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Nataniel, “Nat”
Pronunciation: na-TAN-e’el, NAT

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Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
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Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Male
Race Half-Common Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Moss

Physical Description

    Much like his father, Nat is incredibly attractive. Much of his facial features take after Azala—fine, yet masculine, and well-defined. He has Azala’s light green eyes as well, but his mother’s brown hair. Nat’s skin is fair with a clean complexion. He has a lean, lanky build, but isn’t very muscular due to his habit of avoiding fights. His brown hair is long and often loosely tied back with a few locks hanging around and over his face.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Brown
Weight 135lbs Eye Color Green
Build Slim Skin Color Fair

Clothing and Armor

    Nat wears a pair of brown pants with the bottoms tucked into his leather boots. He wears a loose blue long-sleeved shirt under a threadbare brown jacket. For traveling, he wears a long gray hooded cloak. Around his neck, he wears a silver necklace, and on the middle finger of his right hand, a silver ring with an obsidian stone.

Weapon Description

    A knight’s issue dagger from Valis that he swiped from a drunk knight in a bar fight to defend himself. He never bothered to return it, obviously.

Class Bard
Occupation Bard/Barfly/Ne’er-do-well
Weapons Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Clothing, Guitar, Flute, Small Sack, Jewelry
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 12
EN 8
AG 14
IN 16
LU 10
PB 21


    Nat is more of a lover than a fighter. He can usually hold his own in a bar fight long enough to find an escape route, but he has no real skill with weapons or hand-to-hand combat. As the son of a bard, he was raised to become a skilled musician, he can play several instruments and has a beautiful singing voice, but at times he is lackadaisical in his playing, though sometimes playing with the bare minimum of his skill works for him.


    Nat is carefree and some what philosophical. He is intelligent, but rarely puts it to use. He spends more time chasing skirts than honing his craft. Unreliable and lazy, he often skips out on his bar tabs and only plays gigs when suitable for him. When it comes to women, he has rarely had a relationship that lasted longer than single night. He’d rather avoid conflict, and often slips away once things look sticky—this includes anything from a real relationship to a bar tab.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quotes: “...”


    Nat’s mother, Irile, was a traveling bard. She shared an inn with a handsome elf named Azala one night, which brought about Nataniel’s conception. Two months after parting ways with Azala, Irile discovered she was pregnant. For the sake of her child, she returned to her family’s home in Moss to bear and raise Nat.

    Nataniel’s early years were spent with his mother and grandparents in a small town of the Gyenon duchy. Though his mother could no longer travel, she still played for the town, and sometimes put on shows in the capital city. She taught Nat how to play a few instruments, including the guitar, lute, and flute, as well as sing.

    His grandparents always kept him at arm’s length. They didn’t approve of how Irile became pregnant, and they were always cautious around the half-elf boy. They knew little of elves, but they did know that elves were immortal and magically powerful. However, they couldn’t simply abandon their grandchild, so they tolerated his presence so long as he showed no signs of using the mysterious magic of elves.

    Like most half-elves, Nat’s childhood peers weren’t eager to accept him. Their parents were scared, like his grandparents, and that was instilled in their children, and his long, odd ears didn’t help. However, Nat wasn’t the sort of child who buckled under the taunting. Instead, he became a prankster, and when a peer caused him trouble, that child often had a comeuppance due. Eventually, the other children learned how to hold their tongues. It was in his childhood years that Nat also discovered the spirits. Fairies would often try to communicate with him, but he didn’t have the drive to learn shamanism on his own, beyond a few tricks that often helped in his pranks.

    As he became a teenager though, Nat grew into the good looks he inherited from his father. The local girls could easily overlook his alien elven heritage and trouble-making. Instead, they saw him as exotic and exciting. And their parents saw him as a threat to chastity and future marriages.

    Then, when Nat was seventeen, one of the girls he’d been sleeping with became pregnant. Her parents were furious and the rest of the town rallied against the half-elf. Nat knew that he wasn’t going to make it out of the situation unscathed, so he hightailed it out of town before it got out of hand. He’s been on the road ever since. In his travels, Nat’s taken many lovers and left a trail of unpaid bar tabs across Lodoss.

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