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Mica Lorelai
Pronunciation: MEE-kah LOH-reh-LAI

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Plot Hunt for Kiran
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Mica’s Gallery
Age 64
Birth Year NRC 466
Gender Male
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Marmo

Physical Description

    Mica is a tall slender man, being rather lean at six and a half feet tall. His chest is pocked with a few scars, his most noticeable being the one on his left side from a deep sword cut in his early teens as well as a scar on his left hand from when his sixth finger was cut off at eight. His face is slightly roundish, due to his mother’s genetics, though he retained the facial features of his father. His ears are cropped round by his mother, so to belie his elven heritage, though even that is apparent by his constantly lean body, waist length silvery blond hair, and deep set gold eyes.

Height 6’6” Hair Color Blonde
Weight 200lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Slender Skin Color Bronze

Clothing and Armor

    Mica wears a dark red vest unfastened in the front and a black sleeveless shirt underneath that. His pants are black like his shirt, baggy but the bottoms are adjustable with a string fastener. He wears a pair of sturdy straw and leather sandals to protect his feet. He wears a simple black ribbon in his hair to keep it out of his face.

Weapon Description

    Mica’s primary weapon is a modified flail, two steel shod wood poles of approximately a foot each in length, connected at one end each by a foot of steel chain. The oak wood is treated with a black mixture used to dye and preserve it, much like the preservation stain of a ship.

    His other weapon is the steel gauntlet on his right arm. The blue steel gauntlet looks almost draconic in mimicry, clawed fingers and hideous clasps that bite into his flesh every time he dons it. Removing the gauntlet makes his arm go numb for 6 hours. In that time he is unable to use his right arm effectively. He designed, forged and personally tainted it with dark magics.

Class Assassin
Occupation Assassin
Weapons Modified Flail, Steel Guantlet “Harrowing”
Armor Guantlet
Equipment Backpack, 2 man tent, black silk belt, Wedding band, food provisions, tinder box, fishing line on a wooden spool, steel fishing hooks, extra clothing, sewing kit, bandages
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 14
EN 15
AG 11
IN 13
LU 7
PB 12

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Mica lost six years on his fellows, coming into learning shamanism at the age of twelve, after killing his own mother. His determination more than impressed his full blooded “cousins”, and they began teaching him nightly were he to undergo their daily tests of his courage and tenacity. Through his training he learned how to control the spirits of invisibility and darkness the best, utilizing their powers to extort more knowledge from his dark elf teachers. His attentions shifted to the more destructive Salamander and Sylph, though his strongest discipline came with his total domination of the Darkness spirits, late in his forties. He refuses to utilize the spirits of the earth, as well as water, light and ice. He has his few spirits at his beck and call, and he keeps it small.

    Mica’s a rather physical person, despite his training as a shaman. His flexibility, unrelenting stamina and acrobatic skill has gotten him out of more tight scrapes than he could count. Although he is athletic, due to a traumatic experience as a child he refuses to swim, and gets agitated when he is near large bodies of water. His skill with his flail is fluid and nearly without flaw. He is ambidextrous though has learned to rely more on his left arm when his right arm is numbed by the effects of his gauntlet. In hand to hand combat, even without his gauntlet, he is effective, brutal and determined. Unlike his once teacher, Midau, his combative skills are effective not to disable, but to kill.


    Tough childhood and hatred for his roots caused Mica to become introverted and spiteful. Though many of the people in his life influenced him, the two people who influenced his path the most was his mother whom he murdered and his wife whom he’d die for. He has a vicious streak through him still, and will display it if he’s out of his wife’s watchful gaze. If anyone touches his wife he gets overly jealous and tends to blow up at the smallest of things at times.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (with strong Evil tendencies)

Quotes: “Touch her and die a thousand deaths.”, “Bartering is for fools and the poor, I don’t see you as the poor type.”


    Lazaeli Lorelai, daughter of Marmo soldier Keaite Lorelai and seamstress Floecia, was nearing her thirteenth year when she was picked up by Kiran, raped and dropped off at the edge of the town, crying. Although her experience was terrible and brutal, Lazaeli turned her unbridled hatred on her unborn child, waiting till he would be born to hurt him and humiliate him in ways the child’s father had inflicted upon her.

    Mica was born in the winter of 466, ten months after the rape of young Lazaeli Lorelai. Though Lazaeli was still in care of her parents, she tried her best to kill Mica, trying to drown him in the bath. His grandmother Floecia suspended Lazaeli from dealing with her child alone if she could help it, either Keaite or Floecia watching their daughter in her activities with her young son.

