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Nakira Tan’kari
Pronunciation: nah-KEER-ah tan-KAR-ee

Forum ID CrimsonJustice
Plot Vampire Hunt
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Age 19
Birth Year NRC 511
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    She is fairly beautiful despite the fact she makes an effort to not look effeminate, more often she looks a little tomboyish. Her red hair is cut to mid-neck and kept in a boy’s hairstyle, she also will not wear makeup. Her bust is on the higher end of average for her age, though it was smaller before her daughter. She has the sharp face of her father, and the slenderness as well as lips and eyes of her mother. No matter what she does she cannot hide the fact she is a woman, especially since her figure is slightly curvy. She has no tattoos but does have a birthmark on her left hip, one that looks like an upside down tear drop.

Height 5’7” Hair Color Red
Weight 128lbs Eye Color Gray
Build Slender Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    She dresses in a simple forest green blouse and gray pants; her boots are common brown leather traveling boots. Over top of that she has her studded leather breastplate, and the matching bracers cover most of her forearms. At her side her rapier hangs off of her belt in its sheath, and in each ear she has two earrings. One is a silver talon by her cheek, and the other is a gold talon on the outside. She also wears a dark brown hooded cloak made of a sturdy material; her pack sits on her back over her cloak. She has a simple wedding band on her left ring finger; she does not remove it from her finger.

Weapon Description

    Her rapier is of a fine make, the blade is kept polished and the guard is silver plated steel. The handle is made of steel wrapped in dark green leather for grip; it looks like she takes excellent care of it.

Class Rogue
Occupation Scout, Tracker, Burglar, Mercenary
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (1)
Weapons Rapier
Armor Studded leather breastplate, studded leather bracers
Equipment Blanket, some money, travel rations (2 weeks), 2 torches, flint and steel, medium backpack, spare underwear x2, spare clothing x1, whetstone, jewelry
ST 10
EN 11
AG 12
IN 12
LU 14
PB 13


    She is a staunch fighter; she will fight using moves that give her the edge. Though she can evade melee attacks well, she is a little clumsy at evading ranged attacks. Her slender build makes her a more agile opponent; she does not rely on strength to attack.

    Her signature move is to flurry her opponents to catch them off guard, then move in and finish them with a strike to the solar plexus. That is the one move she will always use, but other things are in her repertoire too.


    She is competent in whatever she does, not willing to leave a job of any type unfinished. As a mercenary her goal is to be dependable, and she tries her hardest to build that reputation. Her creed as a rogue is different, something that befits her carefree style. If it is not secured she has every right to it, as long as she does not get caught it is legit. As a person she is friendly but not too friendly, people know her just enough to understand who she is. Any closer and she will push them away, unless she is comfortable around them. Despite her past, she only hates her former family, the other nobles are meaningless aristocrats to her. Though they are not even worth being called potential marks, especially when in public.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “If it is not secured then I have every right to it. It is not a crime if I don’t get caught.”


    Nakira is a disgraced noble of the lower caste; her father was a dragonrider of Moss and a very strict man. Dagron Tan’kari expected her to grow up a dutiful wife and proper lady, as did her mother Leandra. They both pushed her hard every day, she received a good education and learned the art of fencing at a private academy. She would spend summers with her parents growing up, and attended fancy balls with them as they were expected to. For her thirteenth birthday her father had a rapier made for her, it was to become her most cherished possession. She hated this lifestyle of stuffy manners and little freedom, she looked happy but really was deeply depressed. This carried on until the War of the Destroyer’s Resurrection, her father fought in the major battles and came back until Marmo. At the age of fourteen they learned Dagron was killed honorably in battle, her mother grieved for months. Taking this chance, Nakira slipped away and spent time among commoners.

    There she met Dralen, a self-trained and streetwise thief and poet about her age. The two of them spent the night drinking and talking at a tavern, followed by her spending several nights with him at his place. This pattern kept up for two months, causing friction between mother and daughter. Fed up with the secrecy she paid somebody to secretly watch her daughter, learning about this illicit affair she was absolutely furious. She spent several nights considering her options; instead of sending her daughter to a temple for training she chose to disown her. If she could not control her own daughter, then she did not have a daughter to begin with. One night when Nakira returned home her mother in the foyer met her, taken to the library the two argued loudly for over an hour. All she had left was what she had on her, leaving the manor almost in tears she returned to Dralen’s. After explaining the situation she cried herself to sleep, the next day they made plans to relocate to Dragon Eye.

    After arriving they found a small apartment that they could afford rather quickly, and by the age of seventeen she was pregnant and married. It had taken her over a year to adjust to the new lifestyle; she did miss the wealth she once lived with. Throughout their relationship he was teaching her what he had learned, his life had been on the street so he had picked up the trade over the years by himself. Her daughter, Rhiana, was born that winter, soon they were running low on money so she had to find work. She joined the Mercenaries’ Guild at eighteen, even though the work was random and often dangerous. She hated leaving her family alone, though for the pay she got it was worth the risk. Since then she has taken on jobs that are within her range of skills, she has earned every gold she made. Even though a few times she almost died, but then she understood the risk. Between jobs she takes are of hr daughter, as well as operates as an independent in the city’s undercurrents.

    She has only stolen from commoners and merchants, even though she is a member of the Mercenaries’ Guild. She commonly picks pockets and pilfers keys to businesses so she can break in, though she has not been caught yet she is still careful. Once she did have a close call in the market, almost caught by a guard, she managed to lie her way out of it. She has taken jobs from people she once knew, and they have been hesitant hire her. She did prove them wrong however, and she is making a name for herself as a scout and tracker on bounties and stolen goods. She also is able to acquire information easily, mostly through talking the right way to the right people. In the last few months she has not had a job yet, and she passes time by stealing and selling the goods to independent fences, her luck has carried her through thus far. She does not look back at what she lost now; the life she leads is all that she really wants at this point.

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