children, and quite jaded on love, Zira needed a new future. So, Mia brought her into her trade in much the same way Samos had done for her. And in time, Mia took Zira to bed as well. While Zira never admitted to being bi-sexual, after a few drinks, she was up for anything, and Mia got the chance to indulge her attraction to the busty dark elf. The two mostly worked with the Raiden Rangers, but they began to venture out further into Lodoss as the years wore on, using the Raiden Mercenaries’ Guild as a home base. During her time working with Zira, she gained her dwarven steel daggers from a dwarven smith in Raiden.

    It was in the Raiden Woods around thirty years after she and Zira began working together that she overheard a mention of the name of her father’s clan from a new arrival. After talking to the dark elf who had recently moved from Marmo, she learned that he knew her father, Zhas. She hadn’t been very interested in finding him until a lead fell into her lap, and she decided to follow it to Marmo. She asked Zira to go with her, but the dark elf wasn’t interested in going to Marmo and stayed behind.

    Mia chartered a trip from Raiden to Marmo, and upon her arrival, she encountered Kiran in Salbad. She had long since stopped caring about the love triangle, and was more than willing to be friends with Kiran again. He helped her find her father’s clan, and in the process, got Mia back into his bed. When they were able to question the clan, Mia was only met with disappointment. Zhas had been killed in the War of Heroes, which he had agreed to fight under Beld.

    With the knowledge of her father’s fate, Mia was eager to leave Marmo and wash herself clean of the disgusting island, but Kiran wasn’t ready to say goodbye, or follow her. He nearly begged her to stay with him, but she was adamant in returning to Lodoss. On the day she was to leave, Kiran snapped and summoned dark spirits on her to drain her strength. Mia was subdued, then locked in the basement of a house shared by Kiran and his three friends, Bandor, Derim, and Jaron.

    When she woke, she tried to fight back, but four dark elves were too much to handle. They kept her subdued with dark spirits and a vile concoction that dulled her senses. Kiran raped her often, but he never allowed the others to touch her. Despite this, Mia fought hard against all their techniques to subdue her. Over the year she spent trapped, she managed to escape at least once daily, and at first, it infuriated Kiran, but he and his gang made a cruel game out of it. Over time, Mia developed a resistance to dark spirits and the drug they used and was able to stand it longer. She fought with Kiran on many occasions, leaving them both heavily scarred. At several points, she tried to kill herself. The one time she was nearly successful was when her guards weren’t paying enough attention and she summoned a blade of stone from the ground to slit her wrists with. As she laid on the floor, bleeding out, the dark elves realized what she had done and Kiran rushed her to a Falaris temple for healing. However, while the healing saved her life, it left her with a pair of visible scars up and down her arms.

    It was during one of her early morning escape attempts that she met a new dark elf; Felor. With his help, she was able to defend herself from Kiran and his gang and escape to the safety of Felor’s home. She had a night of peace with the kind dark elf, and his wolf familiar, Lucied, before she and Felor chartered a trip to Raiden.

    When they arrived in the city, Zira was nowhere to be found, but Mia registered Felor with the guild and started work again. It was during this time that the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection occurred, but they were too far north to be involved. Her recovery was enjoying her freedom again, and she used Felor as support. However, as time wore on, Mia recovered and realized that Felor was excessively clingy. Six months into their relationship, she called it off and absolutely devastated the dark elf. However, they were still on a job and only complicated matters. They were in Kanon at the time, exterminating a bandit troupe made up of ex-Marmo soldiers.

    A particularly skilled half-elf bandit attacked Mia and nearly overpowered her, but Felor stepped in to defend her. He managed to kill the half-elf, but he was mortally wounded. He died in Mia’s arms as she apologized for causing him so much pain. After his death, his wolf familiar looked to Mia as his alpha and has been Mia’s company in the five years since.

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