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Pronunciation: NOK-lee-AH

Forum ID Naclia
Plot The Golden Egg
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Age 125
Birth Year NRC 405
Gender Female
Race Common Elf
Homeland Mirror Forest

Physical Description

    Naclia is beautiful, but average to elven standards, aside from some unique assets of hers. While most elves are blond, Naclia’s hair is abnormally darker, being a light shade of golden brown. She is also quite voluptuous for a light elf. It is possible that she has some human in her pedigree, but it is unknown to her. Otherwise, she has beautiful sky-blue eyes, which are not uncommon for elves, and fair, porcelain skin. While quite curvaceous and busty, her body is also toned and very fit. Her hair is grown long, and she prides herself on the unique color, even if how she inherited it is questionable. Unbound, her hair falls to her knees, but she usually keeps it braided back in two long, thick braids. She has thick bangs that fall over her brow as well.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Light Golden Brown
Weight 120lbs Eye Color Sky Blue
Build Hourglass Skin Color Porcelain

Clothing and Armor

    Naclia wears a short, sleeveless, light blue high-collared dress. The collar of her dress is trimmed in silver with scrolling designs down the front of the neck and chest. A keyhole in the front of her dress reveals a little cleavage. The skirt falls high on her thigh, and while tight, the length allows her to move more freely, if not at the risk of her modesty. The skirt is trimmed with white rabbit fur along the hem. While elves don’t kill animals for their fur, Naclia acquired her fur from the nearby human village. She figured that it was already dead, and therefore she may as well put the fur to use. To match her dress, she wears a pair of blue gloves and boots with the same white fur trim. Both gloves and boots are high reaching, the gloves cover nearly her entire arm and the boots come up just below the hem of her dress. For warmth, she has a blue-gray wool cloak with a blue glass and silver broach.

Weapon Description

    Naclia’s rapier is of elven make and somewhat short in comparison to most rapiers. It has a brass crossgaurd thats quite simple in styling, straight with a downward point at either end. Her grip is wrapped in leather, but shows signs of little use. The pommel is an unadorned steel conical shape. Naclia’s bow is made of ash and intricately carved with delicate vines. Her arrows are fletched with white pigeon feathers.

Class Shamanist Ranger
Occupation Ranger of the Mirror Forest, Adventurer
Weapons Elven Steel Rapier, Elven Bow
Armor None
Equipment Small backpack; clothes, food rations, fletching kit, waterskin, quiver, bedroll, hairbrush
Horse Neinna
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 9
AG 17
IN 13
LU 12
PB 13


    Naclia is closest attuned to air elementals, and she is proficient in most other elementals a common elf ranger should know at her age. She is hesitant to use Salamander, but she will summon the fire elemental when absolutely necessary. Like most common elves, she will not touch dark spirits, but she is trained to detect their usage and the use of invisibility spirits. Naclia has entertained the idea of making a contract with Djinn, but she has no real drive to follow through on it.

    As a ranger, Naclia is exceptionally agile and moderately strong; as strong as necessary to pull a bowstring. She is an exceptional bowman, with remarkable aim. Her bow is often her first line of defense, and she prefers to remain a distance away from a battle to fire her arrows and summon spirits. She is skilled in elven swordsmanship, but it is her second line of defense and she is not as comfortable wielding a sword as she is a bow.


    Thanks in part to the influence of Aiden, Naclia is an outgoing, confident woman. She is always ready to prove someone wrong when she is underestimated. When she or a friend is insulted, she is the first to stand up to defend if the attacker is in the wrong. Youthful and curious, Naclia is interested in new experiences and expanding her horizon. Though she lost her entire family, she has come to deal with the pain and knows they are all safe in the spirit world now. Thanks to Aiden’s support, she was able to deal with the loss better than she ever could have alone. Aiden is like a brother to her, and she has no attraction to him, but likes to nose into his business.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quotes: “...”


