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Pronunciation: MOOR-yiss-AH

Yahoo! ID lady_moryssa
Plot A New Balance
Moryssa is © lady_moryssa.
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Moryssa’s Gallery
Age 52
Birth Year NRC 478
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Fairy Woods, Blue Dragon Island

Physical Description

    Tall and slender with long full ivory hair, intense ocean blue eyes, delicate manicured hands, and a rich complexion, Moryssa seems to be delicate and fragile. However, she is tougher than she appears. Her ivory white hair reaches down her back and she usually keeps her bangs pulled seductively over her right eye.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Ivory
Weight 125lbs Eye Color Ocean Blue
Build Slender Skin Color Chocolate

Clothing and Armor

    Moryssa carries a couple changes of clothes with her, what little she could get when they left Roid. What she has was all designed by her.

    One outfit is a white silk shoulderless dress that falls to about mid-shin and both sides are slit to her hip. With that, she wears a pair of matching fingerless gloves that reach her biceps, a fine leather belt with a moonstone buckle that her rapier is sheathed on, a white choker necklace and high-heeled open-toe sandals with ties that wrap around her legs.

    Her other dress is white silk, also shoulderless, but cut in front down to her navel. It has a short skirt embroidered in even brighter white at the hem. With this, she wears matching white pumps. She also has a white choker and fingerless gloves to match this dress. Moryssa has a fine white wool cloak edged in white brocade. She always wears her tiger-fang earrings.

Weapon Description


Class Merchant
Occupation Merchant, Relic Hunter
Guild Membership Merchants’ Guild (6), Mages’ Guild (3)
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier
Armor None
Equipment Extra coin, books, few traveling supplies, extra clothes, jewelry
Horse Vyanea
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST ##
EN ##
AG ##
IN ##
LU ##
PB ##


    Moryssa is a very powerful shaman with an affinity towards earth. Her magical talents are a bit more powerful than average compared to the elves in her age group. She views shamanism as the one true form of magic and everything else is a cheap imitation. Due to the mechanics of shamanism, and the elven ancestry, she sees shamanism as a practical necessity. Just as she helps her spiritual cousins, they should do favors for her. Simple.

    Moryssa has the power to soothsay like her grandmother. It only appears in times of great danger and seems to be targeted at those she cares about. As she gets older, her powers will grow.

    Moryssa isn’t the best melee or ranged fighter although she’s not the worse either. She has a rudimentary knowledge of fencing, but that’s about the only trump card she has when physical combat is concerned. She normally (not counting when she’s pissed) resorts to using magic. Moryssa uses a rapier out of respect for her grandmother, but she’s better with a whip.

    Moryssa has a powerful sense of animal empathy. Or, maybe they have Moryssa empathy. Animals are naturally drawn to her although that annoys her. She can also sense magical familiars and items/weapons. Since she’s a merchant, she has a great business sense and she’s an excellent appraiser. She is above average in mathematics and literature, although history is another story. Don’t even mention science or engineering in her presence.

    If a city has a Merchant’s Guild, Moryssa can live comfortably. She is a high ranking member (Level 6) of the guild (maybe it has something to do with her saving the leader’s daughter) although it has sparked a lot of controversy. Also, Moryssa has partial ownership of a few inns and taverns. She knows a blacksmith in Raiden and a few Alecrastian fabric salesmen. She also has minor access to the Mages’ Guild (Level 3 membership) although she only uses that guild in extreme situations and then she only uses the library.


    Moryssa is an incredibly clever woman. People who first meet her may think she’s mean with a capitol "B" but it’s only one of her many moods. In fact, moody would best describe her. She is painfully blunt and vengeful. When it comes to business deals, she’s as ruthless and cut-throat as a priest of Baylos. When profit isn’t involved, Moryssa can be very pleasant to be around. Once she’s made up her mind, only an act of the gods, or Toan, can change it and even then it’s not always guaranteed. Moryssa is very protective of those she cares about. She can’t stand thieves and those who disrespect the god of trade, Cha Za. She’ll never admit it, but her worse fear is fulfilling her grandmother’s prophecy. Moryssa has a fear of spiders and is extremely scared of rabbits/bunnies (she was traumatized when she was little).

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Moryssa is Toan’s twin sister. Their grandmother, an elven soothsayer, named her Moryssa, meaning Dark One and her brother Toan meaning Light. Despite their grandmother’s predictions, they grew very close.

    Following the traditions of their village, Toan went on to purify his soul through physical combat. Although he was taught magic, his training was under combat. On the flip side, Moryssa went on to purify her soul through the summoning of spirits and shamanism. She became somewhat of an enigma to her village because not once did a spirit of darkness approach her.

    At the age of twenty, Moryssa was asked to specialize in a type of element. Although the tribe gaffed at her when she chose earth-they saw the clash because of her fiery spirit-she became one of the best shamans in the Blue Dragon Islands. Her grandmother, who was aging rapidly because she was nearing the end of her life, trained her.

    Grueling schedules of meditation, summoning, even astronomy, literature, and mathematics caused Moryssa to become one of the greatest scholars in her region. Moryssa’s grandmother died on her twenty-ninth birthday. Therefore, she set out to find an earth shaman to teach her more. In a nearby centaur village she found what she was looking for. She learned a lot about the earth elements.

    In her thirty-second year of life, she was sent with a young centaur boy, named Frair, who was on a mission to become a man. They became fast friends and after his completion of his quest, they went on many adventures together, never excluding Toan. The three of them became relic hunters and could easily identify magical items and tomes. Moryssa’s parents, who were both priests of the goddess of the forest, died due to a plague in their village when Moryssa was forty-four.

    At that time she had begun selling clothing in order to “increase the economy of the Blue Dragon Islands”. She became well known and was even accepted into the Merchant’s Guild. With the help of Frair, she soon became one of its most prominent members. She even saved the life of the head of the Merchant’s Guild.

    When Moryssa was forty-five, her brother Toan left the islands in search of a magical sword. They both had hoped on the journey his destiny would be revealed. Unfortunately, he never came back. She and Frair searched for him, using her contacts and money as a merchant. She found a cave near Roid where he had last been. So using the Merchant and Mages Guilds (She had sold the Mages Guild countless spells and tomes she had found) the treasure hunting duo set up residence in Roid. There, her profits skyrocketed. She even had partial ownership of an inn.

    The only thing that made her stay in Roid less than bearable was the young priestess, Sakura, who refused to let her pay her respects to the god of trade, Cha Za. Nevertheless, she overcame it.

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