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Midau’s Gallery
Age 288
Birth Year NRC 242
Gender Male
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Raiden

Physical Description

    Midau stands at five feet and eleven inches tall, with a slender build. His hair is white and long trailing half way down his back, pulled back into a loose pony tail. His face is slim like his build, with deep-set red eyes. His torso is covered in a mass of crisscrossing scars which he adds after each year that passes without the use of magic. His long pointy ears are nicked as well, many of his original piercings knocked out in the heat of battle.

Height 5’11” Hair Color White
Weight 145lbs Eye Color Red
Build Slender Skin Color Pale Tan

Clothing and Armor

    His clothing is drab and dark, mostly deep olive green in color. His shirt is open down the front with slits in the arm pits to help with mobility. He wears thin loose breeches with leather greaves hidden under the cloth, as well as a leather and steel vanbrace on his right arm to block incoming blows. His feet are simply adorned with leather boots cut down so not to hinder the movement of his legs in the greaves.

Weapon Description

    His arms and legs are perhaps his most devastating weapons, but that is far from his only weapon. He carries at his right side a steel longsword that’s rather plain and unornate, a shortsword at his back hilt facing to the left. He carries two small throwing knives in between the plates of the vanbrace, which are mostly obscured and fitted so not to hinder movement of the arms.

Class Fighter
Occupation Windswept Traveler
Weapons Steel Longsword, Steel Shortsword, 2 x Steel Throwing Daggers
Armor Leather and Steel Vanbrace on right arm, Leather Greaves
Equipment A weeks worth of dried rations, two full water skins, a small silver flute, sheet music in a map case, silver earings in left and right ears, a pouch of herbs to make tea, money pouch attatched to right arm by string, and a silver wedding band on left hand.
ST 18
EN 16
AG 10
IN 19
LU 9
PB 15


    Midau’s shamanic abilities blossomed at a young age, and as such he pushed himself into the world of spirits and fairies to learn all about them. His knowledge of the spirit world gradually increased and as it did, he sought more and more knowledge. His powers included summoning even salamanders, which he did only when it was deemed necessary. His studies improved, his magic became more refined and he was ready to make a contract with one of the king spirits. On his journey to find a King Spirit to make a contract he met and married a high elf woman. Her father was not pleased but he accepted the marriage. It wasn’t until the time that he tried to make a contract with Efreet that he made his first and last mistake. A mistake in summoning scarred his right arm and slew his beloved wife. Her father, after Midau returned with her body, broke his link to the spirits for good.

    Midau is physically fit, so to speak. He doesn’t draw his swords unless it is absolutely necessary, and as such, has taken to developing his skill with his hand to hand. Although he is not a berserker, he is definitely a different person in battle, becoming hardened, caring only to finish the fight with as little bloodshed as necessary, even if that means stopping his own companions in the process. His favoring for his martial abilities including a variety of throws and pressure points keep his enemies from realizing his lack of magical ability any more.


    Midau was once cocky and arrogant, thinking that he could take the world by storm and laugh about how easy it was. When the loss of his wife happened, his exile from all other elves taught him to be resentful towards himself. That changed though as he grew older and came to realize that crap happens and there is no point to dwell on it any further. Since the death of his second wife (by more pleasant aging ways) he has grown to cherish life and tries to keep everyone alive if he can. IF there is no possible course of action other than bloodshed, so be it. But he’s going to make them regret their action in the afterlife. He’s also very much into routine, preferring to keep physically fit he works on toning muscle mass but doing the same exercises each day, fifty sit ups, twenty five right-handed one handed push ups, twenty-five left-handed one hand push ups, followed by weighting his legs with rocks and practicing his hand to hand skills. He wakes up a couple hours before dawn to begin his routine.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “Please, Lodoss has enough blood spilt on it, don’t add to the mess by acting rashly.”


    Midau was born to Klaus and Mena, both dark elves who left the Marmo behind to give their son a chance at a life away from the life they once led. Midau grew up close to humans in the woodlands outside Raiden, but spent most of his time studying to be a good shaman. His interaction with the spirits was what fulfilled him in his early years, making him less distant from those he lived near. He grew up caring for others, but still had the arrogance of youth, which made him pursue his studies with such fervor, many feared he would become power hungry. When he became more fluent in the ways of shamanism he learned how to beckon salamanders, and thus made his first step into the realm of the taboo. His second step came much later when, after passing the tests his parents placed in front of him, he went about to call spirits of light as well. The task was much harder than he anticipated, but he was able to call forth a will o’ wisp, and thus make him a little happier.

