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Pronunciation: MEE-eh-zhah

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Plot Lost Humanity
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Age 140
Birth Year NRC 390
Gender Female
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Common Elf
Homeland Hishi/Raiden

Physical Description

    Mieijha is a willowy woman, like most elves, though her mixed heritage is apparent in her shy red eyes and milky tanned complexion. Her hair is fair and shoulder length, being silvery blonde in color, and cut in a bob to cup into her slender face. She’s got slender hips, as most elves do, and her body is naturally long and athletic. She is quite modest, however, and prefers to keep her bodice hidden under thick clothing. Her long slender ears poke out through her hair, adorned with a long earing on both ears near the lobe. her bust isn’t overly large, just larger than her small hands could hold singularly. Her stomach is smooth and unmarred, delectably so, as her skin has no extraneous markings or flaws due to her elven pedigree.

Height 5’9” Hair Color Silvery Blonde
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Red
Build Athletic Skin Color Milky Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Mieijha wears silk, as she doesn’t like the feeling of other cloths on her skin. Her undershirt as well as her over shirt are both silk, dyed a pinky-purple with a combination of indigo and berries. Her leather overcoat is treated and dyed to match her overshirt’s colorings. Her underpants would be silk as well but left uncolored. She wears silk leggings under her wool breeches as so the wool doesn’t touch her sensitive skin. She also wears silk stockings, though it is more prevalent when she wears her dress. Her thigh high leather boots compliment her legs nicely. As for armor goes, she wears a simple steel breastplate.

Weapon Description

    Mieijha has an elven longbow, fashioned ornately with carvings in the wood with a simple rawhide draw string. Her arrows are steelshod, kept in a wicker and leather quiver. The leather on the quiver was smoked and treated, as well as detailed with a spiraling patterns on it. Her other weapon is a long knife with a steel blade and a gold hilt. The ornamentations of the hilt are simple, mostly just small bumps and an encircling pattern that flows down the hilt from the crossguard to the pommel. It is held in a leather sheath, which she keeps strapped up under her left armpit, which is usually obscured by the over jacket.

Class Shaman
Occupation Apothecary
Guild Membership Merchants’ Guild (2)
Weapons Elven Longbow, Dagger
Armor Breastplate
Equipment One person tent, sleeping bag, goosedown pillow in silk casing, three extra sets of clothing, dried spices, three leather compartmental satchels to hold spices and herbs in, 10 small flasks to fill with oils and extracts, a small mortar and pestle, adventurers’ rucksack, money pouch with 300 gold pieces in it, an assortment of silver eating utensils (2 forks, knives and spoons), three silk handkerchiefs (1 pink, 1 purple, 1 white), 1 lb jerked meat, 2lbs of soap, flask of holy water, a small make-up kit, a porcelain bowl wrapped in cloth so it doesn't get damaged, two sets of gold earrings, a small iron pot to cook in, a water canteen, a bottle of honey, honeycombs wrapped in cheesecloth to preserve the flavor, tinder box, two journals (one to write daily events in, one to write medicine formulas in), writing implements, a vial of ink, a small hooded lantern, and three vials of lamp oil
Familiar Shisoughc
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 8
EN 9
AG 11
IN 20
LU 17
PB 18


    Mieijha has studied hard to get where she is, as far as her studying goes. She has learned many of her shamanistic spells through her mother, thus relying and using the spirits that are most common with light elves: those of Will o’ wisps, Fairies, Undine, Sylphs. She refuses her dark elf heritage to a degree, refusing to touch the dark spirits at all. Her avoidance, however, does not stem to the spirits of invisibility, as she prefers to hide away from other people on occasion. After she reached eighty she realized that perhaps salamanders and gnomes were now within her delicate reach. She experimented a little with salamanders, though her practices with gnomes left her frustrated and annoyed at how little they followed her command. When she was 90 she first started experimenting with Flau, the ice spirit. Though cold at first, the icy spirit eventually warmed to Mieijha’s summonings. As she is now stronger than her mother was at her age, Mieijha is looking forward to learning all about the king spirits.

