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Pronunciation: nuh-TOS-ee

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Age 23
Birth Year NRC 507
Gender Here
Race Human
Homeland Kanon

Physical Description

    An attractive young woman with a strong face. A firm, defined jawline, lips that are well-formed, but not too full or thin, a sharp nose, and naturally well-shaped brows. Her golden eyes are striking, conveying her strong and imposing character, and framed by long lashes. Natasi’s reddish auburn hair is short, falling just above her shoulders, but it is usually pulled back in two small ponytails toward the back of her head to keep it out of the way. She has slightly grown out bangs over her brow, pulling just to the sides of her face. Her skin is marred by a few battle scars in places, but nothing major, and her exposed skin has a rich tan.

Height 5’6” Hair Color Auburn
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Gold
Build Hourglass Skin Color Tan

Clothing and Armor

    Natasi wears a white sleeveless shirt, well fitted to her figure, with a slightly high collar open at the throat and down to her sternum. She has both a pair of fitted leather breeches, and a short leather skirt, which flares out from her hips, rather than being tight, so she can move easily. When she wears her skirt, she also wears a pair of thigh high black stockings with a white band across the top, and a design in sharp white lines on the outer thigh. Her boots are a pair of stout leather boots that go to mid-shin and have a two inch square heel. She also wears a pair of gloves to protect her hands. For armor, she has a hardened leather breastplate, steel pauldrons with matching plates on her elbows, and a bracer on her sword arm. On her left arm, she wears a buckler when she goes into battle.

Weapon Description

    A Kanonian Steel longsword, forged for knights. The crossguard and pommel are gold washed, with the emblem of the Kanon nation in the center of the crossguard. The grip is wrapped in blue-dyed leather.

Class Mercenary
Occupation Mercenary, former soldier
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (5)
Weapons Longsword, Throwing Knives
Armor Hardened Leather Breastplate, Pauldrons, elbow guards, buckler, bracer on right arm
Equipment “Basic Adventurer’s Pack”; clothing, 30 foot rope, two torches, a flint and steel set, a whetstone, warm blanket, cooking gear, six days of rations, bedroll, waterskin
ST 12
EN 11
AG 14
IN 12
LU 10
PB 11


    Natasi is a skilled swordswoman, her skills honed in battle during the Marmo occupation. She is an opportunistic fighter, using punches and kicks, and any tool she has at her disposal in a pinch. She also has good aim with her throwing knives, but she uses them sparingly. She is strong for a woman, though her greatest strength is her agility.


    A tough, independent young woman. Natasi is a free spirit, and prefers to live by her own rules. She does have a measure of loyalty to her homeland, and a great amount of respect for Reona, Parn, Kashue, and Shiris. While she will defend her nation to her last breath, she has no desire to do so in the confines of the military or knighthood. She has approached motherhood with reluctance and mixed feelings, but in the end, she knows that she cannot abandon her child, nor kill it. She only hopes that she can some how maintain her adventurous ways instead of tying herself down to a family.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    Natasi was born just before the Marmo invasion of Kanon in a small farming village. She was only three when the Marmo occupied their land, but her parents bowed to Marmo rule instead of escaping like many of the villagers, and Natasi was raised under the iron fist of the Marmo. Her parents were forced to attend services at a shrine dedicated to Falaris, or the entire family would be sacrificed to the dark god. They gave nearly all the food they grew to the military, with hardly enough to live on for themselves. Natasi was an only child due to these lean times, as her parents had no desire to raise more children while under Marmo rule. Sure enough, Natasi grew to despise the Marmo.

    When she was fifteen, her village’s rations had been cut again. Her parents made a habit of giving Natasi the best of what little they had, what was left was for her mother, while her father hardly ate anything. He grew so enraged with this treatment, that he finally stood up to a Marmo soldier when they came to take their harvest that autumn. When they couldn’t scare him any longer, they slew him, and extended his punishment onto his family. Natasi and her mother saw the entire fight, and when the soldiers turned to them, they ran. Her mother was caught as she tried to escape through the house, but Natasi outran the soldiers through the fields and into the forest where she found a place to hide. The soldiers searched for her, but they failed to find her and gave up. As night fell, Natasi escaped into the forest. She was angry, but smart. Instead of lashing out on her own, she sought out the rumored Kanon Free Army.

    Young Natasi wandered aimlessly, searching for any sign of freedom fighters, until she crossed paths with one of their rangers. When he asked her what she was doing walking around alone, with nothing on her, Natasi readily told her story. The ranger took her to the camp of the Free Army with no more questions. Here, Natasi would become a freedom fighter for her people. She learned how to fight, then put it into practice against her enemy, making the Marmo pay for every thing they had done to her family tenfold. Fighting with the army, Natasi brushed shoulders with the greatest heroes of the time; Prince Reona, the Free Knight Parn, Deedlit the high elf, and others who aided their cause.

    When Natasi was eighteen, she fought her final battle for Kanon. The Marmo had been driven from the land and Kanon was once again a sovereign nation. Many of the freedom fighters were offered positions in the military and knighthood, but Natasi wanted to see the world. Her vengeance had been had, and the stringent life of a soldier was not the one for her. Instead, Natasi put her fighting skills to use by joining the Mercenaries’ Guild. The next five years were spent criss-crossing Lodoss on various missions.

    Recently, Natasi came across a very handsome bard playing at an inn she was staying at. While he wasn’t exactly her type, his beauty was enough to make her want a roll in the hay. After he finished playing, she approached him and began to seduce him. It didn’t take much more than a bat of an eye, and he reciprocated. Soon enough, they were in a room, in bed, and spent a full day indulging their passions. Natasi was no stranger to meaningless flings?he had her share of them, and she actually preferred them to an actual relationship. So, when she and Nat parted ways, Natasi had no complaints and went on with her life. Unfortunately, several weeks later, she began to feel oddly fatigued, and when other symptoms showed up, a woman she was traveling with pointed they were the signs of pregnancy. Natasi was struck with terror, and at first considered some way to end the pregnancy. When she couldn’t find a midwife that was willing to give her the means to abort, Natasi began to think of becoming a mother and actually found herself comfortable with the idea. Though she has no desires to make Nat marry her or be a father to his child, she intends to find him to make him aware of his child, and provide her with some form of monetary compensation to support the child.

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