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Olula Remel
Pronunciation: OH-loo-LAH REM-ehl

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Plot Trials of the Half-Elven
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Age 20
Birth Year NRC 510
Gender Female
Race Half-Dark Elf, Half-Human
Homeland Kanon

Physical Description

    Olula is beautiful, and not solely for her elven blood. Slender and shapely, she gets a combination of human and elven body traits. Her hair is dark brown, nearly black, from her mother’s side. She also gets her mother’s large, blue-gray eyes framed by arched brows. Olula has the dark tone to her skin of dark elf breeding, but it also has a bit of a rose colored tint from her mother. Olula has a thin face, slightly long, but still fine and delicate. Her nose is straight and perked upwards just slightly. Her lips are full and pouty.

Height 5’8” Hair Color Black-Brown
Weight 130lbs Eye Color Blue-Gray
Build Slender Skin Color Dusky

Clothing and Armor

    Olula has shed her barmaid’s uniform and now wears a more practical dress for traveling. Its blue-gray, but of a drabber shade than her eyes, though it still makes her eye color pop. The skirt is ankle-length and slit discreetly up the middle so she can ride without revealing her legs. The dress buttons up the front, ending in a high collar, and has three-quarter sleeves. She wears a pair of sturdy black boots.

    Olula’s barmaid’s dress is tight, but not too revealing. It consists of a white off-the-shoulder peasant blouse covered by a lace-up corset that thrusts her breasts upwards and pushes them together. Her skirt is full, mid-shin length, light brown with a couple layers of white petticoats beneath. She also wears stockings that are held up by a garter belt beneath her skirt. For shoes, she wears feminine low heel slippers.

Weapon Description

    Olula carries an elven steel morning star that once belonged to her traveling companion, Derrick. He found the mace in his adventures, and loaned it to her for training. After he died, she kept it. The morning star is around two and half-feet in length with a spiked mace ball. Though it appears delicate, it is strong, and for an elven weapon, quite heavy because of the solid metal in the head.

Class Commoner
Occupation Former Barmaid, Exile
Weapons Elven Steel Morningstar
Armor None
Equipment Traveling bag with extra clothes, food, toiletries, sewing kit, among other things
Horse Dara
Magic System Shamanism
Special Summons None
ST 8
EN 9
AG 11
IN 12
LU 13
PB 16


    Olula knows very little of summoning spirits, since no one knew how, or was willing to teach her. She has been able to reach out some fairies though. Olula has never had any warrior training. While her elven metabolism keeps her slim, working long hours on her feet and dancing often helps keep her in shape and graceful.


    Olula seems rather innocent, despite the way she dresses for work. She likes to keep the boys guessing, and she’s a bit of a tease if the mood dictates. She is also very dignified, which is why she remains a virgin. She’s a gentle soul who only wishes the best for people. All her life, she’s known that one day she would have to leave her village because she would outlive everyone. She is curious about the world, but a part of her wishes she could just lead a normal, human life. Life has been good to her so far, despite that she’s half-dark elf, but things might not be so easy in the coming years as she sets out into the world.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quotes: “...”


    Natia Remel, Olula’s mother, was an attractive young woman who worked day to day as a barmaid at the single inn in Vedun, a small Kanon village on the west coast. She was single, and had lost her parents to a fever several years earlier. She still lived in her parent’s home, alone, and worked at the Silver Sword Inn to afford living expenses. When she was eighteen, the Marmo invaded Kanon. Many villages were razed, but when the armies reached Vedun, the mayor bowed to the Marmo and chose to accept their rule over death.

    Life continued in the village, though it was much harder. Taxes hit the villagers hard, and much of their harvests were taken to feed soldiers. The Silver Sword Inn was filled to the rafters every night with Marmo soldiers, and though business prospered, Natia and the other barmaids were harassed, assaulted, and worse. In Natia’s case, she caught the eye of a dark elven soldier. After serving him his dinner that evening, he mentioned how he loathed to have to sleep alongside his human comrades and suggested that she let him stay in her home. When she refused, he insisted. After she was let off work, there was no escaping him. The dark elf forced her to take him to her home, where he raped her. After that, he moved in.

    Natia was trapped by him, and there was nothing she could do. For the next three months, she was used by the dark elf. He treated her like a servant in her own home. Fearing there was no escape, Natia bowed to his will. Soon though, she came to the realization that she was pregnant with his child, and told her captor. Despite the fact that it had been entirely his doing, he was disgusted with her, spat on her, and told her that he would have nothing to do with her half-breed offspring. With that, he left her and Vedun, transferring to another unit. She had no idea it was that easy to get rid of him.

    However, Natia was just as horrified as the dark elf that she was pregnant. She was determined to cause herself to miscarry; she overworked herself, tried not to eat, then exercised even more, but she never could quite bring herself to take extreme measures. She After four months with no results, she finally sought out the town’s midwife, hoping for some sort of remedy. However, the midwife refused to help her abort. The woman was a devout follower of Marfa, and finding Natia and her unborn child to be in perfect health, she encouraged Natia to have the baby. The young woman was still reluctant to bear the child of that dark elf, but the midwife looked after her to make sure she would let no harm befall the baby. Natia promised herself that she would abandon the child in the forests once it was born, though. Yet, when she finally came to term, and her daughter came into the world, Natia’s outlook changed. She fell in love with the baby and named her Olula.

    In the close knit community of Vedun, the people knew all of what Natia had suffered, and supported her. Though some were reluctant to accept a half-elven child into their midsts, once they saw adorable baby Olula, they quickly changed their minds. The Marmo soldiers weren’t as kind, calling her a harlot and whore, and the dark elves looked down on the half-elf child as if she were even lower than the goblins and kobolds they commanded.

    The occupation brought the Vedun citizens even closer together as they supported each other, which made Olula’s acceptance easier. She grew up a sweet child, winning over the hearts of every person who was suspicious of her heritage. It was her winning personality that gave her an advantage in making friends, despite the long ears and dark skin that marked her out as different.

    Though she was accepted by the people of Vedun, it was the Marmo soldiers that Olula had trouble with. Every time they passed through town, she hid. She tried arranging her hair and wearing hats and scarves to hide her ears. However, she was always curious about her dark elven side. Though she feared dark elves, there were things she realized she had to learn about herself as she became a teenager.

    When she was thirteen, a dark elven woman passed through the village with her regiment. Finding her a little more approachable than the males, Olula brought her dinner while she stayed at the inn—Olula sometimes helped out the inn staff during busy times. She usually didn’t deal with customers, but her curiosity got the best of her. The dark elf was callous, but still offered Olula answers, most importantly, telling her that she would live up to five hundred years. After digesting this knowledge, Olula realized that she would outlive everyone she loved, and would later decide that she would leave Vedun before then.

    Fifteen years after Olula’s birth, the Marmo were driven out of Kanon, leaving Vedun in peace finally. Vedun was liberated by a faction of the Free Army, and luckily, the Marmo withdrew with little collateral damage to the village.

    The last of Olula’s teenage years were joyous, aside from the heavy pall of knowing how different she was. She grew was a beautiful young woman and admired by local boys she had grown up with. She was proposed marriage by several different boys, whom she all refused. Knowing she would outlive any husband, she decided to remain chaste until she found a man she wouldn’t outlive by possibly centuries.

    When she was seventeen, she started working at the same tavern and inn that her mother did, trying to make enough money to afford to leave. In the last year, however, her mother has fallen ill. Olula and her co-workers have been putting money aside to afford healing from a priest. This has put Olula’s plans for travel aside temporarily, until her mother is well again.

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