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Pronunciation: MY-rehl-AH

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Plot New Marmo Republic
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Age 723
Birth Year Unavailable
Gender Female
Race Dark Elf
Homeland Dark Forest, Marmo

Physical Description

    As dark elves go, Myrela is on the average end of attractive, more beautiful than most humans, but not really of any exceptional beauty amongst her own people. She is just slightly taller than average, but lacks the sensual curves of many other dark elven women, instead possessing a rather lean frame with average sized breasts and only mildly rounded hips. Her skin is on the darker end of dark elf complexions, matched with sharp gold eyes, and silvery hair. Her hair is long, but usually pulled back in a high ponytail, only occasionally let down in public. Like all elves, she has an ageless appearance, but her maturity is visible in her manner, which is rather rough, jaded, and a touch masculine.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Silver
Weight 125 Eye Color Gold
Build Lean Skin Color Mocha

Clothing and Armor

    Myrela dresses in forest greens with a sleeveless green vest that is tailored to her figure. The vest has a high collar, trimmed with modest designs in silver, which is dark elven fashion, but she cares little for the actual fashion of it. She resents wearing skirts, and instead wears fitted breeches of the same green her vest is made of. Her boots are knee high, made of leather, and trimmed in silver around the top. They have no heel on them, and are flat soled, further showing her disinterest in the sensuality most dark elven women possess.

Weapon Description

    Myrela’s sword is a graceful, long dark elven rapier. The crossguard and pommel are decorated in silver adornments while the grip is wrapped in green cloth. Her bow is of dark wood, accented with silver in places, and well-kept.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Leader of dark elven village rangers
Weapons Elven steel rapier, dark elven short bow
Armor None
Equipment Unavailable
Horse No
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons Behemoth
ST 13
EN 14
AG 16
IN 13
LU 11
PB 12


    Myrela is tougher than many other female dark elves, as is noticeable in her musculature. She is rather strong, but not enough to inhibit her agility. As a ranger, her expertise lies with ranged and light weaponry, and after seven hundred years of practice with the rapier and bow, she is more than proficient. Her shamanist abilities have the benefit of seven hundred years of practice as well, though this puts her at a normal level of power for her age and profession, she does have a trump card. When Myrela was around five hundred years old, she decided to make a pact with a king spirit, and she chose Behemoth, the earth elemental. After a grueling test, Myrela gained the spirit's respect and was rewarded with the covenant.


    Myrela is a tough, experienced, and hot tempered woman. The experience of her years shows in wisdom, but more often in frustration. She is easily annoyed by frivolousness, lack of common sense, and generally foolishness of inexperienced youngsters—this is equally extended to dark elven youths and humans. Aside from that, she is career-oriented, and has little desire for romance, marriage, or children.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Born over seven hundred years ago in the Forest of Darkness, Myrela lived long before the Empire of Marmo, before Persei and Salbad were built, before Kadomos sent the expedition to Marmo, and two centuries before the Fall of Kastuul. She grew up like most dark elven youths, learning to live in a harsh environment and bend it to her will. Myrela had no siblings, but several friends around her age. As a child, she found a preference to company with the male gender, and instead of learning the sultry and sensual ways of dark elven women, Myrela grew up to be quite the tomboy. She spent her youth roaming the forests with her male friends.

    As she came to maturity, she decided to become a ranger for her people and put her knowledge of the forest to use, defending it from creeping threats and keeping out the unwanteds. For hundreds of years, she stayed true to her task, winning her appreciation and recognition from her people. Around her six-hundredth year, she became so highly appreciated that the elders charged her with the duty of leading the rangers, along with several other well-trusted individuals. One of the aspects that helped their decision was her contract with Behemoth, which she had forged nearly a century early.

    Of her own free will, Myrela desired a contract with an elemental king spirit, and she chose Behemoth. Venturing into a ritual cave, she meditated until the earth spirit acknowledged her. For three days, she meditated, until Behemoth approved and drew her into his realm. After undergoing a test of her will and spiritual strength, Behemoth rewarded her with a pact to summon him when she needed him. Since, Myrela has only had to summon him once, but she maintains a bond with him through meditation.

    When Beld returned to Marmo to unite the island and sought the help of the dark elves, he was rewarded with Lusev, their appointed leader’s, approval. Myrela didn’t have a high opinion of humans, as at this point, even their eldest hadn’t even see a fraction of the years she had, she was still under the command of Lusev. As Beld amassed his army, Myrela handled the assignments of rangers who wanted to help. In time though, she came to respect Beld and his ideals, and later that respect would transfer to Ashram, and then to Thrash. Though Myrela never saw actual battle on the mainland, Myrela maintained a commanding presence in the Dark Forest and Persei.

    It was in this time that her path crossed with Thrash several times, and though they never formed much of a friendship, when the Marmo empire fell and Ashram led the people of Marmo out to sea, Thrash was one of those left behind. Severely wounded and left for dead, he managed to make his way to the Dark Forest after receiving a wound to his face from King Kashue. Myrela was the one who found him while the dark elves scrambled to control a fire in the forest, and she had him taken back to her home. After the final battle died down and the fire was controlled, Myrela returned home to care for Thrash with the help of Urolia, a skilled herbalist.

    For several weeks, Thrash lay in her home, recovering, both physically and emotionally. After all, his nation had fallen to King Kashue, the greatest enemy of his nation, the man who slew Beld in cowardice. Thrash had to decide what to do with his life now, and he and Myrela spent many hours talking. After a year of him living amongst the dark elves, Thrash finally decided to become a mercenary, and he held a little spark of hope that he could one day take back Marmo from Flaim. Leaving all signs of Marmo with Myrela, Thrash left to travel Lodoss. After Thrash’s departure, Myrela went on with her life, but a few years later, he returned, with former Marmo soldiers behind him and a relic; the Dark Flame of Kardis.

    With Myrela’s good word, the dark elves allowed Thrash and his men to occupy the village, so long as they obeyed their laws and respected their culture. Thrash began to recruit more people where he could find them; from commoners left behind on Marmo and in Kanon, to former soldiers forced to turn to banditry and mercenary work. Myrela worked closely with him, using her rangers to help his cause, and at this point, she works along side with Thrash, representing her people.

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