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Ooke Blackskull
Pronunciation: oo-KEI blak-SKULL

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Plot A New Balance
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Ooke’s Gallery
Age 55
Birth Year NRC 475
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Homeland Northern Valis (Now Flaim)

Physical Description

    Ooke is a stout looking dwarf, standing four feet and eight inches tall. He keeps his most of his body shaved, but would never touch his beard with a razor. His beard extends from his side burns and his mustache and is a fine charcoal black in color. He takes great pride in his beard and would have it no other way. His skin is a pale tan with an olive tint. Much of his skin is covered in scars or tattoos, even his head. His eye are a light green almost silver in color, and very inviting.

    The handle bar portion of his mustache reaches his mid chest and is braided in to two fishbone braids. The sideburns are two long French braids in themselves and are six inches longer then the handle bars. The main portion of his beard is divided in to three fishbone braids with the outside two at two inches beyond the sideburns and the center at three. Each braid ends with three gems. In order from his head down, the gems go as follows: a round sunstone one inch in diameter, a carved ivory cylinder one and a half inches long set lengthwise and polished to shine, and a tear shaped amethyst at three inches in length, set as if dropping from the braid through the other two gems.

    His tattoos are mostly Celtic knots and symbols he’s pick up over the years as a hobby, but all are a desert gold/orange in color. On his face there is a tattoo of the outline of the crescent moon cut in half with three circles in it, two of which are weaved together by the center one. This tattoo starts just outside the left corner of his mouth and just above his right cheek, crosses over both eyes, and ends at a point one inch over his right eyebrow. Keep in mind that both eyebrows are shaved off.

    From the top of his head to the back of his neck there is a zoomorphic Celtic symbol of two birds intertwined facing away from each other. If you trace the outside of this symbol it would be almost triangular with point at the start of his spine.

Height 4’8” Hair Color Black (Bald Head)
Weight 165lbs Eye Color Light Green
Build Slim Skin Color Pale Tanned Olive

Clothing and Armor

    The only hard armor Ooke dawns is layered shoulder plates with Celtic like symbols and weaves. His shoulder plates are white with orange details like his robes. The rest of his clothing is thick white robes with silk lining, layered from the center of his body to the outside. His robe has more Celtic symbols in orange stitches. The robe as a whole almost touches the floor when stands straight, which shows how well he had it tailored to fit.

Weapon Description

    Ooke carries his book of clergy which is bounded in the skin of his fallen ancestors and full of jeweled tassels. He also has a Dwarven war hammer for when his word isn’t enough. His war hammer has a shaft made of Dwarven steal with only three sunstones on one side, perpendicular to the hammer. The hammer head is stone with iron bands holding it in place.

Class Cleric
Occupation Priest of Kardis, Stonemason
Weapons Dwarven Warhammer
Armor Shoulderplate
Equipment Pick, rope, bedroll, assorted gems, pendent, blanket, healing kit, various small animal skulls, teeth, bones, herbs, hops and barley, mason tools, waterskin, coins
Magic System Clerical
Patron God Kardis
ST 14
EN 17
AG 6
IN 14
LU 9
PB 12

Magic Items and Enchantments Abilities

    Ooke has the ability to start fights among people although the duration of this will depends on if the person(s) has hidden feelings of dislike or not. If the target has hidden feelings of love for the other Ooke can not effect that target(s), but that’s not to say the other target(s) will not be effected. If hate is the case then this condition may last much longer. Ooke’s best magical ability is causing pain by reopening wounds, amplifying internal strife (emotional pain), or adding to a pain that is already present.

    Although Ooke is not very strong physically (to dwarven standards), he is not weak either, seeing as he makes a side living by doing stone work, he keeps a lean muscled build. He has a very high endurance, both physically and mentally. He could take a beating from a mid-level fighter and as long as he wasn’t caused any fatal harm, he would exhaust the fighter with enough energy left in himself to then turn the tables. Although in most cases he wouldn’t pick a fight with a mid level fighter and a mid level fighter wouldn’t give him the chance to exhaust them out. He can wield his war hammer, but by no stance is he a proficient with it. Being a dwarf means Ooke is not very agile and he knows this.