    Physically she is rather inept, unable to do anything spectacularly graceful in the field of conflict. She has some skill with her bow, choosing to volley arrows into combat if she doesn’t have time to cast a spell. She cannot fight very well physically, mostly due to lack of training rather than physical strength. She is far more dexterous than she is physically powerful.


    Mieijha is a determined girl, always thinking about improving herself to make her deceased mother and living father proud of her. She is heavily devoted to her spirits, more so than to anything material. She is one for equality and gets unusually upset if she sees otherwise. She is rather calm and shy most of the time, unless men draw attention to her dark elf heritage. Despite her lack of affiliation with her father she hates to see people bad mouth dark elves, especially those who fit her father’s description, and tends to fly off the handle at the mere mention of a racial slur.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “I am my father’s daughter after all.”


    Her father Midau was a shaman of rather great esteem before he went off to the Forest of No Return, and her mother, Aliel, was no slouch in the shaman department either. Her mother was attracted to the strapping dark elf despite her parents adamant discontent with him due to his race. One night Aliel decided to spite her parents and approach Midau with drink in hand, to entice and seduce him into giving her child. Though the dark elf had little care, or later memory, of the event, Aliel’s plan went off without much of a hitch. She bided her time and waited for Midau’s departure before she turned her spite towards her parents. She pushed her illicit relationship in full detail in her outraged parents faces and fled northward to Hishi to escape their wrath.

    Mieijha’s birth was long and hard, but both mother and child came out strong. Wanting her child to take her father’s ambitious path, Aliel pushed her daughter at a young age to study the secrets of the spirit world as much as her little mind could handle. When other children were at play, Mieijha was studying in the woods, or studying away from those who could distract her. Aliel made sure that Mieijha spent most of her free time either learning about spirits, or learning about being an apothecary, a job to help keep the household stable.

    When Midau returned to Raiden in his self-imposed exile, he refused to spend any time, nor hear out Aliel’s words. He was far too depressed from the loss of his wife to pay heed to the common elf’s bantering about so long ago. Aliel was furious and returned to Hishi and her daughter and pushed her harder, this time to surpass her father in her shamanic abilities. Aliel’s infatuation and desire for the dark elf withered and twisted, becoming a consuming hatred and eventual obsession to defeat his happiness at every turn. Mieijha was too busy studying to appease her mother to notice the sudden twist in her mother’s behavior.

    Aliel went too far when she purposely destroyed the ship with Midau’s adopted son aboard, to wound him as he fictionally wounded her. Her mind so twisted that she began to blame Midau for the whole plot of making her an outcast from her own parents. Mieijha was too old to ignore or not see that her mother was turning into an abomination. In possibly her most daring, if not most emotionally scarring event, Mieijha slew her own mother to stop her mother’s insanity from consuming her soul.

    Mieijha was then alone, and in her loneliness she turned to writing. She wrote about her day as if she were talking to her mother once more, describing the memorable events every night before she put herself to sleep. After a while it became second nature to write in her journal. But, even without her mother to spur her on, she continued to learn her craft as best as she could, taking it upon herself to grow stronger, as her mother had commanded earlier in her life.

    Midau came to see Aliel shortly before his human wife passed away, but Mieijha informed her clueless father that Aliel had already passed away. Midau nodded and left, not realizing that his daughter stood not three feet away from him. Mieijha on the other hand realized it that evening when she was brushing her hair before going to bed. She had a few of his facial features as well as his coloring. She half-laughed to herself and kept her little secret, something she’d tell him whenever she decided it was the right time. When her accomplishments could make him beam with pride.

    Finally sick of staying in Hishi she packed her gear up and went south to make her way in the world. She figured she’d eventually hit by the Forest of No Return as her father did before her, but not until later, when her skills were sharper and more honed.

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