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N’shara Al Shareef
Pronunciation: nuh-SHAR-ah AHL shah-REEF

Forum ID Priestess N'shara
Plot Vampire Hunt
N’shara is © Z/Priestess N'shara.
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Age 22
Birth Year NRC 508
Gender Female
Race Human
Homeland Flaim

Physical Description

    Tall and lean, N’shara is a model of Flaim tribal breeding. Her skin is a deep, dusky shade with faint freckles across her cheeks and nose. N’shara’s hair is long and curly and a deep shade of brown that’s nearly black, which she usually wears in a high ponytail, though shorter curls tend to fall out to frame her face. She is slim, with moderate curves and long, graceful limbs. Her hazel eyes, a light mix of gold and green, are striking in her dark features, and are framed by thick, dark lashes and arched eyebrows.

Height 5’10” Hair Color Brown-Black
Weight 135lbs Eye Color Hazel
Build Average Skin Color Mocha

Clothing and Armor

    N’shara wears two outfits. The first is the uniform, shapeless robes of a priestess of Marfa. Long, loose fitting, Marfa robes conceal her body, when she would much rather show it. The uniform includes a pair of sturdy leather sandals, a golden crescent piece that hangs over her breasts from the layered cowl neckline, and the crescent Marfa circlet on her brow.

    N’shara’s preferred outfit is of the same ivory cotton and gold silk trim that Marfa robes are made of, but is a short, fitted dress. The dress opens with a wrap-like panel in the front that buttons all the way from the square-cut neckline to the hem of the knee-length full skirt. It is sleeveless, instead with thick straps over her shoulders. However, she covers her arms with a pair of long, detached sleeves that begin at a ring around her middle finger, leaving her hands uncovered, and reach to just over her biceps. Instead of sandals, she wears a pair high-heeled boots that reach just below her knee, made to match her dress; ivory with gold trim around the top.

    For protection from the elements, she has a cloak provided by the temple that matches the Marfa robes, but is made of tightly woven wool instead of cotton.

Weapon Description

    N’shara’s weapon is an eight inch dagger provided to most priestesses as a last line of defense. It’s simple in design with a stiletto blade, and a smooth, bronze plated hilt, cross guard, and handle. N’shara wears it strapped around her thigh under her skirt.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priestess of Marfa
Weapons Dagger
Armor None
Equipment Knapsack, two outfits, cloak, circlet and chest piece, comb, toiletries, food rations
Horse Tana
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Marfa
ST 8
EN 10
AG 12
IN 13
LU 14
PB 15


    N’shara’s faith isn’t as focused and undivided as some priestesses. Far too often, she falls into a habit of self-absorption, focusing on her appearance and own comfort. She can cast some minor healing spells that will cure most viral and bacterial infections, wounds, and broken bones, but she can only preform these larger healings once a day.

    N’shara is not a fighter and she isn’t any stronger than the average woman, and her endurance comes from traveling on foot. N’shara moves gracefully, since she is familiar with several styles of dance.


    N’shara is lost, in a way. After spending nearly her entire life in Marfa temples, she wants to truly experience life outside. This may mean that she’s not cut out to be a priestess, but her pilgrimage is time to find her true path. N’shara has become more focused on herself, rather than others. She will still be charitable when the opportunity presents itself, but she doesn’t directly seek it out. When it comes to relationships, she has never been with a man, but the more she travels, the more likely it seems that she’ll find herself a lover or fling.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Quotes: “...”


    N’shara was born in Haven to members of the Wind Tribe. Her mother, Baheera, was a simple homemaker, and her father, Omar Al Shareef, was a warrior for the tribe first, and a knight of Flaim second. Omar was charged with defending Haven when he had no other duties, which kept him close to his family. N’shara had been born nine months after her parent’s marriage, likely conceived on their wedding night, and not ten months after her birth, her mother was pregnant again. When she was one, she had a little brother, Naseem. Taking a lesson from their experience of raising two infants at once, Omar and Baheera were careful for the next three years, but then Baheera was pregnant again.

    When N’shara was but four years old, the Flame tribe attacked Haven with Efreet. There was no chance for escape for her family, but as the attack began, Omar forced Baheera and N’shara into their home’s cellar, then quickly rode to the front lines. Another strike from Efreet landed on N’shara’s neighborhood, destroying their home. Flames licked into the cellar and little N’shara ran for the far wall, hiding behind a barrel of water they kept in the cool earthen cellar. Baheera tried to hide, and shield Naseem with her body, but the flames consumed them. The heat in the cellar was overwhelming and blistered N’shara’s skin. The smoke filled her lungs and she passed out.

    She woke in the arms of a Marfa priestess nearly a day later. N’shara had barely survived, and was comatose when she was found in the rubble of her home. However, a healing by the priestess healed her burns and the effects of inhaling smoke. Though not a wound was left on her body, N’shara lost all her soft, straight hair. When her hair grew back months later, it came in curly.

    With no living family, N’shara was adopted by the Marfa temple and raised to be a priestess. She remained in the Blade temple until she was eight. At that point, it was decided she was mature enough to train in Tarba. So, N’shara was sent to the main temple and truly began her learning.

    N’shara remembered little of her early years with her real family. She recalled the names of her mother, father, and brother, but as she grew older, their faces faded from memory. Memories of the day they died were repressed, and basically all N’shara remembers is her childhood in the Marfa temple. Because of this, she yearned for more in life, but she was convinced that becoming a priestess was the path she was supposed to follow. Due to her hesitance, N’shara was raised to full priestess at seventeen, two years later than the girls she had began to train with. It took even longer for her to reach the point at which she could take her pilgrimage. But at the age of twenty-two, N’shara was finally ready to leave.

    As a priestess, she was to spread Marfa’s word, expand her abilities, and experience life outside the temple. N’shara first visited Novice and Alan, but passed through quickly, eager to see the rest of Lodoss. An attractive woman, she caught the eyes of many men. Her entire life had been spent within temples and she never been told just how beautiful she was. Once she realized how much she captivated the opposite sex, she wanted more attention. She began taking more interest in her appearance, buying makeup and oils to soften her hair. By time she reached Shining Hill, she decided she needed a better outfit than the shapeless uniform robes she was provided with at the temple. She had an entire outfit made for her that still resembled Marfa robes in color, but it was more flattering to her body. However, she learned that this outfit wasn’t approved of by the temple. She decided to wear it while traveling, then change into her robes when visiting a temple.

    N’shara moved on to pass through Valis, then moved northwards into Flaim, feeling the need to visit her homeland. She first stopped in Blade to meet the sisters who raised her, but her attention drew her to Haven. The city had been rebuilt, and she felt no connection to it. She had no idea where the home of her birth had stood. Leaving again, this time she was bound for Raiden, and then for Moss.

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