    When Mica was six, Lazaeli raped her small boy, and tortured his small formative mind. In her parent’s sight she would be sweet, as if she reformed, and in secret she would turn her into her personal whipping boy. Lazaeli grew more depraved as Mica grew to eight years of age. Her parents had only seen the sweet innocent Lazaeli, playing with her young boy, and forgot all to Mica’s horror, the travesties were about to come to a head. First she cut off his sixth finger on his left hand, a birth defect she was unfond of. She blamed it on Mica’s clumsiness and his curiosity in the kitchen. Her parents ignored the small incident, Mica was accident prone in his earlier ages.

    At ten his problems with his mother came to a head. She took her time to sculpt his ears from their pointed state to rounded. Though he cried through the entire process she held him down and took her time. Her parents came in on the horrible display, young Mica pinned down by his now twenty three year old mother. As Floecia took poor Mica out of the room, his mother screamed at his back all sorts of unmentionables. “I never wanted you! You’ll thank me in the end for all this.”

    His grandmother took him away from the house for a bit, and though his ears healed in time, his heart never mended from the horrible torture and sheer hate his mother inflicted upon him. One night, while his grandparents slept, he stole into his mother’s room and choked the life out of her sleeping body. Mica knew his heritage from the whispers and rants of his insane mother, and took to the Dark Forest to meet with his ‘cousins’. They were not impressed with the half-elf child and tried all manners of torture to send him away. Mica’s mother was right in one regard. Her torture was far worse than anything they could inflict upon him, and he proved that by pushing through their torture, and their taunts, enough to impress one of his future teachers, Alaxiz. She took the young boy under her wing, playing his ‘auntie’. She tested his mettle by day, subjecting him to the scares that the forest had to offer, and teaching him shamanism by night.

    Although doubtful of the young half-elf, Alaxiz eventually gained some measure of respect for the boy, though only due to his fearlessness and determination to succeed at any cost. Mica was in his early twenties, Alaxiz sent him to Raiden for a little while, to observe how the elves there led their lives. There he met, and later studied under, another dark elf. This dark elf had no idea of the horrors the young man suffered, and as such, yet was always gentle and courteous to him. Though their time together was short, their parting was anything but a happy one. Midau, the teacher, was angry at Mica’s lack of regard for life, and told the young man that the spirits would never respect him if he continued to try to control them with fear. Mica, brash and young at that age, retorted that he did not need respect, only that they knew who was controlling them through sheer will. They came to actual blows, and Midau cut into Mica’s side. The young man collapsed and, after fainting, Midau brought him to a temple for help and mending.

    Mica spent a few years in Raiden still after, and ran into a number of odd individuals. Since he had learned most of what Alaxiz and Midau could teach, Mica was more than content trying to make a life in Raiden. But, even with his training, he could only create twisted weapons no man, no matter the depravity of the act he would commit, would never use. Mica was broke and angry and forged his mighty “Harrowing” as well as creating his modified flail.

    Though “Harrowing” had the design, it lacked the strength he wished to imbue it, and to learn to do this he returned to his old mentor Alaxiz. She welcomed the young man back, taking him into her home and bed once more. His years continued to droll on by, his training as a shaman, and his secondary training as an assassin, a class Alaxiz felt she could share with the young Mica. At Forty his power over the spirits seemed to come to peak, his strength over the spirits of Darkness especially. Still, his “Harrowing” was left incomplete. He took the opportunity to learn that in order for him to imbue magic into his creation, he needed to trap a spirit within his weapon. He took off into the Dark Forest alone, and spent nights gathering the needed spiritual focus to force them into the “Harrowing”. The task was time consuming as well as dangerous. His mind nearly broke many times, and his body wanted to give out in exhaustion many times, but he determined to see it through. Though it took him till he was forty-three, the “Harrowing” was complete. He returned to the village of the dark elves and challenged his old mistress. She was not shocked to see her young apprentice turn on her. Though her strength in shamanism was greater, with the Harrowing complete, she was unable to stand up to the strength of his dual element assaults.

    He left the Dark Forest for a while, going to live with humans again, as neither race truly accepted him. It was around his forty-fourth year that he met his future wife, the youthful looking Parsley, a dark elf woman. He was entranced with her beauty, although his head told him not to get involved with her, his heart over spoke his head, and pushed him to court her. As his feelings for Parsley grew, his malice and hate began to fade, his heart healing finally, with the love of a good woman.

    He continued to court her for three years, taking his time to both heal and get to know the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his days with. Though it took him until he was nearing fifty to propose to her, she graciously accepted and the two were married. Married life was hard for him to adjust to, with his emotions to protect and keep Parsley safe, there was also the small hint of fear that she would one day leave or betray him. Ten years passed in marriage, and Mica’s wanderlust kicked in again, this time harder. He needed to get away from the city, away from Marmo. He wanted to find the man who gave him life and left him with his insane mother, and if his excuse wasn’t good enough, kill him. As his life was more interesting to him than the squabbles of the people of Lodoss, Mica neither participated, nor cared, about the wars. He was a man to himself, and later, to his family.

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