    His next step was to leave Raiden and venture to the Forest of No Return. Not knowing much of elven racism, he went there unprepared and nearly lost his life in the process. He would not be detoured though, and he pleaded his case to the open air. He begged for guidance for his only true passion thus far was to learn. For a week he was left to starve, broken battered and wounded. Finally, on the edge of death a woman came into his vision and tended to his wounds. He would later find out that this woman was Otora, a kindly high elf that saw him hurt and could stand the sight no longer. She fed him until he was strong enough to feed himself, and as he mended the relationship between the two began to slowly cultivate.

    The high elves were none too trusting to let a dark elf in their midst, but after a month in hospice and another week recovering his physical fitness, they began to see that his words rang truthfully. He was only seeking knowledge, and it didn’t hurt that most of the words out of his mouth stroked their egos. The romance between Otora and him was rather one-sided, him trying his best to make her happy, to smile for him with gifts of flowers in wreaths and crowns. The subject of his time spent making her as happy as she could bear. Though it was very much frowned on, Midau was peaceful, unlike many of his people before him. Within the spring of his two-hundredth year he was married to her, and his true test was soon to begin.

    Midau traveled with his new wife in search of Efreet, under the guise that the hardest going down first would be the best. Coming into contract with the Great Fiery one, Midau’s youthful arrogance got the best of him, thinking that the contract was not one that Efreet could break control of once established. His foolishness came to a head when his wife and him were attacked by a griffon. Feeling at ease about his strengths, he summoned Efreet, and the result of such an action slew his wife and the griffon both, and caused massive burns to his right arm. With his right arm numbed by the severing of the nerve endings, Midau carried his slain wife Otora back to her home, the Forest of No Return. Her father believed by the loss of his daughter severed his contact with the spirits and sent him out without witnessing the rites of her passing. Midau, at a great loss of his love, journeyed back to his homeland of Raiden. He placed himself in self-imposed exile and went to live among the humans.

    He spent ten years moping about Otora’s death, blaming himself and marking the anniversary of her death on his flesh with his knife. At every year he marked himself with another scar, a practice he didn’t stop even when he remarried in the summer of his two-hundred and eleventh year to a human woman named Cassandra. She was a widow already at the age of thirty and understood Midau’s pain. She had an older son of seventeen, Martin, and a younger daughter of nine, Eliza. After they married, Midau took the time to raise little Eliza as well as the birth of his own two children from Cassandra, Arieh, a young girl with her mother’s dark curls born two years after their marriage, and Melarl, a young man with his father’s late passion for the spirits who was born three more years after Arieh’s birth.

    Tragedy first struck the house of Midau when Martin, his eldest adopted child died on the seas in his two-hundred and fifteenth year. Midau knew deep down that he would most likely outlive all his children, but he took that in stride and hid those feelings in the deepest chamber of his heart. He watched as Eliza grew up and married and had children of her own. Eliza slowly lost touch with her mother and half-siblings. That was understandable as she was a mother herself. Midau’s eldest girl Arieh joined the Mercenary’s guild and found herself adventuring against her father’s wishes. In her last letter to him, she had married a man named Clive and lived peace in Moss. The news was happy for once, and he wished her all the luck in the world.

    His youngest child, Melarl lost his interest in shamanism and found a new one in women. Melarl left Raiden with a young woman and went to Alecrast, hoping to find a suitable home for himself. So Midau and Cassandra were home alone, finally. This peace at home would be short lived as Cassandra was getting on in years. When Midau was two-hundred and forty-three years old, he laid his second wife to rest, happy that he was with her to her end. He lay flowers on her grave every year on her birthday there after until his urge to leave his home finally came. He had things he had to sort out before he could rest again, too much blood was being split on Lodoss and it saddened him. He knew he couldn’t stop it, but perhaps he could lessen it. Midau’s scars, both emotional and physical a reminder that all life is precious and should be preserved.

    Around the time of his second wife’s death he took a student under his wing, the young and tortured half dark elf Mica Lorelai. Although his tutoring of Mica was short in life, Mica left a deep rooted fear that the child would return one day to exact revenge on Midau, the teacher, due to the damage that Mica’s mother inflicted on Mica, making the young man believe that everyone was against him.

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