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Niklas Melphist
Pronunciation: NIK-lahs MEL-fist

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Plot Search for the Stormlord
Liberation of Ales
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Niklas’s Gallery
Age 23
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Male
Race Human
Homeland Storm and Fire Desert

Physical Description

    Niklas possesses the dark skin of those of Flaim, and also the sharp features and clear eyes that one of Valis possesses. He is rather handsome, as his features aren’t harsh like most Flaim individuals are, and he lacks the hardened, no emotion look that many masters of the blade and death obtain. His hair, which is long and white, is tightly braided down to the small of his back, where it is let free at the tip, and his bangs hang inches above his clear eyes. As for his eyes, they have a clarity that most jaded warriors lack, although they aren’t wide eyed like those of new adventurers.

Height 5’10” Hair Color White
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Blue
Build Athletic Skin Color Amber

Clothing and Armor

    Due to his style of swordsmanship, he relies very little on heavy armor, and most of which is simply animal hides strong together to provide resistance against minor injuries. As for his dress style, it consists of loose breeches, a leather jacket, boots, and protection for his forearms and hands. Oddly enough, he doesn’t wear the traditional Flaim head dress, although he does have a cloak and veil for desert climates.

Weapon Description

    Niklas has several weapons on his person, all of which are visible to anyone who wishes to see. On both hands are a pair of iron gauntlets, obviously well used and slightly rusted from the elements. There is nothing ornate or stylish about them, but they are effective. While they aren’t much use as piercing weapons, they can be used to grasp another’s weapon, or even as a weapon against bare flesh. As for his wooden sword, it is not ornately made either, and other than the fact that is carved to resemble a blade, its little more than a thick, blunt stick.

Class Adventurer
Occupation Wandering Swordsman
Guild Membership Mercenaries’ Guild (1)
Weapons Wooden Sword
Armor Iron Gauntlets, Leather Vanbraces, Leather Jacket, Leather Boots
Equipment Light Pack: clothing, 30ft. rope, 2 torches, flint and steel, whetstone, blanket, cooking gear, food rations, 2 waterskins, bedroll
ST 12
EN 13
AG 15
IN 10
LU 16
PB 16

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Niklas is in great physical shape, and is both agile, strong, and endurable due to use of constant training and pushing himself. As such, at a young age, he surpasses most, if not all rivals in his age bracket, and even some beyond. His sword style puts emphasis on movement, and to keep an opponent off balanced, before going in for a killing blow. This is represented in his style’s abilities ‘precision strike’ and ‘evade and counter’. As such, Niklas prefers to do as much damage to his opponent as possible before they can defeat him.

  • Precision Strike: Due to years of training he can strike any point with accuracy, and repeatedly strike that same point. Instead of making wild swings or stabs, this skill allows him to make highly damaging attacks by striking vulnerable points on the humanoid body without nearly as much power.
  • Evade and Counter: The style he has always been taught emphasizes speed and accuracy rather than raw power. When someone attacks from his front with an agility lower than his own, Niklas automatically evades and counters the blow.

    Niklas is a hardened fighter, and yet naive as any other adventurer. Most notably is the fact that he is respectful to all those he meets, and doesn’t openly call himself a swordmaster. Instead, he humbly bows, and states, “I must respectfully disagree.” He also does not understand the concept of money, only of duty and obligation. Like a sorcerer studies magic, Niklas studies the various forms of swordsmanship, almost relentlessly so.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “I must respectfully disagree.”


    The offspring of a Valisian Knight, and a Flaim swordswoman named Karol, Niklas was named after his father, although he was never given a last name. This is primarily due to the fact that Karol, once learning that she was pregnant, returned to the arid wastelands that are the Storm and Fire Desert. Forsaking either tribe, she picked a remote oasis in which to train her son. To her, maternity meant harsh training, to ensure that her son would gain the knowledge to protect him on his journey.

    Thus it was that young Niklas grew up. From the day he could walk, he was encouraged to wield a dirk. Once he could, his training began, with harsh rebukes from his mother if he failed in any of her tests. Growing up in the wastelands of Flaim hardened his body, and strict training with his mother every day of his life gave him an iron will that most teenagers lacked. He never learned to rebel against his mother, and instead, every day was spent practicing with his wooden sword until he barely had the physical strength to make his way back to his home, then spent the the hours he was awake at night to study swordsmanship based on other styles. From this training he gained the skills and abilities that are far beyond someone his age.

    At the age of twenty-two, his mother began to show clear signs of illness. This was learned when something that had never happened before occurred; He struck her in a sparring session. Forsaking the blade, he kept his mother as well as could, but in the end the desert claimed her life. Her dying words were of his father, and of a dwarven weapon smith. After burying his slain mother, and burning the home he had known for so long, he set out on a quest to meet his father, and to ‘obtain your adulthood’ from the dwarven master. Knowing where his father was, he set out for Valis. Along the way he was dumbfounded when he encountered a city. During this visit to the city of Haven, he was branded a thief when, not knowing what money was, he picked up a piece of fruit that he felt would quench his thirst. The city guard was immediately called, and a dumbfounded Niklas stood wide-eyed as they attacked him. Thinking it was another sparring session, he unsheathed his wooden sword, and to the crowd’s amazement, knocked out each and every one, before bowing, saying “It was a pleasure sparring with you all”, and rather calmly, leaving. Word of this ‘thief’ began to spread, and it wasn’t to long before a bounty was placed upon his head for theft, and incapacitating the local guard. However, by then he had already continued to Valis.

    When he reached his destination, however, he learned the sad truth. His father had been slain in the War of the Destroyer’s resurrection against Marmo forces. Instead of vowing revenge, however, he simply visited his father’s grave, mourned the loss, and began to search for his adulthood. Still with a bounty, one that he doesn’t even know is on his head, he looks for the Dwarf Master Smith Delendals.

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