    Naclia was second born to Firion and Ilosia, a common elf couple of the Mirror Forest. Her elder sibling was her brother Terin, ten years her senior. There are rumors of human blood in Ilosia’s family line, but Ilosia and her family never admitted it. It would be at least three generations back, not enough to affect anything more than the appearance of the descendants of the line. Ilosia had the same figure and golden brown hair as Naclia, and even Terin had Ilosia’s dark hair.

    Terin was Naclia’s constant playmate, but her closest friend was son of their neighbor, Aiden. Aiden was the son of a half-elf who had passed through the forest and nearly married Anaiya, one of the native elves. Very few knew Aiden’s human heritage, but Naclia’s family did, and they kept it secret. Aiden was only a year younger than Naclia, and they have been close friends as long as they can remember. They trained in shamanism, and later chose to take the path of the ranger together. Aiden was as much a brother to her as Terin.

    Aiden had a strong case of wanderlust, and while he couldn’t leave the forest, he did explore it’s deepest reaches. Naclia followed him everywhere, and was often the one keeping him out of trouble in their little adventures. Terin often followed them as well, and was the even stronger voice of reason.

    One day, when Naclia was sixty-eight, the Mirror Forest fell under attack while she, Terin and Aiden were exploring. Demons had marched out of the caves hidden in the forest, and then the Demon God rained down terror from above. As the attack began, Aiden, Terin, and Naclia came running back to the village. When they arrived, they were quickly ushered off the battlefield with the mothers and children by more experienced elven warriors. Little did Naclia and Terin know, but their parents had been killed instantly when the attack began. With much reluctance, the trio escaped battle with the non-combatants and guarded them in their escape out of the forest.

    After they were safe, Aiden found his mother and the entire group of refugees were treated by the human priests and priestesses that came to their rescue. However, Firion and Ilosia were nowhere to be found. Naclia and Terin feared the worst. Even if their parents fought the demons, there was a good chance they were dead. Once the battle ended, Naclia and Terin returned to the decimated village to find their parents. Their found their parents’ charred corpses under the debris of their destroyed home.

    Both Terin and Naclia were filled with rage and wanted to avenge their parents. Terin made the decision to go into battle, but insisted that Naclia stay behind. The two fought for days. Naclia didn’t want to stay behind and be protected, and insisted that the both go, or both stay. In the end, Naclia was unable to convince her brother either way and gave up her fight. Terin went to join the Hundred Heroes as they marched to the Labyrinth. After the war was won, six heroes emerged from the Labyrinth, but none of which were a young elven ranger. Naclia feared the worst, but she waited for several years for her brother to come home before she gave up home.

    Through this painful period in Naclia’s life, Aiden was ever by her side. Both worked hard with elder shamans to restore the forest, and Anaiya allowed Naclia to live with her and Aiden. Naclia took all her pain and suffering, and used it as energy to fuel her will to restore the forest.

    It took many years, but with the concerted efforts of elves, fairies, and even humans and dwarves, the Mirror Forest was restored. By that time, Naclia had recovered from her losses and was optimistic about the future. She moved into her own treehouse and began actively patrolling the forest with Aiden. They visited the nearby human villages often, and every year, they would attend the Saint Flaus Festival. Aiden was eager to dive into human culture, but Naclia was a little hesitant at first, but in time, she began to grow more comfortable around humans. They never strayed far from the forest though, and never stayed away for more than a day or two. In time, Naclia and Aiden grew eager to to see the rest of the world. Naclia was more than willing to just pack up and go, but Anaiya was rather possessive, and it took a bit of work to pry her hands off her precious son. Eventually, Naclia helped convince Anaiya that Aiden would be safe and he would return him.

    Naclia and Aiden were ready to set out, but there was one more addition to be made. The forest elder heard about their trip and requested that they take his eldest daughter, Eliamn, with them. Eliamn was the same age as Naclia, but as the daughter of the Keeper, she was expected to make a contract with Ento at her age, and she had failed her first attempt. Her father felt that it would be good for her to see the world and prepare herself, so Naclia agreed to bring the shamaness along.

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