    Ooke speaks with honesty, well, at least what he thinks is honest, and although he is a bit wicked himself one could never tell. They say “Fool others enough and you may began to believe your own lies.” This is the case with Ooke. He is a great speaker and can persuade most to do his bidding, but when someone is in dire need, he’s there to help, although it may cost you more then you know. Ooke prides himself on gems and a good drink; give him that and he’ll give you his time.

Alignment: Neutral

Quotes: “It might cost you an arm and a leg.”


    In NRC 470, two married dwarven masons, Elgretor and Zinnaaga Blackskull of the Stoneskull clan, left their long loved home in the Kingdom of Stone to help some humans settle and build on land in the outskirts of Valis. With plans to return to the Kingdom of Stone, they choose not to invite the rest of the Stoneskull Clan, though very few even wanted to leave on such a journey. Soon after they began work in Valis, Zinnaaga was with child, but with happy news came bad news. Two months before Ooke was born, news had finally arrived that the Kingdom of Stone and almost all in it had fallen. Fueled with anger, Elgretor began to work harder and built a new home for his family. Seeing this brought comfort to Zinnaaga. Ooke was born in their new home and the family thrived on mason work in the area, but had to travel back and forth to Lolan for stone.

    Ooke spent his childhood with human kids and the few dwarves that lived in the area. He exposed himself to anything worth learning, but when at home his mother and father showed him the basics of stone masonry. They tried their best to teach Ooke about the once great Kingdom of Stone and his dwarven heritage. Although every now and then, they found that Ooke expressed an interest in Grassrunners he saw with merchants or as travelers. By the age of ten, he began shaving himself, but could not part with his beard. The reason behind the interest is unknown to him and much less to others, but has always bothered his mother and father.

    At the age of twelve, Ooke wanted to see the rest of Lodoss, and his parents feared that if they told him no he would set off on his own anyways. So, after a year of discussion and some basic training about the wilderness and self defense, Elgretor gave Ooke the only piece of armor that the family owned; a set of shoulder plates.

    Ooke set off. He traveled slowly on to Roid, stopping to look at anything and everything. In Roid, he stayed and worked as a stonemason for seven years to earn money. After which, he continued on through the rest of Valis and reached Rood where he began to learn about the darker side of faith and expressed a great interest. He heard about the declaration of a Dark Emperor and a new empire on Marmo. Excited to see this new empire, he saved up his money and bought his way on to a ship sailing to Marmo at the age of twenty eight.

    Finally twenty nine, and on Marmo, he starts to hear about Kardis and set off to learn more in the temple of Falaris. Here he seeks out a priest of Kardis and begged for more information. After days of relentless begging, they put him though trials before they could be sure that he was worthy of the knowledge. This lasted about five year. Soon, they find that not only is he worthy, but offer to induct him as a priest, to which he gladly excepts. For the next fifteen years, Ooke studied and tried to get a blessing from Kardis herself. After the fifteen years passed, Ooke requested leave from the temple to travel with hopes that he could create a shrine on Lodoss, one that Kardis would be proud of. This is when he is given his robes and unbound scrolls. Now forty-nine, Ooke set sail for the once great Kingdom of Stone, where he dug up his ancestors and began to create a bound book for his scrolls. He did this quietly and late at night, so as not to be seen.

    After a year of travel, digging, and binding, Ooke begins to pray over his book, so that Kardis might bless it. During a prayer, Ooke felt a great power of embodiment in his prayer. Kardis had been resurrected briefly and Ooke felt it, but then everything soon felt empty when Kardis was sealed.

    Ooke began his travels again on to Moss. Most of his journeys had been rather quiet, but this one would prove to be otherwise. While camping at night, Ooke began his prayers. This time his book turned flush red as if blood were running through it, he closed it quickly and covered it up, and soon after he began to hear the voice of a goblin tribe near by. He took cover before he was seen, but noted that if he had stayed they would have over powered and out numbered him for sure. With this new knowledge, Ooke now pays close attention to his book. Fifty-five years of age brings us to current time and Ooke has made it to Moss. He is only passing through and tiring to do it quick, it is here where he begins to hear a voice in his head, but tries his best to block them out.

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